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Republicans are responsible for America’s debt?

Updated on May 21, 2011
Republicans are trying to revise history
Republicans are trying to revise history

Republican fiscal responsibility is a misnomer

Nancy Pelosi posted the picture you see here to show which of the last five presidents increased the country’s debt the most. According to an article on Wikipedia, “Economist Mike Kimel notes that the last five Democratic Presidents (Clinton, Carter, LBJ, JFK, and Truman) all reduced public debt as a share of GDP, while the last four Republican Presidents (GW Bush, GHW Bush, Reagan, and Ford) all oversaw an increase in the country’s indebtedness.[1] Economic historian J. Bradford DeLong observes a contrast not so much between Republicans and Democrats, but between Democrats and "old-style Republicans (Eisenhower and Nixon)" on one hand (decreasing debt), and "new-style Republicans" on the other (increasing debt).There is also a very interesting break down on presidents and the national debt since 1945.

The winners in the indebtedness derby are Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush. I am personally sick of Republicans blaming our current President for our economic problems. The truth is that Ronald Reagan screwed our children by raising the national debt 189% and Bill Clinton handed George W. Bush a balanced budged and a chance to lower the debt. Bush then raised the US national debt 115%.

Republicans are always talking about smaller government fiscal responsibility, but their history betrays them. There is no fiscal responsibility when it comes to Republican politicians. Over the past 70 years, Democrats have been more responsible with the country’s purse.

As for my evangelical friends, I again point you to your core beliefs that a leader must be responsible for his household both morally and financially. VOTE for Barack Obama in 2012, he is the best man for the job. No rhetoric, just a man doing the job on a daily basis responsibly.


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    • Stump Parrish profile image

      Stump Parrish 6 years ago from Don't have a clue, I'm lost.

      Clinton actually handed Bush jr, a budget surplus. Bush jr is in the guiness book of worl records in 2002 for for this bit of history. He appointed more millionaires to his cabinet than any other president. Who's best interests do you think he was working for? I have seen these statistics previously but as they will never be shown on the Faux News Network, the majority of republicans will never believe them. The proof is there and if proof meant anything to the average republican voter the lies being spread about Obama would never get a foothold. You know that Glen Beck has the true facts and the congressional records are nothing but a lie. You will never convince people who prefer lies what the truth is. It would require them to think for themselves and this is something most people in this country are incapable of doing. No child left behind is working as it was designed to. The buses headed to poverty are full and people are hanging off the sides.

    • Miss Info profile image

      Miss Info 6 years ago from New York City

      I actually saw a similar analysis at:


      I hope citizens take the time to assess where all debt is really coming from. Please view this link!

    • habueld profile image

      Bruce Bean 6 years ago from Riverside, CA

      I was talking about the chart from wikipedia.

    • someonewhoknows profile image

      someonewhoknows 6 years ago from south and west of canada,north of ohio

      70 years? This chart starts with Reagan in the 1980's that's only 31 years.

      Where were both parties when Social security was created?

      They could have saved us a lot of grief in recent years by getting rid of the Federal Reserve and usery and all the interest owed on the loans they made to fund social security rather then use most of those funds for something else in the general fund like some or all states do with lottery money that they claimed would go to fund education without saying they planned to replace it with funds that were currently coming from the general fund.To me that's fraud.