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Requested Homicide Investigations 2015-6

Updated on March 18, 2020
Jurisdiction Jumping
Jurisdiction Jumping | Source


Find Part Two of this article at Reporting Multiple Stalkers to Police. This current article discusses six requested homicide investigations, as well as other deaths in the extended family of origin.

Note the psycho attorney I worked for at Stinson in 2005, during the workplace mobbing and multiple perpetrator stalking that repeatedly nearly ended my life, claimed to be the legal counsel for the police department who killed by late and legal father, Gregory NMN Schrader. Greg had thick jet black, wavy hair, that had completely grayed, blue eyes, and was under 6' tall, maybe 5'10" or so, of a muscular, thin build.


Death of Gregory NMN Schrader

On October 20, 1990, Gregory NMN Schrader was shot and killed by police at 110th and State Avenue, prior to the reconstruction of that highway with the addition of the race track. In 1990, the intersection of 110th and State Avenue contained on the southwest corner, a Kentucky Fried Chicken, with a liquor store next to it on the west side. There was also a little convenience like store or deli on the southeast corner. On the northeast corner was a roadside, roughly horseshoe shaped resting spot or small park.

It was in this little resting spot that police claimed to be sitting when they claimed to have witnessed the alleged crime diagonally across State Avenue, which in itself is questionable due to the absolute pitch blackness behind the sight where the body fell, which I know due to literally seeing a small amount of guts, human tissue, left on the parking lot. I sat in various positions in this park in my car following this death, not investigating, but just trying to process what happened, and even this appeared at this time closely following the death, to be an impossibility to even have witnessed such an alleged crime at this angle as police alleged.

At the time of his death, Greg was living with Alfi a couple of houses behind this Kentucky Fried Chicken. Alfi ("Fred") stated at that time that Greg was dating this young woman, had just gotten paid, and that none of the three different knives produced by police were Greg's knives.

Police alleged to have witnessed Greg trying to rape the liquor store clerk.The newspaper account stated Greg asserted, "I don't want the money, I want you!" or substantially similar language. Police then claimed when they approached this scene they allegedly witnessed from across the street, that Greg lunged at them. This is not intended to disparage the deceased, but Greg shuffled his feet around cops. So, this was another ridiculous story, really.

The coroner's report revealed that Greg suffered a broken arm, and was shot with three hollow point bullets. It is understood that hollow point bullets are used with the intent to kill, rickashaying to shred internal organs, which was reflected in the coroner's report as I recall. Recall this was in the day based on my understanding that police shot in the leg to stop an assailant. The third shot was in the buttocks according to the coroner's report.

While Greg did not return home, the description of the decedent was broadcast as a white male of a much younger age, which is also ridiculous. In my opinion at that time being 26 years old or so, Greg looked like Methuselah. He was fully greyed, with deep wrinkles in his cheeks.

So, this physical description is rather suspect as well with the idea that rigor mortis sets in with maybe 8 hours, perhaps to diminish bruising. It resulted in his body not being identified for several days, until Alfi's concern when he did not return home for days, resulted in identifying the body she understandably did not think was him.

Alfi came to me stating police were lying, understandably traumatized at about 18 years of age, and asked me to get to the truth with the police. Therefore, Alfi accompanied me to the police station where I acquired of a detective. The detective was condescending, did a monkey dance yelling, but I yelled back, and verbally cornered the detective in the middle of the police station where we were yelling at one another.

I was then told that I just did not understand how cops work, that my roommates and I would be sitting in our Edwardsville, Wyandotte County, Kansas home with our children, and "bullets will just start flying through the windows," which ended a long-term relationship with a girlfriend by her calling me a "b*tch." While I was really stunned by it at the time, she never apologized, nor have we ever spoken since.

Shortly thereafter, my child and I moved back to Missouri, to Nashua, Kansas City, Missouri, it appears perhaps with some uninvited guests. I recall the late Bo, Kim, the late Mercedes, Mariah, Randy, my child and I nearly dying in my Nashua duplex from carbon monoxide poisoning, as we were sleeping more and more hours trying to get rested. The last night prior to the furnace being replaced we slept with the window cracked in the dead of winter, thank God.

I have been reminded of that many times in recent years with all of the noxious fumes in my apartments for years now, as the Nazis turn your home into a gas chamber, often in the dead of winter. They love double binds. I also recall some guy named Jerry telling me how the Masons take care of their own, and that they call me "Poison."

In any case, by all accounts the clerk was a young female. It was stated about one year after this incident, that police scared her half to death, threatening her within an inch of her life, and sending her back to where she came from in another state.

Greg strived all of the years I knew him to gain his father's approval, running out there to mend the fence, slop the pigs, cut the firewood, play cards, very often. At his funeral his father walked in, saw him there, and let out such a painful groan that I turned to see if he was okay.

Greg was in the United States Army, stationed at Fort Riley, Kansas, then deployed to Italy. Greg was discharged from the military due to the medial hardship of my swallowing Drain-o, as his adopted child after marrying Mom. Greg's first naturally born child, the late Gail "Bo" Thomas Schrader, was born at Fort Leavenworth in 1966. Based on my vague recollection, the Army refused to assist with his burial expenses due to the nature of the cause of his death. Therefore, Alfi worked for God only knows how long cooking in a nursing home, I believe, to pay for the funeral and headstone. Greg is buried in the Edwardsville, Kansas Cemetary, on the terrace, going up about half of the hill, from a main entrance, on the right.

Greg had various construction and other jobs, such as Shasta, prior to his sister-in-law, Darlene, helping him get on at JC Penny's Distribution Center in Lenexa, Johnson County, Kansas, due to his welding and other skills, from approximately 1973, but cashing in his profit sharing and selling their (Greg and Marie's "Check's" during their 21 year marriage) Homestead, Piper, Kansas City, Kansas four bedroom home at 2705 North 109th Terrace, to move to Colecamp, Missouri in December 1984, with their three youngest children.


One year after his death, his wife of 21 years, my late mother, asked me to locate legal counsel, which I did. They were separated, and I think legally divorced by this time. However, I was witness to counsel advising her to be sure to have all of her kids out of Wyandotte County because lives would be at risk. For this reason, she dropped the pursuit of the cause of action to the best of my knowledge.

I actually had a life that was not surrounded and entirely manipulated by perpetrators back then. After we had broken up, the love of my life stopped by my apartment, shook up to his core, but did not tell me why. Another long time interest stopped by my apartment during these years, also highly charged, and I do not know why. He has repeatedly been referred to by perpetrators with a black, mint condition El Camino at Kelli's Korner (note the annoying and idiotic Dirty Dancing reference from the 2007/8 Lenexa, Johnson County, Kansas stalking, "No one puts Baby in a corner.") at Smithville Lake in 2013, Old Navy in and around Johnson County, the song Brandy, etc., for years now in multiple locations.

My child, grandchildren and I have existed through many years of ever-increasing hell, finally recognized as targeting, since this time. It was noted at that time there being another Kelly Schrader at my bank, as well as one in Topeka, Kansas, a pattern that would reemerge at KUMW as well as my Kansas bank, and further along in the targeting, even at the DFS Office, as Kelly Christensen. This is not to allege that DFS is a perpetrating entity, but this is compartmentalized, which perpetrating entities do for ping pong. When I tried to report my concerns, they were not the least bit interested, just telling me to call the card company.

While I haven't a criminal mind, this appears to be in order to facilitate identity theft and the convenient rewriting of history, and God only knows what else by perpetrators. Perpetrators in Mission, Johnson County, Kansas in 2016 or so attempted to get me to declare that the detective's name was Detective Twitchell and that the date of death was days later than it was. I refused, having no recollection of the detective's name, only knowing that the Twitchell I knew in Piper was a good guy. Death records showed up online with the incorrect date of birth and death, by several days in the instance of the date of death.

1998-2001: Deaths of Gail and Leitha Schrader

There are quite a few typos in the obituaries of the numerous decedents in my extended family of origin in recent years. Also keep in mind I have been cyberstalked and hacked relentlessly for decades. Sometimes after something is articulated, has disappeared or been changed online.

It is my understanding that Leitha died of emphysema, and a few years later her husband died. The obituaries reflect that only being one year, but based on all of the incorrect information contained in various obituaries and records that I am certain is inaccurate, the online records are no longer considered reliable to me.

I believe it was Leitha who had a full blooded Indian parent. I have no idea whether Gail and Leitha Schrader expressed any interest in pursuing legal action regarding their son, Gregory NMN Schrader, being shot and killed by police. However, it was my understanding at the time that Greg's nephew, who allegedly considered Greg a father figure, took it quite hard.

The last I knew Sue and Richard were in Alaska, but I guess they returned. There have been perpetrator likenesses and references to Sue, or her alleged two children, in Lawrence Community Shelter in 2019, claiming they were the ones Greg was babysitting prior to death. Likenesses of Sue were presented multiple times in Kansas City, Missouri in the winter of 2017/8, and in Gower, MO in the summer of 2018. There has also been commentary regarding Greg's nephew, Richard, including reference to same at Lawrence Community Shelter.

The perpetrator mindset is that if someone was targeted, for example, and perpetrators do to me what was done to that person, then it comes off their record and goes on mine. This is one version of perpetrator scapegoating, as well as claiming the person endured such treatment due to the victim winning some secret challenge decades ago.

Allegedly, the perverts were watching even then. So, if you ever "won" any of their idiotic challenges, as they compared you to anyone on the planet, then payback is due! It apparently never occurs to anyone that if that were true, it would be the perverts' fault, not the victim's fault. Truly, any excuse will do for perpetrators to pretend to have some legitimate reason for their relentless harassment and slow kill stalking, often appearing to involve role playing.

Land Dispute

It is my understanding that there existed a land dispute regarding Gail and Leitha Schrader's property. This has included commentary years ago of inquiring of me what I thought the intent of the landowners would have been. Barring some major changes, it is unquestionable to me that Gail and Leitha would have left their property to their favorite grandchildren, Richard or Sue and Richard.

Their mother's name is potentially echoed in various places by perpetrators for quite a few years now, which is their way. She is allegedly suffering from breast cancer, which perpetrators threatened me with several years ago, including a lump in my left breast showing up overnight in Shawnee, Johnson County, Kansas. I also noticed an authorized incision on my left arm in 2010 of unknown origin. Welcome to Johnson County, Kansas! Remember to do a parts check daily!

So then perpetrators claimed to be Forrest, angry claiming that Richard is a satanist and that I answered wrong. My response was that the question was the intent of the landowners, not the alleged religion of the potential recipients.

There has been commentary that the Slidell, Tammany Parrish, Louisiana perpetrator was squatting on the property, which is not far from The Legends in Kansas City, Wyandotte County, Kansas. This was allegedly for pedophiles and pedophile groomers to create an alleged "kiddy ranch," where pedophiles could stop by, sexual assault the child of their choice, then be on their way. This is just one small taste of what a stalking victim is forced to endure year after year while police play all of their little games.

This same Slidell perpetrator years ago was mirroring the upstairs room of the Schrader house, which was torn down years ago now. He had the pool table and lit up beer signs in his dining room, with my grandchild in the photo. He was even having my grandchildren call him "Papa." Note I would not allow this person to even babysit my granchildren for an hour, nor for my child to be around him, but this is what the perpetrators orchestrated. Thanks to all of law enforcement's diligent efforts, we have yet to be reunited.

This has also included likenesses of Greg's older sister in Lawrence, Douglas County, Kansas in 2019, as well as multiple references or likenesses of his brother-in-law, a pastor of last known whereabouts in Basehor, Kansas, of the name "Woody" or "Forrest," referenced various times, his son "Chip," represented by perpetrators with the Lays Potato Chip truck, as well as his child, Pam, referenced in Gower, Missouri in HyKlass Grocers in the summer of 2018.

The Death of Thomas Fred Mize. (Kelly no longer at this address).
The Death of Thomas Fred Mize. (Kelly no longer at this address). | Source

Request #1: 2001: Death of Thomas Fred Mize

Homicide investigation requested by the Bonner Springs, Wyandotte County, Kansas Police Department, on Grandmother and Grandfather both, telephonically with an officer named Kennedy.

In the early morning hours of July 1, 2001, my maternal Grandfather, Thomas Fred Mize, was killed in a fiery, head-on collision with another red S-10 pickup. I guess it was not only another S-10 pickup, but also red. It occurred clear up past the airport, in some little jurisdiction. The article chronicling the event was still up until it suddenly disappeared recently after I requested the homicide investigations.

Tom had red, bloodshot eyes and appeared to be regressing for the 18 months prior to his death. He was repeatedly seen driving up the off ramp or down the on ramp, but no one would "take Daddy's keys." So, "Daddy," also killed an innocent father and husband, too. Grandmother was exhausted from being woke up multiple times during the night, for more than a year, with her husband of nearly 60 years insisting on "going home."

The last words my late Grandfather said to me was to be sure not to eat those tv dinners (war reference) because they were poisoned, and to inquire of me, Kelly, as to whether, Mike still works for Kelly? This has since become very familiar multiple perpetrator stalker commentary. Hence, he was clearly being headblasted, with no prior symptoms, at 80, and it appears drugged or ethanoled.

This was all blamed on having clogged arteries, almost as if someone had access to his medical records or something. Oh, that's ridiculous! We have HIPAA, silly. The State Troopers, I believe they were, who notified my late Grandmother of her husband's death, handed her a baggie of his belongings, complete with quite a few chunks of broken glass from the windshield. This seemed to upset her quite a bit. The funeral was closed casket.

Perpetrators signify Tom Mize as a symbol of power, using John Deere mowers (Gower, Overland Park) or even a full size John Deere tractor (Gower, MO with Dale likeness) or S-10 pickups, sometimes, as in Mission a few years ago, with someone of his likeness driving, other times, as in Lawrence in 2019, an S-10 with other signals. I would later be told during the 2005 workplace mobbing and multiple perpetrator stalking, that I could have died like Grandfather did.

Requested #2: 2006: Death of Marie "Check" Francis Schrader

I walked from Mission, Johnson County, Kansas to the Kansas City Missouri Police Department, not once, but twice, once resulting in the front door of the police station being locked upon attempting to enter, and the second time being so drugged that I only saw the white male and black male uniformed officers standing outside the building. Hence, Bo's homicide investigation was requested electronically and via U.S. Mail, but Mom's was posted publicly on a then much higher traffic page.

While my late mother did not speak for an entire year as a six year old, she had a sharp mind, was a published author, in the Who's Who of Poetry, and was nearly a creative genius with many creative talents, such as painting Noah's Ark on the bedroom walls of Terry and Toni's home, with the animals all coming over the landscape. Mom could sew anything, decorate anything beautifully, make bows and wreaths, can, and probably live off berries in the woods if she needed to.

Greg and Marie spent 21 years as man and wife, many of those years in Homestead in Piper, prior to moving to Colecamp, Missouri around the Christmas of 1984. In the 1970s Greg and Marie built dining room tables that sold as fast as they could make them for $500. Greg was also a carver of wood, besides working for JCPenney's Distribution Center in Lenexa, Johnson County, Kansas, and she toll painted and collagraphied.

Note: Perpetrators tried to duplicate her perfect signature years ago, appearing to be have failed miserably, based on altered documents left in my files upon the discovery of two missing original birth certificates, with commentary received in Mission, Johnson County, Kansas in recent years, "You'll play hell trying to get another birth certificate." I was born Kelly Ann Mize, then adopted as a baby, becoming Kelly Ann Schrader. I have been Kelly Ann Christensen since 1991. There are current threats, which have been ongoing, regarding perpetrators "stealing" my KU law degree, and/or changing my transcript to reflect that I flunked out when I did not.

Her work, with prices she always kept reasonable, flew off the shelves as I sat there manning the booths. Her work was always the best of the art fare, with only one exception that I ever recall. Yet, she worked in a most burdensome tax status as an independent contractor delivering newspaper, piece work, for The Kansas City Star, in the last years of her life. This is physically demanding work delivering newspapers, as well as weekly hours she worked in their Claycomo office.

I recall her excitement even in her devastated condition, after moving in with me at 21, to see Dale. They went on a date, then she dropped the subject, and he must have pulled "a Dale," because he disappeared too, likely to build expectations just to dash them during some of the worst days of her life.

I recall taking my car clear up to his shop in Blue Springs, Missouri, so I would not get ripped off, after an auto accident on Valentine's Day years ago. He took three weeks instead of two to fix it, was never there when I tried to call, and return it to us at his shop without having done the work he was paid to do, only stating that they call it a "buy it or burn it."

It was a new, leased, red Honda Civic returned with rows of sanding swirls down the hood that he was paid to replace but did not. The fenders were filled with putty, and the windshield was sub par, appearing that it might pop out at any moment. I had made the mistake of signing the insurance check over, written to the two of us, prior to having the work done, already having had enough experiences with grease monkeys to have known better. So, as is typical in the industry in my experience, he never fixed it, but cashed the check.

Mom finally found love with a full grown man with an even temper who wasn't completely self-absorbed or controlling in the last nearly couple of decades of her life after I introduced her to Wes, a retired consultant to the TWA airline mechanics, such complexity and intelligence, not your old little Chevy motor! They spent many hours together working on her little house, and landscaping her lawn, among other shared interests. The first time she met him she called me all excited and said, "Oh my God, Kelly! I can't go out with him, he's way too good looking!"

While her obituary states "Mrs. Schrader," Wes was the love of her life, a far superior man than she had ever known, and she was separated, I believe legally divorced from Greg by the time of his death in 1990. Greg was working for cash and not paying his child support as I recall, with Mom living with her sister, Darlene and her late husband, Tom. (Tom was much older than 61, Grandmother's age).

While Dale did not have enough class or character to even tell me congratulations for graduating from law school, he did mention a dozen or so times during a telephone conversation in the days surrounding my mother's death to look how much better he was doing with his, I think it was junior high education, than I was doing with my law degree, prior to hanging up in the middle of the cordial telephone call and never calling back - this is Dale's attention-seeking way.

This is normal behavior for Dale, over approximately three and one-half decades since I made the unfortunate decision to meet him when I was about 20 years of age. I spent about an hour getting the second worst haircut of my life, the first being during the 2005 workplace mobbing, and looking at all Dale's toys. I think it was horses, an airplane, and I don't recall what else. At my young age at the time, I bought the press of my late mother's during my formative years, that Dale was a knight in shining armor.

This must have been her coping mechanism, to help her get through the trauma of the public humiliation, and verbally abusive devastating words that caused her tears even as an adult, of being kicked out of high school in the 1960s, for being pregnant and unwed, and told "that boy thinks of you just like a b*tch dog he can come down the street and f*** whenever he wants to."

It was still bad in Bonner when I was pregnant a couple of decades later when I was supposed to stay in the house so no one would see that I was pregnant. LOL I nearly had to run for my life to get in the car with the father.

Then, having him telling her he married the other girl he got pregnant because he couldn't imagine being married to someone who was so bad in bed, after sleeping together twice, and that likely in the backseat of a Chevy.

This clearly points to his lack of leadership skills among other character flaws in my opinion, but the message was clearly, you ugly, nasty, hussy, which is how males from the backwoods are known for treating females. It appears to me he did her a favor marrying someone else.

Who could imagine being married to someone you dated for two years who you already know is a cheater, a liar, can't figured out his gun is loaded, is so self-absorbed with no leadership skills, yet takes no responsibility for correcting the problem, but picks someone else up to sleep with after dropping you off at curfew?

One way relationship with someone who fooled her into thinking that was love. Perpetrating stalkers like to call a lot of things love that are not, too, most especially hate, and most especially for those with unclear ideas of what love is. They think they appear clever acting like the morons that they are.

Dale loved Dale it appears, not Mom. Then, to make matters even worse, in this small town, he moved his new wife and baby, Robin, who is six months younger than I am, right in under Mom's nose, next door to his mother, Cora, who was trying to help Mom with me. When I met Cora when my child was a baby, she almost seemed scared of Dale, and made excuses for him. He's always had kind of a southern accent, but I do not know if he is from NOLA or not. He has to iron his boxers before running to the store, figuratively speaking, so he may escape there to masquerade. I have no idea. Mom said Dale was always mean to Tammy because she was bigger boned and clumsy. I inherited that, too. Even prior to all of these injuries I could trip over air.

Dale is an arrogant, pompous, condescending ass, and while that may be a generous, gracious description, is what I told my mother after meeting him more than three decades ago, and it remains my opinion today. According to Dale, Grandfather had him chased out of town with a cop named "Tiny."

Dale has always been a great deal more effort than I have ever found him to be worth, far more impressed with himself than I am with him. I feel no need to prove myself worthy of anything, and certainly not to Dale, nor are my children, which includes grandchildren, all born with natural physical beauty, as well as good spirits, hearts, health, and intelligence, required in any way to prove their worth, by appearance or performance, (criminally altered appearance or criminally or otherwise sabotaged performance), but who are all inherently cherished by their mother and grandmother, as well as God Himself, for who they are. None of us are anyone's scapegoats either.

He had me talk to Leah, a young lady alleged to be adopted by him, inquiring of me as to whether I was jealous that Dale "saved her from abuse," but not me. I'm really not a very jealous person, even though perpetrators strenuously strive to attempt to create jealousy, perhaps because they are so jealous themselves. I guess this is in addition to the male he adopted after divorcing, is Joyce her name (?), I think when I was in high school, a lot of years ago. I have never even met most of Dale's kids, except Robin, and that was only once 35 years ago or so. He claimed in 2006 that Robin had died the same way I had just almost died, and I have never even met Tammy.

Anyway, after Leah talked about how close she is with her mother, and how she can't imagine ever doing without her, Leah informed me Dale did not want me to worry about anything, that Dale was sending me something. A few days later a package showed up to relieve all of my concerns while my children, which includes grandchild, and I were being raped, pillaged, and plundered, and I was barely clinging to life, in the early months of 2006, immediately following the 2005 workplace mobbing, etc.

It contained four photographs alleging to be of my mother, who had died but was not yet buried, contradicting everything she had ever told me about their relationship, (which ended with him dumping her when she was pregnant to marry the other woman he also impregnated while they were dating for two years) with some messed up poem in the homemade cards containing the photos, that was intended to give the appearance of Christianity - something about the "crystal sea." There was one photo for each of my mother's children according to the note, except she had five children, who were all still alive at that time. So, maybe he gave Toni ("Mac") her copy himself.

I find this to be spineless, deceitful, and, well, psycho behavior to wait until my mother was deceased, but so anxious to begin rewriting history, unable to wait even until she was buried, then disappear until popping up shortly prior to me being drugged and kidnapped in May 2014. The person in the photo is someone who greatly resembles my late mother, who in their idiotic ways perpetrators put in my path in Merriam, Johnson County, Kansas, waving at me. My mother did not have long claw fingernails, she bit her nails, nor did she ever have the big engagement ring that was on this woman's finger in the photo.

Perpetrators enjoy building expectations just to dash them. This is consistent behavior from Dale, during the worst days of my life, showing up, not to help, but to look down his nose, see how much worse he can make it, while pretending he might help if you play your cards right, you trashy little ragamuffin who fails to properly reflect all of the glory of my mighty seed back to me.

My child and I are both independent, motivated, intelligent, attractive women who have been targeted for many years, and with the assistance of law enforcement for the criminals, destroying every aspect of our lives and health.

Dale friended me on my hijacked longtime Facebook (hijacked 10 out of 12 months of 2017, and again since April 2019, even photos are hacked) page just prior to the drugging and kidnapping on or about May 23, 2014. I unfriended him, and he said he would leave me alone, then said again a couple of months later that he would leave me alone, which was undoubtedly hacked and altered by the hijackers.

While I understand that the perpetrators' scheme heavily relies on attempting to play on "Mommy" and/or "Daddy" issues, I have no "Daddy" issues, or "Mommy" issues for that matter, and would much prefer to get on with my life of being a mother, grandmother, practicing law, advocacy work, etc., but am still waiting for the cops to ever effectively do their jobs for the victims as opposed to the criminals.

I have the same loving Father, I have always had, as do my children, including grandchildren, God Himself, and I am not my late mother prior to knowing Wes, I know there are good men in the world. Dale, on the other hand, will never get another willing opportunity from me, nor do I want him anywhere near my children, which includes grandchildren. Perpetrator have repeatedly attempted to force me to do things like, call Dale and ask him for bus fare.

This is consistently with decades of manipulation regarding Jeff, too, as well as the fact that Jeff could not stand my mother, but was gaslighting me in recent years regarding her, too. The two of them were too much alike, both jealous and manipulative when I was young and they were both in our lives.

I should have been practicing law for about 15 years now, the prime earning years of my life, a transition that should have been as smooth as silk, with the various long-term professional relationships, and a pristine reputation in the local legal community. My child should have been a licensed nurse for well over a decade by now. We are well able to take care of ourselves and our children, if the cops ever did their jobs.

The only interest I have in Dale is justice, restitution, and damages, should they be found to be due, if the cops ever do their jobs, my financial inheritance when he dies, and to hear when he is dead or imprisoned. I truly do not care to hear anything else at this point in my life, as stated years ago. So every single day, and often multiple times a day, for years now, perpetrators have referenced Dale.

Perpetrators signify Dale with Corvettes, Suburbans, Dale's Automotive trucks, and Starbucks due to him sponsoring Fox 4 News Morning Show, and offering a $5 Starbuck's gift card, years ago in his commercial, along with psycho attorney's self-proclaimed largest client, Nebraska Furniture Mart, with their commercials playing over and over and over while I tried to watch Fox 4 News in the morning, to the point that I finally stopped watching it every morning. Perpetrators also over time conditioned signifying Dale down to a male with a gray mustache, which is completely irrelevant as to whether he even at this point has a gray mustache.

Dale did not seem surprised when I told him Mom was at death's door, and she nearly jumped off her deathbed when she saw him shortly prior to death. The most compassionate thing he could apparently think to say, once again to sound Christian, I guess, to me after coming out of her room, seeing her about 60 pound emaciated body, was, "Your mother reaped what she sowed, and you're going to too if you don't quit smoking." Oh, the humanity, the compassion, the brow beating harshly with scripture while trying to sound Christian and reducing her entire existence down to cigarette smoking.

Reaping and sowing is a Biblical doctrine of which perpetrators mock, always attempting to reap the profits and rewards of what the victim has sown, unless they can determine it to be negative. Some declare themselves to be "Robinhoods," even though Robinhood took from the rich and gave to the poor.


Kansas City, Mo.

Marie "Check" Frances Schrader, 58, Kansas City, Mo., died Thursday, March 16, 2006, after a courageous battle with lung cancer. Funeral services were Monday at the Alden-Harrington Funeral Home with burial in the Bonner Springs Cemetery. Visitation was Sunday at the funeral home.

Mrs. Schrader was born Nov. 20, 1947, in Kansas City, Kan. She grew up in Bonner Springs and attended Bonner Springs High School. She was an accomplished writer and artist as well as an avid gardener. She was employed by the Kansas City Star for several years and had also worked at the J.C. Penney Distribution Center in Lenexa.

She was preceded in death by her father, Tom Mize, in 2001. Survivors include three daughters, Kelly Christensen, Kansas City, Mo.; Toni Carver and husband, Terry, Shawnee; Alfi DeLeon and husband, Roberto, of the home; two sons, Gail Schrader and wife, Lucy, Kansas City, Mo.; and Michael Schrader, Kansas City, Mo.; her mother, Clara Mize, Bonner Springs; three sisters, Darlene Chambers and husband, Tom, Kansas City, Kan.; Gloria Smith, Bonner Springs; and JoAnn Letourneau and husband, Tom, Lenexa; 10 grandchildren, Amber, Ashley, Jacob, Sydney, Madison, Cori, Ty, Mercedes, Elizabeth and Amy; and two great-grandchildren, Grant and Ryan.

Arrangements: Alden-Harrington Funeral Home, 204 Oak St., Bonner Springs, KS 66012, (913) 422-4074.

Wesley King, retired consultant for the TWA airline mechanics, spoke at our mother's funeral, as did her immediate supervisor at her job with The Kansas City Star, Claycomo, Missouri office, Linda. Forrest ("Woody") Tudor, Greg's oldest sibling, Gail, daughter of the late Gail and Leitha Schrader, her husband, presided as pastor. Forrest would have gotten a piece of my mind had I been in better shape during the ongoing multiple perpetrator stalking, targeting and harassment, continuing after the workplace mobbing. Forrest made our mother and her children the butt of his opening joke at her funeral, and just had the whole funeral parlor laughing at our expense. I'm surprised there was not a cigarette smoking sermon that followed.

Perhaps such errors in judgment might explain why his church and/or school he always had in Basehor, (also where my unwrecked light blue Ford Taurus was towed cleared from the 119th Street QuikTrip for the bargain price of $1,245 or $1,345 during the crimes (committed against me, with a main stalker impersonating a police officer in a "cruiser," unmarked white four door sedan, believed to be a Ford (Secretaryj-at-Law (Brianne Hampton) assignment (temp to perm), top attorney at SHB two weeks on desk, in court on Ford case, see Secretary-at-Law, Shook Hardy & Bacon,("Shake & Bake"), litigation, but hired on the corporate side, with approximately one-third of their client base at that time, based solely on my recollection, being as tobacco lawyers, at the approximately time the floodgates were breaking, (see expressed concerns regarding the late Camille, legal (tobacco) analyst and my friend on AOL), and the Judge articulation, also see Smithville, Missouri articulation) in which the plexiglass was not even factory installed, ultimately to an alleged facility which in no instance matched the layout of the claimed facility, with the appearance of condemned building/s on site, detained approximately 10 days, etc., approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes from Mission, perhaps primarily south on I-35, in the middle of nowhere) originating on or about May 23, 2014) after their return decades ago from the United Kingdom, always had about a dozen members.

Gail or Gayle and Woody's (reference with the movie, by name, etc.) child Pam was also referenced in Gower, Missouri, in HyKlass Grocers. It is my understanding she moved to Virginia. Their youngest child, Chip, apparently also a pastor, has also been referenced with the use of Lays chips. The last time I had seen Forrest was in the Home Depot (119th Street, maybe) decades ago, when we still lived up north, when I took the Labor Ready, (they pay you every day) I believe it was, one day job, that turned out to be separating screws and bolts, which lasted about an hour. This was something Bo sometimes did when he was younger, but I do not think I had ever previously done.

Bo in my apartment when we were younger, "Bodacious."
Bo in my apartment when we were younger, "Bodacious." | Source

Requested #3: 2006: Death of Gail "Bo" Thomas Schrader

Homicide investigation requested electronically and via U.S. Mail.

Bo died on December 2, 2006, three days prior to his fortieth birthday, by being dragged 85 feet down I-35. There were no charges. The reports were heavily redacted, and I requested a homicide investigation as well as the unredacted police and coroner's reports, electronically and via U.S. Mail, in 2016. There has been no response to these requests from Kansas City Missouri Police Department. Bo wanted to be a Christian pastor as a young man.

Bo is yet another loved one decedent who these psychos have claimed is still alive. This is just one way these freaks try to torment victims, then try to spin it around and claim it is an FBI agent "helping" you supposedly. Victims are forced to have to endure mind boggling stupidity endlessly since the cops never do their jobs for the victims, apparently ever. They could behead someone then try to present it as a "favor." If you are an FBI agent "helping" me, you SUCK at it.

While I would not have even dreamed of such a scenario at the time, I attended Bo's funeral at Kansas City Funeral Directors, and looked closed at his body. The theme at Bo's funeral was that he had a heart of gold. While I will not go into details about the body, I did look closely, including the deep gash at the corner of his mouth going up his cheek. Bo called me in my Lenexa apartment in 2001, and it must have been during that telephone call or two that he shared with me he intended to file two medical lawsuits.

Request #4: 2011: Death of Coach Dean Curran

Homicide investigation only posted publicly on a then much higher traffic site.

Dean was a great guy, always smiling. Dean was a Marine, and a man's man. I recall the story of when Dean was in the Marine's a man trying to come onto him and he allegedly ended up beating the hell out of him. Dean was very good natured and not hot tempered, so the guy was clearly out of line, and this story now appears to be of concern to me.

Then, there was the story years later as I sat in the front bedroom of my late Grandmother's house. Her oldest child stopped by to mention how she was going to pick up her four grandchildren because Dean and his wife, Terri, were "on drugs."

Then, the late Kenny Sickman, another male who was not a brown nosing psycho or pervert, was allegedly "on drugs" down south, maybe as a teenager. Then Eddie was supposedly "on drugs" prior to their divorce. I have been drugged literally hundreds of times now. Maybe Betty White is "on drugs," too? Let's ask law enforcement whether Betty White is "on drugs."

Recall that police powers were first expanded in the name of the drug war, with Clinton allegedly shipping drugs into this country. Recall the story of the two 10 year old boys, I believe still back in Arkansas, who witnessed a drug drop and were allegedly killed. It is currently my opinion, based on being targeted, as a person who has never even smoked pot in my entire life, but who has been drugged literally hundreds of times now, that this is a tactic used to obtain access or expanded access, if not custody, of well protected children who perpetrators would otherwise not have access to, in addition to other restrains, control, authority, or penalties, violations, that otherwise would not exist - and recall that I am historically known for hating drugs, (and my opinion has not changed regarding their use).

I recall working in Corporate Woods at the time of Dean's death, on Mother's Day 2011. The estate planning attorney, who stated he went to college in NOLA, handed me a newspaper article about the death of the Leawood coach even though he had no reason to even know he was my cousin.Coach Dean Curran left us too soon, leaving a wife and four children.

His photo appears to hint at being methed, as well as emaciation. Dean almost undoubtedly was interfering with the targeting of teenagers in Leawood, a city known locally for many lawyers living there, as well as in more recent years, apparently sports figures. Leawood also contains the prized, and often regarded as snobby, Blue Valley School District, gaining popularity in recent years over the previously highly regarded Shawnee Mission School District. (Based solely on my limited perspective as a Kansas Citian).

Also recall that these Nazi shrink headgames played by perpetrators, prefer a palate of the victim to use, and some of them regard having been in the Marine's as one having been subjected to brainwashing. This may be similarly used by perpetrators who also appear to be intentionally preying up childhood sexual abuse survivors in order to "hook" into the often resulting symptoms.

This obituary may or may not have been changed regarding Kraft Foods and being an electrician. I know Dean worked for UPS at one point. Dean's son has been many times referred to by perpetrators with a Mini Cooper.

This death is also of high concern and suspicion to me with stalkers using sports symbology and lingo in their redefining and mangling of the English language. For example, perpetrators in Mission asserted three definitions for a "touch down," one of which was murder.

Psycho attorney stalker uses baseball symbology and analogies. Of course, with all of the freaks running loose everywhere, all one might have to do to be targeted is not put their son in when he or she thought one should have. This is one more example, if this cancer and death was inflicted, of the way Kansas City treats and allows its best human beings to be treated.

CURRAN Cary "Handsome" Dean Curran, 50, of Leawood, Kansas, passed away May 8, 2011, at his home after a long and courageous battle with cancer.

Dean was born on November 11, 1960, in Kansas City, KS, the son of the late Michael "Mickey" Curran [cancer/car salesman] and Darline (Mize) Chambers. Dean was a lifelong Kansas City resident and a graduate of Turner High School. After high school, Dean joined the US Marine Corp and was stationed at Camp Pendleton in Oceanside, CA.

Returning to the Kansas City area, Dean immediately began his coaching career with the youth of Turner, Kansas and soon married his wife of 25+ years, Terri Creason. Dean was involved in coaching football, baseball and basketball even before he had children of his own.

After the birth of his first son in 1987, he began his lifelong dream of coaching his own children in football, baseball and wrestling. Dean treated all of "his kids" like they were his own and taught them life skills, integrity, dedication and honor, as well as how to play the game. He made an impact on everyone's life he crossed.

Dean never met a stranger and always had a special name, story, sports instruction or fact to share. He was a wonderful husband, father, coach, friend, life of the party and of course, Handsome.

In his spare time, Dean was a truck driver for Kraft Foods for 20 years and later an electrician until his diagnosis with cancer. Dean's legacy lives on through his four sons, Spencer, Casey, Carter and Cooper.

Survivors also include his wife, Terri; mother and stepfather, Darline & Tom Chambers; stepmother, Joyce Curran; three brothers, [He did? I thought he had one brother, Shawn] Michael "Shawn" Curran, Kevin and Tim Hurd [Who are these two?]; grandmothers, Ruth Bell and Clara Mize, as well as many other loved ones whose life he's touched.

Services will be held at the Maple Hill Funeral Home in Kansas City Kansas on Thursday, May 12, 2011. Visitation will be from 4-7 p.m. with a memorial service at 7:00 p.m. In lieu of flowers, the family suggests a contribution to the "Cary Dean Curran Memorial Fund" to assist his survivors with funeral expenses, medical bills, and future needs of his children.

Donations can be made at the funeral home or mailed to "Cary Dean Curran Memorial Fund," c/o The Mission Bank, Attn: Renee Harper, 5201 Johnson Drive, Mission, KS 66205.

Donations to the “Cary Dean Curran Memorial Fund” must be mailed to the above bank. They cannot be made through this memorial website.

Request #5: 2011 Death of Clara Marie Mize "Mother"

Homicide investigation requested via telephone with an officer identifying himself as Kennedy.

My targeted firstborn grandchild, her great-great grandchild, was the pride and joy of her golden years prior to us being torn apart by these psychos. My late Grandmother had a sharp mind, strong backbone, and was born with stunning good looks. During the 2005 workplace mobbing and multiple perpetrator stalking she shared with me that she had endured a similar crisis at that age.

Clara had a substance in her blood that doctors could not identify. That was because Dr. May, the same physician who gave me a drink of water after ingesting Drain-o, causing most of the damage, gave her sugar pills, then went around Bonner telling everyone she was "crazy," and actually thought the sugar pills were working. Then one day, a goiter developed on her neck, and her eyes "popped out." (Perpetrators have threatened me with this condition using "Popeye's" Chicken, in 2005, which I love even though I am not particularly fond of the State of Louisiana at this point).

Clara experienced this along the same time that I ingested Drain-o as a baby, which resulted in another groundbreaking, historic procedure at Kansas University Medical Center, that made the medical journals. The replacement of my esophagus with a portion of my colon, with perpetrators criminally botching the abdominal scar. This is the same operation criminally altered by perpetrators in recent years.

So, Grandmother put on her led vest, while everyone else stepped out of the observation room to watch her ingest experimental radioactive dye. While the condition was brought under control, her beautiful eyes remained "popped out." Of course, this was in no way related to her being a "looker" or having her second child with the mailman after her husband did not return from World War II for more than a year after everyone else did.

My late Grandmother was born in 1924, and is greatly missed. While there was no one closer to her than me, I still do not even know her cause of death, with the facility claiming HIPAA. After her husband's death, her daughters sought to "teach her a lesson" after "the way she treated Daddy." The exact opposite is the truth, of course. Tom Mize was his mother's baby boy, and you could tell it even at 75 years old.

Three of her daughters, collectively referred to for many years as "the Hens," tried to put Grandmother in a nursing home the minute Grandfather died, when she was mentally and physically in no way in need of such care.

I am no contact with "the Hens," and have been for years. I do not want any of them around me or my child or grandchildren, ever.


The no contact determinations articulated in this article include the following. This includes any and all in their entirety of eggs, sperm, embryos, stem cells, umbilical cord blood (which is strong enough to change a person's blood type), bone marrow, tissue or other bodily content, fluid or discharge, reproductive tissue or matter at any stage, sustained cryonically or by any other means, viable or nonviable, and children resulting from our eggs or sperm by any means, and any remains, organs, bodily content or skeletal structure of any kind, of same should such be found to be the case. All of whom are to be returned to my children, including grandchildren and I, from whom they originated, from wherever they may be found, with severed rights, trust funds or court ordered child support, medical insurance, and college funds.

Clara Marie Mize

Bonner Springs — Services for Clara Marie Mize, 88, Bonner Springs, were Saturday, Aug. 20, at First Christian Church, Bonner Springs. Burial was at Bonner Springs Cemetery.

Mrs. Mize died Monday, Aug. 15, 2011, surrounded by family at Golden Living Parkway Nursing Home, Edwardsville.

She was born in Fresno, Calif., and moved to Missouri. Shortly after marriage, she relocated to Bonner Springs. During World War II, Mrs. Mize worked at a bomber plant assembling radios.

She was a member of First Christian Church and CWF.

Her husband, Thomas F. Mize, preceded her in death as did a daughter, Marie F. Schrader, and two grandsons. [Her home was broken into after his death, much as my townhouse was years ago, with the items stolen being especially of concern to her. It included the collectible John Deere metal tractor my grandson, her great-great grandson, and the pride and joy of her old age, loved to play with when he was at her house. She was upset not to be able to give the collectible tractor to Grant. Her daughters would not stay all night with her, even though she was sometimes frightened living alone for the first time, ever, I think. Her gaslighting second Hen immediately tried to rewrite history even to me, claiming she stayed with her in the weeks following Tom's death, which I am certain is not true, because I did. Actually, for some period of time, my grandchild and I had to arrive no earlier than 8:30 p.m. in order that her daughters would not see us spending the night.]

Survivors include three daughters, Darline Chambers (Tom), Kansas City, Kan, Gloria Smith, Bonner Springs, and JoAnn LeTourneau (Tom), Lenexa; a brother, Riley Brown, Claycomo, Mo.; nine grandchildren; 14 great-grandchildren; and five great-great-grandchildren.

The family suggests memorials to Kansas City Hospice, 10100 W 87th St., Suite 100, Overland Park, KS 66212, or First Christian Church, 148 N. Nettleton, Bonner Springs, KS 66012. Kansas City Funeral Directors, Kansas City, Kan., handled arrangements.

Bo's firstborn, Mercedes Elaine Busing-Ong
Bo's firstborn, Mercedes Elaine Busing-Ong

Request #6: 2013 Death of Mercedes Elaine Busing-Ong

As previously noted the two attempts to file police reports in person with KCMOPD failed. Hence, this homicide investigation was posted publicly on a much higher traffic site that had not yet been fully sabotaged by the cyberstalking trolls.

Mercedes E. Ong, age 23 years, 7 months, 23 days, of Sedalia, went to be with the Lord on Sunday, May 19, 2013. She was born on September 26, 1989 in Columbia, a daughter of Kimberly Busing and Gail Schrader.

On November 2010, in Sedalia, she was united in marriage to Anthony W. Ong, who survives of the home.

She is survived by four sisters: Mariah Simons, Mary Hale, Cheyanne Wiser, and Amy Schrader, and a brother, Miles Robertson.

Service is at Calvary Baptist Church, Wednesday at 6:30 pm, with Pastor Ted Francis officiating. Visitation is between 5:45 and 6:30 pm.

Arrangements are under Rea Funeral Chapel.

In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions can be made to the family through Rea Funeral Chapel.

*Note the known and recognized typo in this obituary has been corrected. It is almost as if there is no proofread for obituaries or something.

Mercedes married and moved out of her lifelong jurisdiction to Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri, to the best of my knowledge it was KCMO, shortly prior to her passing. I was not able to visit them in their home, nor did I ever meet whomever she married. The last time I saw Mercedes, she was at Children's Mercy Hospital, which is off Crown Center in Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri, kind of right behind Armstrong Teasdale.

Mercedes was a Christian, and there was a video of her with some sports stars, I think it was a couple of Chiefs' players, at Children's Mercy with Amy. Elizabeth, who Bo raised, but who is not his natural or legal child, was not in the video. Mercedes suffered from a rare blood disease, and would spend two hours in an ambulance from Sedalia to Children's Mercy. I first noticed I was unable to locate the video during the year of the police report, 2016.

When Mercedes was knee high to a grasshopper, Bo, Kim, Mercedes, and Mariah lived with my child and I in Nashua, Kansas City, Missouri. There are fond memories of Bo taking the three little girls sledding at Water Works Park.

I knew Kim and some of her three generations of family from when Bo and Kim were seeing each other prior to becoming parents. Bo and I's parents, the late Greg and Marie Schrader had moved from our childhood home in Homestead, Piper, Kansas City, to Colecamp, Missouri, at Christmastime 1984. Bo and I were no longer living at home by that time.

I invited Mercedes to lunch and to get our hair done together when she came to Kansas City, but she was unable to join me. I think it was about half of her young life that she fought her rare disease. Perhaps if I have the opportunity to see Kim again we can catch up over a soda, since I have never known her to have so much as one sip of alcohol.

The last photo I saw of Kim, on the predators' playground otherwise known as Facebook, looked distinctly like one of these perpetrators' signals. Perpetrators are allowed to steal your Facebook accounts in order to destroy authentic evidence, falsify "evidence," switch photos out, redate anything, disparage, impersonate, whatever they please for as long as they please. Note how often someone's Facebook account is referenced when there is a tragedy. Four years and counting since reporting this situation to all levels of law enforcement.

Take Down

Created in 2018, adjust accordingly. Also note multiple injuries, including but not limited to, spinal and other injuries sustained by this author in May 2014, after a 2005 attempt to get me on disability failed.
Created in 2018, adjust accordingly. Also note multiple injuries, including but not limited to, spinal and other injuries sustained by this author in May 2014, after a 2005 attempt to get me on disability failed. | Source


The content of this article as it was published is true and correct to the best of the author's knowledge. Note our content has been relentlessly hacked for years now. This article continues at Reporting Multiple Stalkers to Police.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.


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