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Resetting Nocturnal Programming

Updated on January 12, 2012

Erasing Subliminal Sleep programming

If you are anything like me, you wake up to that ear-humming whine (if you haven't been sleeping with your earphones in). The air is often thick and oppressive like a somnific vapor. The FIRST thing to do is fill the room with clean, fresh air. Step 2: Music. It's a must to break up all the junk you dreamt or were exposed to while you were sleeping. It's amazing how fast I perk up with morning music: the "hum" dies, I thrive. I'd actually listen to music first, otherwise you might just give up any attempt from escaping this "fog".

Does anyone out there wind up sleeping until 4PM and trying to live their entire day in the hours between 4 and 2AM? I was until I started doing this. Atrophy grows on us like a blasted fungus. You go to sleep, you get up, you go back to becomes a padded cell of it's own. The outside world all seems so pointless. It isn't however. Even if it was, the belief that the outside world is NOT wasted effort is crucial. Thus, even self-deception is justified in maintaining a vigorous, healthy mentality.

Waking up is also a good time to use some caffeine to seal your pact with awakeness. You could lie down again, but don't. We need to save lying down as an emergency comfort zone to utilize when being electronically-attacked/influenced. Without it's use as such, the healthy boundaries and defenses are being breached like succcesive "walls" around our inner-minds. A good stimulant gets you thinking.......the music blocks the INHIBITORY subliminal messages you are receiving and you start thinking your OWN THOUGHTS.

Don't be annoyed if your thoughts are about very mundane or tiny things. Your mind instinctively goes where it needs to to find: amusement, mental-stimulation, independence and refreshment. If the thoughts are disturbing/disgusting/ no think of them as your own thoughts. The ecstacy that can be discovered in music can itself often be enough to refurbish the subliminally-gloomed soul. Once you feel that electric feeling from within pertaining to what you are listening to, there's something new to live Love life and you know it!

What a contrast to where you were just 2 hours or as little as 5 minutes ago this feeling is. If you are working, you'll need to do this process BEFORE WORK. The sort of music that frees the human mind generally is older music made by people when they were young. Some might call this technique "immature", but in the light of becoming a zombie........who really cares? I've been zombified so many times that I can tell you that it is wasted life. Numbness without creativity or true survival motivus: It's subliminal ant-march-snare-drum-music.......BLECH! I'm 41 and regularly listen to stuff like "Whip it On" by the Raveonettes, heavy metal music, psychedelic music.........anything to kill the death of feeling within me. You know what? It WORKS. This means: DO IT.

ANOTHER THING: Many of us are just hitting the 40's. Your "trainers" will hit you with "defeat scenarios" to enforce the belief that you are "too old for this s##t". After being ground-up and beaten-down with social-programming defeat scenarios and going into "permanent mental hibernation" I've got THIS TO SAY: we aren't "too old" to fight for our personal consciousnesses........WE HAVE A PERSONAL OBLIGATION TO GET UP AND KEEP FIGHTING. Again, if you get into a tight spot, just be "as good as you can be inside your mind". This is a psychological war. We are going to have to be stealthy and creep up on our unseen enemy in the mental sense. When they beat us back, we just have to keep: sneaking, pushing, "cheating" or smashing our way back to intellectual freedom! By the way, there are a million ways to "seemingly compromise" with the hidden agenda of personal-power-acquisition. Use your imagination. It's pitiful that personal-power has to even BE "a hidden agenda".......but we work with what we've got.

They can use binaural beat stimulation to contract your penile blood vessels, giving you the illusion that you are "less of a man". Well, put on some music and you'll find that you actually can become sexually aroused. I cannot stress enough how much "programming" gets in right through your EARS. The road to personal enlightenment can be a lonely it anyway. In fact, we have utterly no choice but to KEEP WORKING AT BEING OUR OWN UNIQUE INDIVIDUAL. Your "defeats" were all fake, anyhow. This world can set up virtually ANY combination of social events it wants to........and it is going to if you still believe in yourself. They even lasered "you lose" on my retina. That's how synthetic your "defeat" was. Forget it and KEEP GOING! This is no time for defeatism!


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