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Resolve, Commitment, Retribution, Justice

Updated on May 1, 2011

After the devastation of Sept. 11, 2001, we went to war in Afghanistan to pursue the terrorists who attacked us.

In February, 2002, general Tommy Franks informed the Senate Intelligence Committee that the Bush administration was shifting many important resources, like the Predator drone aircraft, away from Afghanistan and the search for Osama bin Ladin so they could prepare for the war in Iraq.

Two National Security Advisors for counter-terrorism under president Bush, Richard Clark and Randy Beers, each said Bush took resources away from the Afghanistan war and the pursuit of al Qaeda in order to start the war with Iraq. Randy Beers quit the Bush administration out of frustration with Bush’s lack of interest in destroying Al Qaeda.

President Bush proceeded to lead us to war in Iraq under false pretenses. While focusing on the war in Iraq, Bush allowed the Taliban to regain control of at least half of Afghanistan.

Before President Obama took office, he said “We will take him out. We will kill bin Ladin, we will crush al Qaeda. That has to be our biggest national security priority.” He vowed to pursue bin Ladin even into Pakistan.

After Obama took office, he chose to wind down the war in Iraq and made attacking al Qaeda in Afghanistan his highest priority. Many of us questioned the president’s decision to step up the war in Afghanistan and attack al Qaeda locations in Pakistan. Obama said this is the war we should be fighting because this is where the attack against our country came from.

So now, on May 1, 2011, exactly 8 years to the day since president Bush declared “Mission Accomplished” in Iraq, we learned that president Obama fulfilled his promise and succeeded in killing the number one enemy of our country.

From what I understand, he accomplished the destruction of our greatest enemy without the need for torture, unwarranted wiretaps, carpet bombing entire cities, or suspending Due Process of Law.

This does not mean an end to terrorism and probably not even an end to al Qaeda, but it does mean that, unlike his predecessor, president Obama has us focused on the right target and the right enemy.


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    • Mimi721wis profile image


      7 years ago

      Our American born president has been tough on defense. So much for The Bush Doctrine whatever that is.

    • profile image

      Fay Paxton 

      7 years ago

      Good hub. While everyone accused him of dithering, he was scheming and planning the takedown. Who's dithering now?


    • profile image

      Howard Schneider 

      7 years ago from Parsippany, New Jersey

      President Obama wound the wrong war in Iraq down and stepped up the correct war in Afghanistan. Now he has finished the taking down of Bin Laden. President Bush ridiculously took his eye off of to pursue his folly in Iraq.


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