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Resorts World Manila: A Diversion Plot or a Nonsense Act?

Updated on June 19, 2017

A week after the Marawi City siege, the famous Resorts World Manila in the Philippines faced terror on the night of June 1, 2017. One man terribly fired a shot into the ceilings that made many civilians feel shocked. More than thirty civilians including employees of the business center died in suffocation and stampede.

According to the report, only one man orchestrated the fear and panic that caused many deaths. The CCTV footage provided an accurate copy and capture of the lone gunman who started to shoot somewhere on the second floor. Additionally, the lone gunman collected the casino chips worth a thousand pesos and allegedly killed himself when he got cornered by the police officers.

At first, news spectators thought that the Resorts World Manila incident was a terrorist act. Right then, it posed certain enigma whether or not it was a nonesense act or a plain terrorism. How the incident happened or why it happened pushed questions concerning the security and safety of the business center. There have been strict security procedures implemented by the establishment, and security personnel knew their duties. One simple analysis can be drawn from the incident. The security personnel and their agencies failed to comply with the security procedures and ignored their jobs as the enforcers of security and peace-keeping.

However, if the security personnel tried to protest this statement, they would simply admit that something clandestine happened at the business establishment. There have been no reports concerning the motives of the lone gunman. Collecting casino chips and killing himself as a suicide did not help viewers and analysts to weigh down the situation. Was the gunman stealing and robbing the Resorts World Manila alone? Was he out of his mind creating chaos at the prominent Resorts World Manila without justifiable reasons?

Of course, we only had assumptions to give. We never had any sound and valid arguments why the lone gunman acted out his rage and terror against humanity. Did he simply think one night to acquire a suit, bought a long rifle, headed to Resorts World Manila, asked the security personnel to enter with a gun on him, and walked towards the second floor, and started shooting the ceiling? Funny as it might sound, however, this gun did not surely do what we acknowledged. Something motivated him to act that out; some people might have helped him perform his terror attack. If the gunman was alone, it meant something wrong with the security personnel and with the people around the area. The place had stern and rigid security measures, and one gunman who slipped through the security personnel’s fingertips could be impossible.

Essentially, we could not ignore and get rid of the Marawi siege. The followers of the Maute Group, the group of the radicals in Marawi City, want to create a deviation so that the military officers through the media would stop. This group is distinct from the ISIS, which continually planned their attacks in the global locations. In order to lose the focus of the Marawi City cordon, these cohorts plotted another incident in Luzon to divert the attention of the national and international community. The question now would turn to who and what groups of people supported these extremists? The answer remained vague because we did not have a solid argument and a piece of evidence to offer to the viewers. We did not have enough logical perspectives who plotted this nightmarish revulsion in the country. In the end, we did not have answers to some questions being raised.

Furthermore, the news media and the social media provided accurate information based on events and occurrences. However, these accounts did not also offer answers to the questions and these questions left hanging in the midair. In other words, we only presented our opinions and judgments why the lone gunman terrorized the Resorts World Manila. He was only a decoy to the bigger dilemma the country faced at the moment. He was only a diversion that powerful people wish to employ to conceal their plans. We knew people would be willing to die for the sake of money, and the lone gunman was one of them. Now, we had to presume these conditional and hypothetical statements. If the lone gunman received enough amount of money from his benefactor so that he could give it his family and if he accepted such offer due to the extreme poverty he met in life, then he could do what he did at the Resorts World Manila. If the lone gunman did not have a choice because his employer forced him to do it due to the family bargain, then he had to do it to save his family members. If the lone gunman robbed the Resorts World Manila, he had to do it willingly without thinking. Nevertheless, these things were just funny assumptions.

In the end, the reports from the different media sources revealed that the Resorts World Manila was due to a nonsense act. Due to the problem that lone gunman had, he got lost in the end. At first, we might think he has an accomplice because he could enter the strict security protocol at the Resorts World Manila without being noticed. He might have plenty of supporters who could help execute his plans at the scene. We were wrong. That was and is what we know.


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