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Respect Of Graves By The Evil-Grim -Skeleton; Islamic and Non Islamic; Great Personalities.

Updated on June 22, 2015
Garden Of Mualla-Information HIDDEN By The Royals!
Garden Of Mualla-Information HIDDEN By The Royals!

As an Individual, regardless of what religion one comes from, we need to continuously remind ourselves that we will one day rest under the earth, on sand, and not our wonderful floral bed sheets. With that said, death is an alarm clock, where no snooze button can be tapped on, when the angel of death pops in.

The Bhagavad Gita says the following about death:

“For one who has taken birth, death is certain and for one who has died, birth is certain. Therefore in an inevitable situation understanding should prevail.”

-Chapter 2, verse 27

The best reminders are from two, out of many major sources; The Bible/Qur’an/Gita AND the graveyard.

Of course the Holy Books tell us a lot about death. Practically AND unfortunately, very few hold on to the books that are God’s words. We have so many applications of the Holy Bible, Gita and the Qur’an, but instead of downloading AND utilizing them, we download stupid applications, fighting over their related updates that one is even supposed to hold back from saying.

So that leaves the graveyard on its own. Again, not many visit the graveyard. However, a road trip passing a graveyard is sufficient enough for someone to have a fast forward on what will EVENTUALLY happen to him at any instant.

The above memory, gives an implication. It does not need any exclusive report. The graveyards must be maintained and extended appropriately, for the deceased’s body to lie, and for any one relative to pay a visit to his loved one’s grave. The Hindus during their 13-day mourning period, perform the rite “preta karma” which assists the disembodied spirit of the deceased to obtain a new body for reincarnation.

However, a particular sect fails to understand this. If they do understand, they choose to ignore it. This is the Salafi Sect, more commonly known as, ’Wahabi.’ Muslim, or Christian, we have a respect to pay when visiting the graves. The Muslims recite for the person’s soul to rest in peace. This act of recitation is clearly not associated with the thought of praying TO the person. Praying BY a grave is NOT equivalent to praying TO the grave. I think the “by” and “to” have its own definitions in the Bloomsbury Dictionary but the Wahabi sect choose to play the “pin nose on the clown” game. The "to" is stuck right on top, and covers the "by", thus leading to a sad chain of events like demolishing of those graves, visited most by believers.

Let’s see how many of the graves have been demolished by the Saudi royals, over the past years:

*Grave of Eve-Jeddah

*Al-Mualla Graveyard in Mecca which comprises of;

Sayida Khadijah Bint Khuwailid’s grave (Prophet Muhammad’s wife)

Amina Bint Wahab’s grave (Mother of Prophet Muhammad)

Abu Talib’s grave (Ali (first Imam of The Rafidhi sect and fourth Caliph of ahle Sunnah)’s father)

Abdul Muttalib’s grave (Prophet Muhammad’s Grandfather)

*The house of Prophet Muhammad, In Medina, where he lived after migrating from Mecca.

*Salman Al Farsi mosque in Medina

*Jannatul Baqee (continuing) in Medina

***Many sources have stated that the Prophet’s mosque (grave inclusive), is planned on being demolished under the excuse of extending the mosque and surrounding environment to have sufficient space for Pilgrims and shopping malls.

This isn’t an exhaustive list, of course. Jonah’s mosque has been bombed due to the same thinking that the place has become one of apostasy and not prayer. How can you bomb a place of worship, under your own false assumption, for your own selfish desires? Be it the church or temple, no one human has the unfettered power of rights to destroy a place of worship. This is where God’s creatures come and pray, ask for forgiveness and enhance their learning about their own religion. Jonah isn’t just a Muslim prophet. The Bible tells us his story (one verse extracted below);

And he said unto them, I am an Hebrew; and I fear the Lord, the God of heaven, which hath made the sea and the dry land.

-KJV Jonah 1:9

His mosque being attacked hurts both the Christian and Muslim community. The Christians have utmost respect for the deceased and I don’t understand, as coming from a Muslim community, why the Salafi, despite having knowledge of the books, choose to be nothing but ignorant.

The Jannatul Mualla (Garden of Mualla) Graveyard was under attack since year 1925, sources say. Tombs in this cemetery were demolished at the same time those in Jannatul Baqee (Garden of Baqee) were demolished by the Saudi king, Ibn Saud. Before 1925, as seen from the screenshot attached, the garden of Mualla had domes on each one of the famous and great personalities known in Islamic History recognizing their significance in the Islamic History. Today, the ones who can visit freely without any issue, and spend as much time as they want, by the graves, are birds. If Redbull did actually give one wings, every Muslim would fly to Mecca and Medina to sit by the Great Personalities’ graves.

Very few pilgrims know about Jannatul Mualla. They know more of Baqee than of Mualla. Attached to this article, are photos of Jannatul Mualla. I have seen the Christians’ graveyard, which clearly distinguishes one grave from the other, by name signs and birth-death years. Jannatul Mualla had domes on those personalities who held great importance to the religion of Islam. The domes have now been replaced with two stones, personally, at first; I couldn’t differentiate the length of a grave and whether a grave had two stones or four. I was shocked to know that I wasn’t the only one who couldn’t distinguish the graves. In Mecca, those lucky enough to visit Al-Mualla, enter and recite for the entire graveyard, since they don’t exactly know who’s buried where. All the name boards have been removed, together with their domes.

Time; it waits for no man. Had time known the Salafi School, it would have waited each time someone stood by the grave of the Prophet or those graves in Al-Baqee. No one human is allowed to stand by the grave for more than a minute. This is because the Salafi perceive this act to be regarded as “worshipping the graves”. Paying respect and regards to the deceased’s soul by physically being there by the grave is known as worshipping them. This is like saying greeting a person who’s alive, is equitable to worshipping him. Only difference, one is alive, the other is dead. No sense at all, there. Around 70 000 prophets are buried around the Kaaba, it’s very easy to throw the same accusation that one who prays facing the Kaaba, is worshipping and praying TO the prophets buried, and not to God, Himself. However, of course the Salafi will disregard this logic, because they themselves pray to the Kaaba that is surrounded by the 70 000 (approximate) buried. Funny thing is that they are allowed to defend themselves by just a statement saying they don’t worship the deceased buried around, but worship God. If you dare to utter words stating you don’t believe in, just for example, Prophet Muhammad as GOD HIMSELF, but merely standing there to pay your regards and respect, they throw you out. It’s weird, really.

This is all due to a false assumption which they tend to cover, by using Quran. The protection of their assumption comes from 9:84 which states;

“Nor do you ever pray FOR any of them that DIE, nor stand AT his grave; for they rejected God and His Messenger, and died in a state of perverse rebellion.

- The Repentance/At-Tauba(Chapter 9 Verse 84)* (Translated by Abdullah Yusuf Ali)

The first half indicates the verse stated by the Salafi. The words in bold indicate WHAT THEY ELIMINATE. If one wants to learn politics, they should do so, from the Saudi Royals. No religion permits the demolishing of a grave, nor does it prohibit one from visiting the grave and pay your respect and regards to the deceased’s soul.

The other reason Salafis do not allow the Muslims to pay their respect to any of the personalities buried in either Garden of Mualla, or, Baqee, is nothing but foolishness. They claim asking help from the personalities who are LOVED by God himself, is a sin, and again, is associating partners with the Lord.

Let’s see what the Holy Book, which they claim to read and understand, has to say about this;


- The Table Spread/ Al-Ma’ida(Chapter 5 Verse 35)* (Translated by Abdullah Yusuf Ali)

Some Salafi might agree to the verse stated above but may still disagree to allow the paying of respect to the deceased and seeking the means of approach to God. They argue saying that the deceased is dead and is of no help whatsoever.

Again, let’s see what the Holy Book has to say regarding this issue;

“Think not of those, who are slain in the way of Allah, as dead. Nay, they are living. With their Lord they have provision.”

-The Family Of Imran/Al Imran (Chapter 3 Verse 169)* (Translated By Muhammad Marmaduke Pickthall)

So, the ones who claim to know and understand The Quran (Salafi), are in no way implementing on any of its verses. They should be called,” the golden goonch” due to their massive greed of wealth and fame. For once, their wealth of oil should be set aside, and the entire mankind, regardless of Hindus believing in cremation, or Christians and Muslims burying the deceased under the ground, stand against the Royals. Nothing will help the Royals in their graves except their good deeds. It is our duty, as human beings, leaving the religion we follow (since the religion for mankind, is humanity) for once, and do our best, to stand against the cruelty done to graves.

You’re Christian! You’re Hindu! You’re Sikh! You’re Muslim! You’re atheist! Before anything else, you are HUMAN! Whatever you are, whatever background you come from, for once just forget the difference in rulings we all have, and let’s hop on to what we have mutual; ETHICS!


The Quran

Bhagavad Gita


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Dr.Ammar Nakshwani

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Jannatul Mualla NOW-Mecca!


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    Zahraa Nathoo 2 years ago from Tanzania

    Hello viewers,

    I'd like to ThankYou for the read (:

    This article was aimed at graveyards and to make public, the evil doings and false assumptions by the destroyers. It was focused on just this part as other topics will come up on other separate articles.

    Of course, with your support, I will give it a go, at writing an article on killings going around worldwide, example Palestine.

    The judging is on The Almighty. Keep up the support, and more will come up, InshaAllah (:

    Many thanks.