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Respecting Authority, Even Amidst Disgreeing with a Leader

Updated on September 19, 2009

Political Unrest

These days, all you have to do is turn the television on, and you are bombarded with information overload regarding what President Obama is doing or not doing and why people should be fighting for or against him.  It is enough to make you want to throw something at the screen!  I personally am fed up with the unrest and ashamed to call this great land a place of unity.  Clearly, it has become anything but that.  And what's worse is that people who claim to put faith first have in many cases seemed more like pharisees of Jesus' day than people who are trying to uphold religious principles because they are being desecrated.

Our president is our leader.  When was it ever ok to start dissing the person in power and refuse to tolerate him as a person and leader?  This is certainly the worst point in history as far as I'm concerned.  I can remember hearing minor comments in passing about former President Bush when he was in power, but nothing compared to what is currently going on.  Even though he was doing a lot of things he should not have done, a good majority of the population stayed quiet (maybe out of embarrassment for having so vehemently advocated him as president some years ago?).  And I certainly don't recall the opposing side making a huge deal about any of his past mistakes decades before he ever became president like is being done with Obama.

It seems that we have come to a time of intolerance.  No, I'm not talking about race.  That is not even in the equation - though it IS still a problem in today's world, just not as overt as it once was.  I have been victim of discrimination several times from unexpected sources, so you can't say that racism is a thing of the past, either.  But as far as President Obama is concerned, I realize that people are opposing his decisions, but they are also picking at his character.  Now, I ask you, is that truly the way to go?  Why can't people oppose policies without turning it into something personal?  Or do they feel like they can't put up a good argument without doing that?

It is a shameful thing to hear sides bickering back and forth.  I'm not one to cast stones, since I voted for the president myself - but I never said I supported him 100%, only that in having to choose between the two candidates, he was the one who made more sense on issues while campaigning.  I don't hold myself to one party simply because I believe in giving a person a chance, and that great leaders don't just come from one side or the other.  Honestly, I think a great leader is a combination of the sides, with the ability to bring the people together.  It seems like for all that Obama is trying to do toward that measure, the public seems more opposed than ever to agree to that, and so they are picking at him all the more and creating dissention.

What scares me the most right now is how volatile people have become.  What ever happened to respecting decisions made to see how they pan out?  If they fail, then OH WELL...because not every policy, plan, and thought will always work out.  If that were the case, then you'd have to equate the president with God as onmiscient.  Clearly, he is a mere human.  And as humans, we are all flawed.  Now, I don't know what will happen if all of Obama's ideas are brought to fruitition, but it is prudent to give the man a chance.  For in not doing that, we are saying to the next generation is ok to disrespect authority...don't try to work together to come up with a more feasible solution...stick to your beliefs and don't be open-minded...make fun of those who don't think like you...separate yourselves from people who are's ok to hate.  You know what happens when the population feels this way?  We battle against each other in something akin to the war between the states.  How scary is that!  We are actually coming to that point, I believe.  But this time, it will be between parties.

Surely there are other things we can worry about as a country than trying to "win points" over the politicians.  I'm all about free speech, but let's be sensible in what we are putting forth.  There are some real idiots out there who run their mouths without talking reasonably.  They are narrow-minded, quick to judge your character without taking a look at their own lives.

I guess what I'm trying to say is this: there's nothing wrong with disagreeing with decisions President Obama makes.  Only, do it in such a way that you don't hurt your party and be seen as hypocritical.  I definitely see how because of the actions on both sides from people who claim to have religion, many people who are agnostics or newbies in faith have floundered and fallen flat out of despair because they have begun to think that there is no use for faith because the people they have looked up to have proven unable to do as Jesus would have done, so why should anyone else?  We should be working together now more than ever, what with terrorism abounding.  We have to be vigilant on that front, or else in our bickering there'll come another attack for which we won't be prepared because of our preoccupation.  We need to wake up, America!  Rise above the pettiness and exercise freedom and unity and belief in God as it states on our currency.  If we trust in God, there is nothing that He won't do to save us.  Just because someone is political, doesn't mean that have to have the same faith in God - after all, Jesus was the one who did call for separation of church and state in a sense by saying this: "Give to Caesar (or government) what is Caesar's (or government's) and to God what is God's" and "no man can serve two masters - he will despise the one and like the other (politics or faith)".


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