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The Importance Of Internet Safety

Updated on October 3, 2013
How Do You Respect Your ID? (Fotosearch Pictures, royalty free)
How Do You Respect Your ID? (Fotosearch Pictures, royalty free)

Protecting Your Feelings Online

Recently, I encountered a personal view about my writings. It came from someone who doesn't even take part of this website. I just wanted to express how I manage my personal stories and my experiences with whom I write about and the topics that I get inspired to share.

Writing is a comfort to me. I love to share my experiences in an artistic literary opportunity. It is a gift and I have enjoyed the feedback. I make a lot of effort to choose what I say. For example, I know how my adult daughter feels about her privacy. She has experienced some feedback in regards to personal information on websites that she encountered that was not pleasing to her. I respect her wishes not to add anymore information in regards to her identification. I asked my son if it was alright to place his photos and name and his web links to my writing about him before I wrote my poems and he was fine with it. If I did not put a person's photo with the story or poem that I wrote, it was out of respect for their privacy. I wish to not place them in a position where they feel vulnerable.

The internet is such a vulnerable place. Anyone at anytime can fool you, lie about you and even steal from you on the internet. I chose this website after considerable examination based on the Privacy Policies and the fact that almost 200,000 writers trust their personal work on this site.

I tried other websites that invited me to make money, earn a better position that revealed my identity, but I quickly removed my name when I had been violated with scams and lies and vulgar language even. "Sure- I'll be your friend", maybe someone is thinking when they see my face and didn't read my profile on that other particular website. If a person's profile does not seem compatible to mine, then forget it.

I have heard scary stories. A friend of someone I know met someone online who had proposed marriage online, and this person almost followed through with the plan of going to meet the person who proposed. This guy could have been a terrorist or a child molester. I am so glad that she was free of that situation. She did not go through with it. I could not bear to hear about anyone getting hurt, especially since I have known this person since she was a child.

When writing a personal experience story, it is important to contact the person if you are going to use real names and even real pictures. I felt that using initials to identify someone in a personal story would be safe enough. I was so tempted to put my friend's picture on my most recent hub. But even though I haven't seen him for twenty six years, I would not want him to one day turn on his hard drive, look up his favorite subject and see his picture on line with out his knowing. I would have to go through a lot of channels just to even get in touch with him to ask him, including meeting up with other friends from that time period. I just don't have the time for that. I have to say, it is not in God's Timing any way.

Poetic Licence

What is poetic license? Words can be beautiful. Words can also be harmful. The gift of using them correctly so it paints a beautiful picture is poetic license. I am not an apathetic person when it comes to describing something precise or explicit. I am an artist and my canvas is the page and my medium is the words that I choose to say. It is up to the reader to decide who or what I am writing about.

I hope that what I have had to say here will help others understand my place of expression and that writing from a personal stance in my life is never to violate anyone's privacy. God is with me on this one. The Lord God is the reason why I have this gift of expression any way. I am totally thankful to the Almighty to even have give me a life that I have matured from. And He is My Shield and Ultimate Protector.

It is really great that this web site lay down the Terms and Conditions to follow. I have also seen how the editors respond oh so immediately. I have had a desire to write about certain subjects and the editors have so quickly made me aware of what is substandard or have even disabled something that could have been threatening to their reputation of being respectable. I was not upset about that at all.

I will continue to respect the Identity of others as I continue to write about what interests me. I never have intention to have malice or judgement. I respect anyone's comments too. The freedom of speech has always been honored in the country I was born and raised and continue to live in. And I thank everyone for respecting my spiritual position in what I write. Not everyone that reads my words believes in the same way, and when I learn of those who come from a diverse different spiritual background to follow my works, I am very joyous to know that I have been respected.

Reading Unconditionally.

When using this website, there is an opportunity to grow and learn from other writers. Some may read for enjoyment, some may read to be more knowledgeable, some enjoy following writers and being followed as well. Everyone has guidelines to follow when writing on the website, and so to follow the guidelines is another way of respecting the audience it attracts. Giving comments is a form of respect. Not everyone shows respect, even though entitlement to opinion is allowed, so one must even read their comments unconditionally. That is why there are even guidelines to accepting and rejecting comments. If there is argument or rebuttal, it should really be a forum. Respect for one another's views is another way of preventing anger or hatred toward what is written or what is commented.

Stay Safe On The Internet.

Someone Is Watching You


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    • Dave Mathews profile image

      Dave Mathews 

      8 years ago from NORTH YORK,ONTARIO,CANADA

      When we write, we put our heart and soul into our work. We share a piece of ourselves with the rest of the world.

    • profile image

      His daughter 

      8 years ago

      Good for you on your respect for others and their privacy. That is consideration which you show to others and also makes the statement that others feel they can trust you. Keep up the good work. Great advice that you have shared.


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