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Responsibilities of citizen and the government!

Updated on September 8, 2014

The public and the government!

Government should help the marginalised poor!

When everything fades from memory, what is our identity with the world really? Sometime I am forced to feel, why man should have memory at all? Is it not the memory, which is the cause of all troubles and grief man, undergoes? Why God has given memory power to the human beings? What they have achieved by these memories. They are slaughtering their own clan in cold blooded murders! Is it fair on the part of man to get habituated to wicked deeds and evil acts? Though the entire media blares up the news continuously nonstop, watching the news channels is a nauseating experience. Are we happy going through the news headlines? We become more depressed and more furious. I stopped purchasing newspapers, not for saving money but to safeguard my sanity. In this world, devils are donning human forms. Everywhere there are devils in human form. They wait for the right opportunity to cause unrest everywhere, in the homes, in the streets, and during commuting and finally in the workplace also. Those devils are neatly dressed carry an expression in the face which is full of deceit. But, it is a sad story that some honest people falls prey to these devils and suffer untold miseries. Human habitations are not meant for demons and devils. They should remain only in the jungles where ferocious animals wander. That should be the proper place for these demons.

Who is really a human being? One who possesses human virtues and values alone can be called human beings. Unfortunately, the five main human values have been forgotten long ago by many who call themselves human. Truth, righteousness, Peace, Love and Non-violence are supposed to be the qualities every human should possess. But sadly, most of the human beings are lustful, angry, greedy and full of pride. He is fully selfish and never cares for the sufferings of other beings. His heart has become stone like and seeks only wealth, gold and properties in addition to comforts and luxuries. He is ready to inflict pain on others and exult at the sufferings of others. They are human for name sake but wear the mask of human! No doubt, every human being is a mixture of good and evil but the proportions vary. We must aim to reduce the evil in us and cultivate more and more goodness and tolerance. Tolerance is one of the finest virtues in human beings. For cultivating this tolerance, one has to sacrifice his self-interest to the largest extent. No doubt, everyone needs food to maintain his physical and mental health. Hence, the basic needs of each individual have to be met with and these cannot be construed as ‘self- interest’. Also we need some basic comforts like clothing and dwelling. To that extent we can toil but the rest of the energy should be spent for the society. There are many poor people in the streets, who eagerly wait for a morsel of food to move around. It is the responsibility of each individual in the society to cater to the needs of poor and distressed individuals.

Do not think that the government will take care of the poor and destitute? No world government could provide for all the citizens to the barest minimum even. In fact, all the leaders want to pamper the richest at the cost of the poor. The rich can afford costly advanced treatments for their ailments. But where the poor will go? Hence each government should frame policies to cater to the basic needs of poor in terms of satiating their hunger and providing potable water, minimum health care. If the poor women are left to harness their own fate, the progenies who are going to be the future citizens of the world will suffer from malnutrition and all other complications. Instead of that every pregnant woman should be offered free pre-natal and post natal care. Children and babies should be provided with milk and other nutritional food free of cost. Education and healthcare should be provided free to the marginalized and poor people in addition to the tribal population. A popular government should be people centric. The taxes collected from the rich should be utilized for public welfare activities and social schemes.

It is not a secret that many multinational companies are getting good profits by their business activities. The government should ensure that such big companies should allocate some percentage of their profit for the uplift of living conditions of people in the surrounding villages. It is corporate responsibility to the public who offered their land for construction activities. Though the governments are force securing such lands from the public under ‘land acquisition’ acts at pittance, the poor are deprived of their land and thus their livelihood. The companies should compensate such people suitably. We have seen many naxalite activities thrive in those places where such inequalities arise due to force land acquisition by the government. We have seen that bribery has become a serious crime in the entire world. There is no country which is devoid of corrupt officials or politicians. This situation can change only when each one consciously correct his immoral ways and cultivate patriotism. We have to revere our earthly mother as well as mother earth (our nation). We should sacrifice our all for the welfare of the society as well as the country! There is lack of moral consciousness everywhere in the world. People should become morally rich. Then only the world will witness a golden age of harmony and peace everywhere!


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