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Responsibility of Corporates towards Climate Change

Updated on April 19, 2016

Climate change has become a major environmental issue. With more more environmental problems getting related to Climate change, it has become the need of the hour to consider Climate change at priority.

We might be late or maybe just in time to save this planet of the disasters of Climate change. As many environmentally conscious groups are pushing for urgent action on Climate change, its mandatory to pay attention to curbing the Climate change damages. Environmental concerns like Wild fires, massive floods, unusually heavy rainfall, hurricanes, etc. are occurring at frequencies more than before. Rise in average global temperature now not limited to 2 degrees celsius. Rise in average global temperature has a major point of discussion at major environmental meets. Cop 21 was one such event where the world powers came together to take action on curbing the carbon footprint. This Paris summit was successful enough, as majority of the nations did commit to controlling their carbon contribution on a global level. World political leaders did come together on a common platform to take serious steps against the drastically changing climate. Pledges were taken & petitions passed to the way to controlling Climate change. Large number of environmentally conscious groups & politicians came together to mark the Cop 21 as a major step taken towards minimizing carbon contribution.

If we try understanding who should be responsible in the first place to take up initiatives, we come up with the various environmental groups. Is it that they are the only ones who should be taking the responsibility or we all as planet dwellers are responsible to do our bits. If we look at the urgency with which the Climate change issue has to be addressed, its important for the community who can make a difference with the fastest possible time needs to be taking responsibility. This community is the private & public sector. The corporates if take this matter on priority, we can address the Climate change issues sooner than later. Major businesses already have active CSR department who contribute towards all social causes. Its only the matter of these corporates taking up Climate change as a priority concern to be addressed. Many corporate businesses are already contributing in a major way towards lots of social causes. Their CSR departments are active as never before. Looking at the urgent need to be addressed for Climate change cause, the businesses should take up this issue as their priority agenda. They should recruit more and more Climate change vigilantes & add human capital to their CSR departments. They should come up with initiatives & models to control their own carbon contribution to the environment. They should conduct conferences & meetings to brain storm the Climate change issue to come up with faster action plans.

Its not that the environmentally conscious groups cannot take the responsibility, but they wouldn't move as fast as the businesses. Considering the priority with which the Climate change issue needs to be addressed, the private & public sector is the only community which can make a difference.


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    • threekeys profile image

      Threekeys 20 months ago from Australia

      I enjoyed your article