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Rest in Peace America

Updated on June 28, 2011

As a believer in Christ and an avid reader of Revelations, I knew deep in my heart that this day would draw near. At just thirty two years old with one young daughter to raise and a family to lead in faith, my self confidence is dissipating. A new dual life is emerging within my soul, tearing my will in two ideologically different directions. A spiritual promise beckons to be fulfilled while a pride for the homeland is gasping for oxygen. My eyes are swelling with tears; here I am holding the limp hand of my country as we prepare to turn off the respirator. When the machine stops, will America live on?

Can you fathom a dead America? How would the greatest writer eulogize a land that has sustained every known walk of life? Is it possible to pen such an awe inspired legacy? Could one individual shoulder a task so great, so monumental, or would it take the synchronizing of tens of thousands of keyboards, fountain pens and Blackberries? For just one day, could we channel the world’s most prolific poets of past and present? Where do you suppose the epicenter of such a grand funeral be held? Certainly not at Pennsylvania Ave, nor Monticello, Peacefield wouldn’t do. Martha’s Vineyard has become too synonymous with the contemporary disease killing it. How about Independence Hall? Yes, the very hallowed ground where the birth place of our great nation opened its eyes for the first time. We could pay proper respect to where God almighty shaped the parchment penned by divinity. A place in which a new document created such foreword thinking structure, the very signing of it declared treason against King George III. Here at this place, the construction of a life took root that would forever change the face of this planet. No country from that time forward could form international policies without asking themselves “what about the Americans?”

My America the beautiful, such a bright star you were. You used to be a flame in the darkest of nights, one which illuminated the path for the forlorn and oppressed. Nations stood over you and watched you grow. No life crawls without scraping its knees. No idea can run without tumbling. Sure America had gut wrenching internal strife; progress stifling lessons had to be experienced first hand. Untold lives have been sacrificed for us to nurture future generations. You endured tyrants, caught colds, and shed layers of skin, oh how you have aged. Unfortunately, Murphy’s Law is a cruel master. God will inevitably have the last say. My America, when you should be enjoying the prime of your life, winning every contest, showing the world how everything is done, instead a cancer has spread across your body. For a long time you responded will to treatments. You had access to top drawer medical doctors; free markets, individual rights, self reliance, responsible citizenry, lots of exercise and some good old fashioned sparring. Then without much notice, your doctor was replaced to practice the concept of change. This new doctor forced you off of your old routine and put you on unproven stimulus drugs. Next he told you to stop working so hard, take it easy and removed from you your foundations. When I came to look in on you, you were loaded up on pain killers. I weep when you walk in the hallways aimlessly, disoriented and hungering for your previous value. You do not respond well to old friends anymore. So many specialists are available to give you second opinions but your new insurance will not cover the “frivolous” expense. Your family is begging you to leave your doctor; instead you have become dependent and cry out for stronger doses of intervention. Your doctor is calling us a bad influence and instructs the nurses to report our negativity to the authorities!

I fear for my America, you are of an age where this doctor is not concerned with fixing your real ailments. Secretly he loathes the price incurred to keep you healthy. They have written you off with such arrogance. My mind reels at the ease of which they feel its time for us to move on. You have many more years you could give us, but the oversight committee is relentlessly pursuing self-interests. We the people can see where they spend their time. There is a new younger patient soaking up the support system. My goodness she is greedy. I met her for the first time the other day. I tried to speak with her and hold a conversation but she kept yelling at me in a belligerent, disrespectful and mean spirited tones. When I disagreed with how she was being raised she shouted me down and reverted to calling me gratuitously nasty names. I couldn’t believe how the orderlies fawned over her. I felt pity for the poor creature, she was connected to all of these devices and there were tubes funneling bizarre byproducts into her veins. She couldn’t feed nor cloth herself. She looked depressed and confused. She wished to go outside but the nurses told her it isn’t safe to go out there. Whenever the doctor came to look in on her, she referred to him as “Daddy.” I looked on in shock, the doctor didn’t correct her, he just beamed and patted her head, calmly whispering “there there my little sociopath.”

My mind and soul are at horrendous odds with my allegiances. I want to rush to the rescue of my nation, but God told us of a time when “bad will be called good, and good will be called bad.” We have been clearly taught that a house divided against itself cannot stand. Such brave people have shed blood on behalf of the ungrateful. This land is filling up with locusts that devour her resources. The pious planted seeds without returning to water. A great harlot has wooed the populace; from God’s principals does she turn the people away in droves. Like Peter she denies knowing who Christ is in the public sphere. These things have come to pass, now its time we sit in judgment. Christians, why should God save this country full of deceivers and persecutors? Open your eyes; America has strayed from its principle foundations. It is like the death of a child, my heart is broken, never again will I love in the same way. However this may be it is God who has built a house with many rooms for us. God has a better place for us when we are no longer useful here. His mercy will pour out over the seekers. It is time we get our own house in order so that we do not go down with the ship.

Here you are America, choking, frightened, unsure when the end is going to come. Will you see it, or will it take you away like a thief in the night? Millions are praying for you to pull through. Many whom have never been given a chance to see your glory, many more who will watch their own dreams die with you. We sit together, anxious of the near future. God told us this day would eventually come. There is only so much we can do to intervene. A new world order is rising as the sun sets on you. We will never forget what you have done, the precious memories we have created together will fill us for all of eternity. Rest in peace America– D.O.B. July 4th July 1776, Died “TBD”

America can no longer survive without the cable.
America can no longer survive without the cable. | Source

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    • Springboard profile image

      Springboard 6 years ago from Wisconsin

      Jason, the power is in the masses. If the masses get it, then someone at the top is in big, big trouble. Revolutions are not often, but they come hard and swift when the top gets it wrong. In some parts of the world this is known as an attitude adjustment, and the government is ripe for one. It's not too late to take back our country. We just have to want it. And we have to be engaged. And we have to endure the hard work that will take. It means we might have to tune out of reality TV for a little while and tune in to the world and our country around us to become fighters who can win the war for America and Americans.

    • Jason R. Manning profile image

      Jason R. Manning 6 years ago from Sacramento, California

      Hello Cynamans, thank you for taking the time to read my hub and leave a comment, even if the intentions are circumspect. I will say that is one cute picture of kitten you have there.

    • profile image

      cynamans 6 years ago

      Government is our enemy not people, races or classes. They rob us of our sanity and turn us against each other while they steal our hard earned money via the Federal Reserve. All Americans must wake up to this truth. Elitist run our world and there trying to run our lives. Obama, Bush, Clinton they are all one in the same. Don't be fooled by political ideology my friend. Only God can save us, may he bless our great country from the evil that drewls in it. LOL peace and love our world needs more of it.

    • Jason R. Manning profile image

      Jason R. Manning 6 years ago from Sacramento, California


      thank you for taking the time to read and leave such a detailed response. It would be terrific if I believed so strongly as you do in this current state being a "blip" on the radar. Certainly time will tell who's prognosticator's are correct. If we continued practicing democracy, then I would have not written this piece, however, living in a time where it is judicial review that’s ruling our country, unelected officials taking matters into their own hands, this isn’t what we signed up for. Now we have a President who is going to manipulate the 14th amendment so that we may add many more trillions of dollars in debt…there is no end in sight. We the people are an illusion of control, we exercise so little control and self restraint, professors and politicians alike laugh themselves to sleep.

      You are one of a handful trying to dig deep and moderate the problem. God bless you regardless of your faith, there is a war going on and it isn’t for votes, but for control of you mind.

    • Springboard profile image

      Springboard 6 years ago from Wisconsin

      I am not a religious man, though I have deep rooted faith. Faith in the American people, faith in the American way, and faith that before we get to the point of no return, that we will get it. It won't be too late. We'll head off the crash, we'll stifle the disease, and we'll move on. It's a tough time right now with the state of things as they are. But it's a blip. A bump. A dip. In a way, I think it's also a growing pain. We're young yet, remember. This nation is only 235 years old. That's a drop in the pan compared to any other established, powerful nation. Perhaps this time is equivalent to the ever infamous 7-year itch most of us talk about in our marriages. It's that time when we sort of question where we are, what we are doing, where we are headed, and feel somewhere in the deep recesses of our minds that perhaps we can be something else. Of course, we'll come to our senses. Like I said, I have faith in that. I have faith in my America. I have no plans for a funeral, and neither should you.

    • Jason R. Manning profile image

      Jason R. Manning 6 years ago from Sacramento, California

      @SOWK, I think you are pretty spot on. You certainly give the ultra short version of what I have been writing about. Between the hyper greedy, lazy or destructive, all of us have only been held accountable based on values we’ve established in our own lives. We have over crowded jails, so that shows you how effective laws to protect humanity are. We are born selfish, we have to be taught values and unselfishness. For many decades a new selfishness has risen, the welfare state. Those of us in the middle really do feel trapped, there are the those trying to take what we have, and those who are trying to make us work for the rest of our lives to keep what we’ve earned. It’s a beautiful life! Be blessed, it’s the only way to stay objective.

    • someonewhoknows profile image

      someonewhoknows 6 years ago from south and west of canada,north of ohio

      America was the worlds saving grace for two hundred years and during all that time the enemies of humanity have enjoyed the same freedom all of us had and they used it to take over America little by little and the majority of the people hardly noticed or cared and if they did ,they were so busy making their way in life or cared not because they would not be alive much longer.Others did their best,but they were assasinated as a result.150 years ago this week we had a civil war that was intended to tear America apart.We,survived only to live as a new kind of slave.Not just some,but almost everyone.We are slaves to money and greed.

    • Jason R. Manning profile image

      Jason R. Manning 6 years ago from Sacramento, California

      Hi Tony, thank you for the quick response, you snuck in your response just as Hubpages took it off line...Hopefully I will see it up soon and we can start the dialogue. Thanks friend. Be Blessed.

    • tony0724 profile image

      tony0724 6 years ago from san diego calif

      Jason that was excellent and I suspect there are many like you who feel the same but do not have the courage to say so. I am giving multiple thumbs up !


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