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Rethinking Fox Townhall

Updated on May 23, 2019
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It's frustrating watching the world change for the worse. So I decided to do something about it.

To do or not to do...

Democrats are divided on the issue of accepting or declining a Fox Townhall. After Elizabeth Warren, explained in a series of tweets that she is not going to help a "hate for profit" network regain lost advertisers by doing a town hall with them other candidates decided to do the same. It became so widely accepted that those who didn't agree with this sentiment was highly criticized. Among them were democratic candidates such as Pete Buttigieg, Bernie Sanders and Beto O'Rouke.

Warren on Fox
Warren on Fox

What is the Biggest "Hate for Profit" scheme in the US?

It's important to remember that the bigger "hate for profit" scheme is Donald Trump. The Fox network is just one of his tools. It would not be doing so much damage if a man with integrity was president. So it is important that in our efforts to bring down the Fox network, we do not help Donald Trump get re-elected. Many of Trumps supporters get their news from the Fox network. So when Fox gives us an opportunity to reach out to them turning it down may not be the best option. That is probably why Pete Buttigieg decided to do a Fox town hall anyway.

Pete Buttigieg
Pete Buttigieg

Pete Buttigiegs Townhall with Fox

At the Fox townhall, Pete Buttigieg was asked about, how he is going to handle debating Trump, with all the tweets and nicknames and his usual tricks. He said he doesn't care and that it is the nature of grotesque things that you cannot take your eyes away. The Fox audience laughed and applauded, reminding us that they are not as oblivious to Trump's true nature, as the Fox network would like them to be.

Pete Buttigieg also made a very important point about making it less about Trump and making it more about the audience, because, at the end of the day, Trump's policies are not so popular and they have done nothing for the average American.

When Pete Buttigieg said "we are the ones that want to get you a raise and they are the ones blocking it, we are the ones trying to preserve your health care and they are the ones trying to take it away, we are the ones trying to deliver on something like paid family leave and they are against it", it really resonated with the Fox audience. He got so much applause that it is hard to believe that it was the fox's audience that filled the studio.

The fox Townhall of Pete Buttigieg averaged at 1.1 million viewers which were more than the number of viewers for CNN and MSNBC combined. Let's really think about this. Will this convert some Trump supporters to vote against him? Definitely. You see, the Townhalls of CNN and MSNBC were probably packed with voters who will vote against Trump anyway. But can we say the same about Fox? Not at all. It was probably packed with people who wanted to see these candidates crash and burn. But they ended up giving him a standing ovation anyway. Let's face it. Anyone of these candidates seems to be a better fit to be president than Donald Trump. At least we can expect them to own up to their mistakes. So ultimately it's winning the hearts of these trump supporters that can end the Trump presidency.

Bernie Sanders Townhall at Fox

Bernie Sanders Townhall with Fox news took place before Pete Buttigieg townhall. 2.55 million people watched this event even though it was aired before Primetime. It is by far the most watched election campaign event so far. Bernie Sanders also pointed out many things that appealed to the Fox audience shocking even the hosts of the show.

Bernie Sanders mentioned that Healthcare is a human right, not a privilege. He believes that there is something embarrassingly wrong when the United States of America is the only major country that does not provide Health Care to all people. Explaining his point further senator Sanders said that a family of 4 pays $28000 a year for Healthcare premiums, deductibles, and copayments. With Medicare for all you are not going to pay that $28000, you will just be paying more tax instead. According to Bernie Sanders with medicare for all, the total expense of the average American is expected to drop while big corporations will be paying more.

In an attempt to discredit Senator Sanders the Fox host asked the audience how many people get their insurance from private companies right now? Many people including Senator Sanders race their hands. Then he asked, how many of those people would like to transfer to a government-run system like the one Senator Bernie Sanders was speaking about? Not only did many people raise their hand, but also, cheered and applauded while doing so. The hosts then asked Senator Sanders if members of Congress will be doing the same transition. ”dam right, we will" replied the senator, leaving the hosts speechless. That was the highlight of the evening. Apart from that, Senator Sanders mentioned the following points taking the audience by Storm.

1. The average American is paying more taxes than they anticipated, while big corporations like Amazon and Netflix get to pay no tax at all, because of Trump's tax bill. He called this a disgrace and the crowd cheered.

2. Is it right that the three families at the top have more wealth than 50% of Americans combined, that is more than 160 million people?

3. Is it appropriate for the top 1% to earn more wealth than the bottom 92%?

4. 49% of all income goes to the top 1% when most people are doing 2 or 3 jobs, just to pay their bills.

5. He wants to create a government where one person gets only one vote and billionaires will not be buying elections.

6. Education is a basic right and that's why he believes in tuition-free public colleges.

7. He wants to fight for a country in which everyone gets to live with security and dignity instead of a country in which only some people get to make a whole lot of money.

8. He wants people to have drinkable water, not toxic water when they turn on their taps.

9. He believes that If you work 40 hours a week you should not have to live in poverty. The minimum wage should be raised.

10. We can put 15 million people back to work with a trillion dollar investment.

Regardless of what you feel about the concept of democratic socialism, you know that this kind of explanation is going to turn some heads. It is impossible to argue with many things that Bernie Sanders presented to the Fox audience. This kind of performance is definitely going to keep the fox audience interested and curious to know what the other candidates have to say.

Final Thoughts

So to summerise, Fox Townhalls are a great way to reach out to Trump supporters. Most of them are already utterly confused and disappointed by Trump's actions. Reaching out to them could make the difference between whether or not trump gets re-elected. Therefore we need to remember that Trump is the bigger Hate for Profit scheme that is ruining the lives of people everywhere. We need to keep our target in mind and not get distracted by our hate towards the Fox network.


Should more candidates reach out to Fox audience?

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