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Victory for the Second Amendment

Updated on December 3, 2015

The Second Amendment: Poetically Spoken By a True Legend and an American Patriot

The End of Dark Days

Pro-gun rights advocates can take a sigh of relief now that Republican leadership is back in the driver’s seat, as last year’s elections put the Senate and House of Representatives in the prime position to dictate legislation until the next election. In the meantime, the really cool part is they get to make Barack Obama’s life a living hell.

With the 2016 presidential nomination just around the corner, I'm sure candidates like Donald Trump and Ben Carson are making liberal gun control fanatics a little restless. With the latest polls showing a likely Republican Party victory next November, conservatives remain optimistic as America gets set to close the final chapter on eight years of extreme liberal left Obama policies.

Unsatisfied Liberals

On the other hand, the Democratic Party is sulking after 2014’s mid-term elections as the lost control of the Senate, leaving the party with the fewest House members since 1946. As Democrats head into their final two years with their "lame duck" leader, they look more like a beaten and battered army who has lost its general.

Reminiscent of the last two years of the Clinton administration when the president held on for dear life with an impeachment trial for a life preserver, Obama's gun control bill appears to be drowning in defeat. It's almost safe to say that the gun-control argument may be one that conservatives can finally win.

In retrospect, Democrats should be satisfied about how the last eight years played out. They did lobby enough self-interest groups to get the Supreme Court to say that gay marriage is allowed in all 50 states. C'mon liberals, that’s a huge victory for you! Conservatives are inclined to believe that Democrat victories in health care reform and same-sex marriage would be enough to send you packing with a smile on your face.

Nevertheless, there’s a sadness coming out of the West Wing that I hasn't been seen since George Bush stole the election from Al Gore. Despite enjoying eight years of unencumbered power, the Democrats still have one more American institution they want to delete from existence before making their long-overdue exit from authority.

It seems Obama is trying to resuscitate a 2013 executive order that would essentially eliminate gun show firearms sales and would require stricter background checks for all US citizens. However, without the votes in the House or the Senate, the likelihood of such a bill passing isn’t very probable.

How Far Left Are Liberals Willing To Go?

Liberals often contend that their argument for stricter gun control laws can be traced back to the founding fathers. The problem with such an argument, similar to so much of what they claim, is based on lies and purposeful misdirection from reality.

The founding fathers believed that the Second Amendment yields power while inherent within all people of this nation, and that it's the people's right and duty to be armed at all times to protect this nation from an oppressive government. Not once, in any word spoken by any of the founding fathers can you find an iota of evidence pointing to anti-gun rights rhetoric. Not once! It's amazing how far liberals are willing to go to get people to fall in line with their agenda.

Their argument, in all its contentious fodder, was never based on reality or good judgement. Every time they tried to convince people that crime is higher in states where concealed carry permits are issued, they knew it was a lie. Every time they claimed that gun violence is lower in cities that have strict gun control laws, they knew their accusations were not true.

Even when gun-owners offered substantial evidence built upon a mountain of statistics that showed law-abiding citizens who legally carry firearms are far less likely to commit violent crimes compared to other people, they still refused to listen.

Even when the left were given very plain, easy to read federal statistics that clearly showed how every person in America has a much greater risk of dying from a car crash or falling off a building than they do of being shot by a bullet, their intelligence and opinions wouldn't allow them to see 6 inches passed their face.

Meanwhile, conservatives sat back and watched eight years of scandal unfold with unprecedented and flat out lies coming from an administration that would stop at nothing to see it's agenda shred the what's left of civil liberties.

Whether they knew it or not, their push for tighter gun control started and ended with Operation Fast and Furious. How did they expect to take guns away from American citizens while freely handing out semi-automatic weapons to narco-terrorist drug lords in Mexico? Were the they serious?

It was indeed the longest two-term presidency I can remember; highlighted by a jam-packed media frenzy of gun control reporters who spent countless hours spinning their ideology in the hopes that we would buy what they were selling. Unfortunately for them, conservatives were all stocked up on crazy and didn't need to buy any. The agony of hearing fact-less conversations between liberal media pundits as they clamored back and forth was excruciating.

Remember, these are the same people who never in their life had to live in a place where it's best to have a gun and not need it, than not having a gun and being screwed because you didn't have one. Put them in that situation, and I'm willing to bet they quit their job at CNN and go put an application in over at FOX news.

Using Fear to Scare You

In all their supposed intelligent reasons, Democrats practically begged us to lay down our weapons freely.

The worst part is that they tried to make us believe it was all for the best, based on every tragic event we watched unfold when some pill-popping whack-job would decide to suit up, pack some guns into a gym bag, and walk into a shopping mall or some school and start randomly firing away at everyone.

Don't get me wrong, such a tragedy is paramount to everything that's horrible in this world, but punishing responsible citizens with more government intrusion just shows how far off the deep end liberals are willing to go.

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Impossible to Convince

While they sink to the bottom of the deep end in their departure from power, they can take comfort in the fact that their opinions never really meant much because they never actually gave us any measure of proof that could be based on fact, reason or Constitutional law.

It’s impossible to win a debate over gun control with someone who isn’t honest about the facts. You can talk circles around them, supplying fact after fact until you turn blue in the face and it still won’t matter. You can cite example after example of law-abiding armed citizens protecting themselves, their families and their communities with a gun, and it just bounces off them, unable to penetrate the heart of reason.

Actually, none of it matters, because their argument is not based on a reality. They live in a fairly-tale land of make believe, where bad people don’t have guns. Even if they were to repeal the Second Amendment, do you think for one second that criminals won’t hide their guns? Give me a break!

For liberals, it’s not about guns being taken off the street. It’s more about absolute power. The left wing's anti-gun philosophy has never been about creating a country that keeps its people safe from gun violence. The government doesn’t care about us. They haven’t for a long time. It’s simply about them disarming the citizens that the liberal elites don’t like. You know, the red-blooded Americans who either support the troops or were at one time a soldier themselves, and who love their country and its Constitution.

Proof He Lied About Being A Christain

Why Believe Anything They Say?

For the most part, conservatives fear their government and liberals, and for good reason when you consider the country is being led by a president who shamelessly lies for a living. Not to mention the millions of loyal Obama supporters who have proven without a doubt that they have no moral compass whatsoever. Their ideology is based on foolish pride that blinds them from having any ability to accept constructive criticism. Instead, they act like everything that’s happened to America over the past eight years has all been for the best and that conservatives should just join them in the land of make believe and pretend like it’s all no big deal.

Sure, it’s no big deal that Obama lied about his position on gay marriage just to get elected. It's no big deal at all that he lied about health care, a "reform" which forces Americans to buy a government mandated product. We should just forget about Ben Ghazi, or how he sicked the IRS on conservative voters. Let's also not remember the bold faced lies he tried to spoon-feed American citizens when he told us the NSA really wasn't spying on us.

Then there's the unforgettable performance he gave back in 2007, sinking so low to try and pander a few votes, that he would lie to all of us by claiming he was a Christian, when in fact, he is a Muslim. Not to mention all of his lies to try and cover up his long term friendship with domestic terrorist, Bill Ayers.

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The Lies Never Stop

An Autobiography of Fiction

Furthermore, when Barack Obama first introduced himself to the nation at the DNC back in 2004, he gave a long speech about how his parents had met. Within a week, the speech had been debunked, proven to be nothing but lies. The entire story of his family history written in his Autobiography, Dreams From My Father is also nothing but a figment of his imagination. Who makes up their own autobiography? This is a book that sold a million copies and helped him win the presidency. Nevertheless, nobody seems to care that it's been fact checked by a dozen reputable, even far-left organizations, who have confirmed that its nothing more than complete and utter work of fiction. Whether you believe this or not is irrelevant, because facts speak for themselves.

If that wasn't enough, the most well-known lie that got the most media spin was over his birth certificate. However, as soon as the White House posted Obama's birth certificate online, the media abruptly dropped the incident. Meanwhile, those who shouted the truth about the very obvious and elementary forged version of Obama's long form birth certificate were dubbed as "truthers" or conspiracy nut jobs by the same media.

The media could've very easily blown this guy out of the water from the get go. Instead, they chose to join him for eight years of lies, and slander against freedom and civil rights just so they could all see a very liberal, pro-homosexual, pro-abortion, anti-God agenda get implemented into American culture. The media made themselves complicit in the biggest fraud in American history in exchange for nothing more than selfish personal desire. Every lie that has been swept under the rug, every scandal forgotten, every lie that was told has been everything that's wrong with this country since he took office in 2008.

So why should anybody believe anything that comes out of his mouth? This is why conservatives don’t trust him, and also why they don’t care for liberals. When you think about it, why should they? Would you trust someone who willfully follows a pathological liar? Or better yet, would you trust someone who refuses to acknowledge that he’s a liar just so they can justify their support for him? Believe me, the minute Barack Obama could disarm every American citizen, he would do it in a second. His agenda was never about change. It’s been about ‘fundamentally transforming’ America into a place without patriots, without guns, without Christians, and anyone else who is morally righteous.

It’s no wonder that Americans are done pretending the gun argument was ever based on a reasonable thought because it wasn't. After eight years of campaigning that used shameful tactics, a stack of unsubstantiated lies, fake facts, and an all-out self-righteous slander of the Second Amendment, liberals are still trying to talk Americans into giving up their guns.

There’s a few true blue Democrats who think they can still win this fight. Sadly for them, it’s probably much too late. The problem is that they simply wouldn’t compromise their position and settle on gun legislation that would’ve just saved lives. They wanted the whole thing or nothing at all.

I’m sure there are a few liberals who now sit and actually analyze the conservative gun rights argument (like they were supposed to) and I would like to think some of them probably agree with the correct point of view. They may even acknowledge the ridiculous allegations made by their constituents. They may even realize how left-wingers were overly ambitious in their attempt to discredit facts by randomly making up gun statistics out of thin air. They are smart people, and I know they can read.

However, a lack of spine or balls keeps them from going against the grain of their own party or standing up for what's right against liberal voters who cry out for something that they don’t even understand. They do it because their progressive, politically correct President said it was the right thing to do. Coming from a guy who lies for a living, is that a good faith argument you should be basing your opinion on?

Final Jeopardy

The threshold for such requires a real debate where you bring your facts and I bring mine, and an impartial third party keeps score. I know, we could get Alex Trebeck to moderate. Then we would see who wins the all-out Jeopardy Gun Debate. No problem, as conservatives would certainly smoke the liberals in the jeopardy and double jeopardy rounds. Simply blazing through each round, stumping suspicion and fear with fact after undisputed fact in every category.

However, the fun wouldn't begin until Final Jeopardy, as Trebeck reads off the answer... “the liberal argument over gun control deserves this response from conservatives." The dramatic conclusion would have Conservatives confirming their victory with "what is From My Cold Dead Hands". The crowd would applaud, conservatives would dance and Trebeck would say something clever into the camera like, "there you have it folks, Conservatives win it by a country mile".

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    • profile image

      oothee 2 years ago

      This was a rally great article. I agree that liberals always seem to have statistics that simply don't add up. You can't argue with someone whose accusations are based on make believe. How can you win when the other side hides behind lies that they've told so many times they actually believe them. Thanks for saying it like it is. Good Job!