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Revenue just another word for Taxes

Updated on August 8, 2011

I’ve had it with this “slick snake oil salesman” and his Democratic stooges. Do they really think we’re so stupid they can simply change the phrase Tax Increase to Revenue Enhancement and we’ll go along with their continuing to kick the proverbial can down the road?

How many failed meetings did they have before finally the failed resolution resulted in the credit downgrade? How many times did we listen to his Majesty’s “Shared Sacrifice BS”? Was he referring to the $242 thousand dollar vacation in Spain Moochelle, daughter Sasha and several long-time family friends, her personal staff and various guests took last year during which they stayed in a $2,500..00 per night private 3-story villa at a 5-Star luxury hotel. That same vacation on which they used Air Force Two and the 70 Secret Service personnel who tagged along to be sure they were safe and cared for at all times. As information, Air Force Two costs $11,351 per hour to operate according to Government Accounting Office and used 47,500 gallons of jet fuel for this trip. Is this the type of Shared Sacrifice they are talking about?

Now we are rapidly approaching the time in this country if we don’t face this runaway spending head on Atlas will indeed shrug! What this drunken sailor and his band of pirates are pushing for is Revenue enhancements (tax increases which are the Holy Grail of the Democratic Party) in exchange for promised cuts down the road. That’s the same road they have been kicking this can down for the past 2 and ½ years. Here’s an example of how this economy has fared under Obama’s stewardship:

Average price/gallon gas in U.S Jan. 2009 $1.83 now $3.95 115.8% inc

Unemployment rate Jan. 2009 7.6% now 9.2% (17% actual)

Unemployment rate blacks Jan. 2009 12.6% now 15.8%

Number of Federal Employees Jan. 2009 2,779,000 now 2,840,000 2.2% inc

Number food stamp recipients Jan. 2009 31,983,716 now 43,200,878 35.1% inc

How can anyone defend this economy as chronicled in the table above and yet Obama and his cronies run out in front of the cameras and proclaim the American people want compromise. Well the American people wanted compromise; they wanted the Republicans to agree to raise the debt ceiling in exchange for real significant cuts in the federal bloated beast which did not happen!

And finally no more of this class warfare “Shared Sacrifice BS”; in addition to Moochell’s little Spanish jaunt America’s Royal Family took a vacation trip to Martha's Vineyard ; during which a second smaller jet that took Bo the Royal Dog so the children could have him with them while we were away from the White House for eleven days.

Then let’s not forget about their "date weekend" in New York or their two-week trip to Hawaii this past Christmas during which they stayed in a 7,000 square foot house or the time they took Air Force One to Chicago to tape the segment with Queen Oprah, replete with full security, a separate plane for armored limousines and a full contingent of assistants.

Is this the type of “Shared Sacrifice” of which you speak, Barrack Hussein Obama Ummm-Ummm-Ummm; if so where do I sign up and begin the sharing process!


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    • profile image

      PARTISAN PATRIOT 6 years ago

      Shelia B

      He's like the 47% in this country that pay no taxes; difference is in this country old Brackie Boo is taking back their loot for them instead of them having to go out into the streets and sieze it for themselves!

    • sheila b. profile image

      sheila b. 6 years ago

      And then there is the looter in London saying he's 'taking back his taxes'!!

    • profile image

      Partisan Patriot 6 years ago

      Wow Average American well said; bravo my friend!

    • Average American profile image

      Average American 6 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada

      Well said. The Great Evolver (so named because his positions are so many things is "evolving" according to Carney) has found fertile ground on which to stake a claim when it come to being the quintessential spend, spend and spend Democrat. "Revenue" always seems to be the fall back and punt position for the left. Yet all or us, and yes I do mean "ALL" of us, when looking at our financial situation, would first, naturally, cut our internal spending before we attempted to increase our revenue through finding a better paying job. Even if we had cut all the fat from our budgets, we certainly would not expect that increasing our income would come from the same job we currently have. This is what government does, they just go back to the trough and take more money. Can you imagine telling your boss (remember, we are the bosses in this case) that you need more money and there's not a damn thing he can say about it? Of course not, we would most likely find a new revenue source, like a second job. Why doesn't the government try that idea on for size. Create a new revenue source instead of milking the existing one?

      They have plenty at their disposal. They could sell some of the 76% of Arizona they own, or some of the 80% plus of Nevada they own, Alaska, or any other part of the west where they are the majority land holder. They could put actual business practices at work and reduce the tax rate on particular things, thus increasing the treasury's take through increased market movement in those sectors, along the lines of what Kennedy and Reagan both accomplished. Or release the oil companies to drill at will since the lean holder of the site is entitled to a major stake of each barrel that comes out of the ground, and there is only one lean holder in this country, Uncle Sam.

      The government produces nothing. It creates no value. Whatever money it has came from someone, YOU.

    • profile image

      PARTISAN PATRIOT 6 years ago


      How did that Manfred Mann song go Blinded by the Light

      Blinded by the light, revved up like a deuce,

      another runner in the night -

      With a boulder on my shoulder, feelin' kinda older,

      I tripped the merry-go-round

      With this very unpleasin', sneezin' and wheezin,

      the calliope crashed to the ground

      The calliope crashed to the ground

      You are unfortunately correct there are still those who are blinded by the Obama "light" even though the calliope just crashed to the ground. I wrote a hub last year Barrack Fiddles While America Burns which describes his behavior to a TEE!

    • profile image

      partisan patriot 6 years ago


      Correcto-Mundo; remember Oh Come Oh Come O Rham Emanuel saying never let a Crisis go to waste? Well Ole Barrackie Boo isn’t wasting any time jumping out in front of the cameras and screaming for More Taxes; Gotta have more money to redistribute!

    • profile image

      partisan patriot 6 years ago


      Blame is all the Bamster knows how to do; he’s gotta deflect the reality of his failed policies from himself so he keeps playing the Blame Bush Game. In the final analysis he’s just the giant head in the Wizard of Oz speaking with Soros behind the curtain pulling the levers!

    • breakfastpop profile image

      breakfastpop 6 years ago

      At this point, anyone who is still blinded by the Obama "thrill" should lose their vote. He has such contempt for the American people that he is totally comfortable throwing lavish parties while our country burns. Up and awesome.

    • The Frog Prince profile image

      The Frog Prince 6 years ago from Arlington, TX

      Cut, Cap and Balance. All the money Obama spends vacationing is absurd. Then his timing is impeccable. Crisis? Time to pack his bags and get out of town for some R&R.

      Great Hub.

      The Frog

    • Pamela99 profile image

      Pamela Oglesby 6 years ago from United States

      Those examples are just a few of so many. Blame is being thrown around but the bottom line is you can't spend more than you can afford and cutting expenses needs to happen right now. Awesome hub!