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Reworking America in 2015

Updated on December 18, 2016


Recently, I read a book titled America's Moment by a group called Rework America. I liked what they had to say and agree with some of their suggestions. They also ask the readers to come up with their ideas to help. Here are my suggestions. My ideas are Conservative in nature but I am open to collaborations with any groups that wants to reach the same goals.

-Sept. 2015

Reworking Our Political System

The first and foremost item to tackle is our current political system. Our two party system is broken. We have elections after elections and yet the direction of the country is going south as indicated by all polls. Our citizens are fed up with Washington and the power that control them. Both party seems to talk a good game of being competitors in the arena of ideas yet they seem to govern with the same policies that are detrimental to the middle class. The latest election cycle has shown that political outsiders such as Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump and Carly Fiorina and Ben Carson are winning the popularity contest so far. The approval ratings of both Congress and the Administration is at a low. Our country have systemic problems that are being ignored. No wonder half of the citizens don't even bother to vote any more.

How do we fix this? It is time the people work together to over throw the establishment. Who are the people? It is you and I, liberal progressives, moderates and conservatives.

I wrote a hub on fixing the broken electoral process.

Reworking Our Education System

After reworking the political system, next comes the public education system. The reason our young people today are clueless for the most part is because they were never taught our history, our unique heritage and why we are an exceptional nation.

The public education system, controlled by the Teacher's Union, has sold out our children and their future. Our federal and local government are laden with debt which will take generations to pay back. Common core is not the answer.

I wrote a hub on fixing our public education system.

Reworking Our Economic System

The current global economy has a basic problem. It is a disconnect between business and labor. How can we have a level playing field when you have a vast differential in labor costs? In the US, the minimum wage is averaging $9 per hour while the average wage in China is only $2.40. As a businessman, if your only goal is to maximize profit for your share holders, it is logical that you will move your factory where the cost of labor is minimum. In addition, we have regulations that are meant to protect the workers and the environment that does not exist in most other countries. It is no wonder that manufacturing has almost disappeared in the US while booming in China and India and other countries where the labor is cheap.

The challenge for us is how to reconcile these differences. Can we have a global economy with free trade policies and still preserve our individual identity as a nation? Perhaps, the answer lies with changing our goals as a business. The profit motive should be restrained to keep manufacturing as local as possible. There are many benefits when the "small" model is applied. Think of the benefits of local production, minimized shipping, good jobs and conservation of resources. The same can be said for food production. It may be cheaper to grow food on a large farm and distribute across the nation but is it the most healthy?

Reworking Wall Street

One of the issues that both progressives and conservatives agree on is the excesses of Wall Street. Capitalism did not automatically imply a support for cronyism. It is a corruption of the banking system to allow the "casino gaming" to replace investing. The action of the Federal Reserve with quantitative easing and low interest rates helps to prop up the DOW index and distort the traditional investing options. The SEC has not done it's job of keeping this arena fair.

I wrote a few hubs on fixing the broken banking system and the corruption of crony capitalism.

Small Is Beautiful - EF Schumacher

The basic principle for all our solutions should be keeping the solution small and local as oppose to big and comprehensive. EF Schumacher wrote a great book called "Small is Beautiful" which propose the idea that small is a better approach to living.

Collaboration Is The Key

My proposal is simple. It requires all of us to drop our preconceived notions about the opposition. If we agree on our goals, how we get their should not be so important. There is room for compromise. I am making this offer to progressives, especially those who are Bernie Sander's supporters. Let's work together to rework America and put America back to work.

Once we recognized that the "power that be" wants to keep the people divided, it is obvious why. They preserve their power and control over us. If we ignore them and join together, we can achieve our goals and defeat them. The solution is in our hands.


This hub proposes a radical idea. What if the two groups (progressives and conservatives) work together for a better America? Let's find common grounds and work together to overthrow the establishment. They have been controlled by the "power that be" too long. It's time to pull back the curtain and expose the wizard as a fraud.


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    • jackclee lm profile image

      Jack Lee 2 years ago from Yorktown NY

      Nicomp, I was not suggesting the government doing the restraining. It can come about by educating business leaders to take into account the big picture when making decisions to outsource or move manufacturing over seas. One of the example in the book is how Boeing have changed their manufacturing of the 787 and the lesson learned. I recommend the book for a detail explanation.

    • nicomp profile image

      nicomp really 2 years ago from Ohio, USA

      Restraining profit motive = Central Planning. Stalin tried it, no success.

    • jackclee lm profile image

      Jack Lee 2 years ago from Yorktown NY

      Yes, but one can hope.

    • breakfastpop profile image

      breakfastpop 2 years ago

      In a perfect world, progressives and conservatives might be able to compromise. Our world is far from perfect these days.