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Rick Perry is Re-building

Updated on May 10, 2015

Rick Perry

Why Settle for anything less-Rick Perry

“I want you to answer this question: Why should you settle for anything less than an authentic conservative who will fight for your views and values without an apology? Think about that. (Rick Perry). Republican nominee Mr. James Richard “Rick” Perry is running for President in 2016. I remember sitting in an auditorium listening to Governor Rick Perry tackle some educational issues as well as turning down President Obama’s offer to be the U.S attorney for Texas. When I first saw Mr. Rick Perry, I thought about his ideas on education and reform, but wondered why in the world would a man of great intellect turn down an offer to be the U.S attorney for Texas?

Rick Perry is no stranger to Texas. In the late 1960s, Perry was on the Texas A&M campus studying as well as serving as a yell leader. Perry had much to yell about as he cheered for the Aggies, but his voice of power would soon be heard around the world. In 1972, Perry graduated from Texas A&M University with a Bachelor of Science in animal science and interned as a door to door salesman. At the time of Rick’s door to door communication job, he was quickly learning that the elevator pitch would either move customers or turn them away.

After graduation, Perry joined the Air Force and was commissioned as an officer and completed pilot training. After a stint in the Air Force, Perry was on the road again and went back to Texas farming with his father. While tending to his father’s business, Rick was elected to the Texas House of Representatives as a Democrat for his home district. During his time as an elected representative, he met many people and became part of group called the “Pit Bulls.” The Bulls were looking into state budgets and making great gains. Due to Perry’s affiliation with the group and success, the Dallas Morning News named him one of the ten most effective members of the legislature. After successfully working as a Democrat, Perry decided to become a Republican in 1989.

In 1990, Rick became the Agriculture Commissioner and promoted the sale of Texas farm produce to other states and foreign nations. In 1994, Perry was reelected as Agriculture Commissioner. In 1999, Perry became the first Republican Lieutenant governor. In 2000, following the resignation of George W. Bush, Perry won the office as Governor of Texas. In 2011, Rick was preparing to campaign for the presidential election, but dropped out in 2012. In 2014, Rick was indicted by the Travis County grand jury for threatening to veto $7.5 million in funding for the Public Integrity Unit. The case was dismissed and Perry is now back on the campaign trail as a presidential candidate. As we fast forward to 2015, we find some top pressing issues that Rick Perry will continue to tackle.

As previously stated, I began to research Governor Rick Perry because of his stance on the Robin Hood plan. The Robin Hood plan is a plan to equalize funding. With this plan, the monies from the rich schools would be evenly distributed to the poor schools. Governor Rick Perry believed that another proposal should be in place. During Perry’s campaign, it will be interesting to see what proposal he has for the lack of school funding. The greatest percentage of school funding is a result of property school tax.

In the past, Perry’s view on crime has been tough. Although Perry believes in the death penalty, he has provisions for those who are mentally challenged. In 2007, Perry ended the automatic arrest for cannabis possession. We all know that cannabis is a depressant and can cause danger in any given situation. Perry supports block grants for different projects that help prevent crime or rehabilitate those who carry out crimes.

Another hot issue that will be interesting in the Perry campaign is his view on guns. According to the National Rifle Association, Perry has an A+ rating. In a previous statement, I wrote that Perry believes in the death penalty, but also promotes the use of rifles which could lead to death. Once again, the issue of carrying weapons will be a hot topic in the race for presidential elections. A major issue is, “If subject A is mentally challenged and is a licensed gun user, will that person be charged with murder or the death penalty?

Overall, Rick Perry’s mission is to re-build and finding money. If Rick Perry becomes president, we can find that there will be a decrease in school funding and a slight increase in teacher salaries. The poor schools will continue to seek funding and the rich schools will continue to reap the harvest. The overall cause of death in most states is violence, rather than natural death. With the increase of gun sales and promotion of guns, will people be responsible enough to use the weapons or will people be careless? Who deserves the death penalty and what stipulations will be placed on the death penalty for those who are mentally challenged? Is cannabis legal or illegal? What would warrant an arrest for possession?

In conclusion, Rick has some great attributes and supports voluntary prayer in schools. If Rick becomes president, what will the schools like? What will our prisons look like for criminals and who will be put to death? What implications will be placed on drugs and what value is it for the mentally ill or not to take someone else’s life?

Writer-Dr. Love

Dr. Love

An innovator of change, Dr. Alfreda Love is a leader, educator, motivational speaker, blogger, Radio Host and a self starter. Dr. Love created a talk show ministry that features your favorite celebrities, authors, writers, actors, actress and positive community leaders.

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