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Southeast Bexar County Awareness: Brewer Wedged in For Southside ISD Board Position in 2013

Updated on June 15, 2015
2007- Rick Quebe Taking the oath of office.
2007- Rick Quebe Taking the oath of office.


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Mr. Brewer's Voting Record

Authorized sale of school property: he bought it
Voted against hiring: Lisa Griesenbeck, Gracie DeLaCruz, Elizabeth Borrego, Raquel DeLos Santos, Jesus Carillo and Kelly O'Neill
Voted against hiring: Special Ed Teacher & Master Social Worker
In excess of 29 plus late arrivals to board meetings
Voted to grant Level III Grievance to Alma Estrada
Voted Not to Accept land donation for Gallardo Elementary
Voted Not to Accept Dr. Del Barrios resignation
In excess of 14 plus- absences from board meetings
Voted to deny Level III Grievance to Tony Luna
Voted against hiring: Julie Darwin, Jessica Land, Stephanie Robles, Alicia Rosas, Norma Barrera, Sylvia Gomez, Michelle Gabbard, Mary Ann Nesbitt, Teresa Castano and Velia Villegas
Voted to Approve student transfers- EXCEPT Pre-K students
In excess of 8 plus- left during board meetings
Voted against staff postions: Math & Reading Teachers, special Ed Paraprofessional and Maintenance & Groundskeepers.
Voted against hiring school principal: Ms. Villarreal
Voted against negotiations to build Gallardo Elementary
Voted against hiring a contractor for Gallardo Elementary
Voted against increasing the salaries of "under paid" employees
Voted against using a T.A.S.B. program to evaluate positions to determine who was underpaid
June 14, 2004, Community Members Question Mr. Brewer about his missing board meetings. His reply "it's not true".

Mad Scramble Lead to 3 Candidates for One Seat

Another election year and all the same candidates ran for different seats.

According to the Express News' endorsement in 2007, they felt Mr. Rick Quebe "deserves Southside board seat." Going on to say that his business background would be an asset to the district. Mr. Quebe was also bi-lingual and a member of the Mt. Carmel Catholic Church in the district.Rick Quebe went on to beat Tony Luna by 26 votes and was an asset to the district during its continued growth and many changes. Proving himself a good steward of the taxpayers money and according to his voting record did well for the students, the staff and the community.

Rick Quebe ran again and was defeated by Frank Cannon, whose brother-in-law (Norberto "Robert" Chavez) ran against Lisa Salazar, the incumbent.

The incumbent, Theresa Balderas' history has been well documented in the media, as she was the target of Trouble Shooters for not being certified for the position she held and after many failed attempts and extensions, from the district, she was released. At this time she decided to run for a position on the board. Ms. Balderas was supported by Mr. Cannon, Mr. Chavez, Mr. Luna and Ms. Estrada (aka. Alma Guzman- current board member). Ms. Balderas won and has served her first term. Ms. Balderas was and is employed at Somerset ISD. Ms. Balderas was a last minute candidate in the race.

Frequent candidate and former board member, Loren Brewer, (aka. Loren Adcock, aka. Loren Martin, Loren Adcock Brewer) ran again. Mr. Brewer was a former board president for Southside ISD, that stepped down after being censured for behavior unbecoming to the position held. Mr. Brewer spent most of his term absent from board meetings, training, etc for Southside ISD as well as the seat he held on the Emergency Service District #6. . Like Mr. Chavez, whom Mr. Brewer served with on the Emergency Service District Board #6, Mr.Brewer continued to run for a position and had been unsuccessful at his attempts. Questions arose as to Mr. Brewer's eligibility to run for the board position due to residency issues. Mr. Brewer was known to be living in another part of the state due to his job, since then there were personal issues that arose and therefore, the address listed as Mr. Brewers residency was that of his former spouse. A candidate must have a residence in the district he or she runs in and has to show proof of residency for 6 months, Mr. Brewer resided in Alice, Texas and was employed by Halliburton when he ran for his position on the Southside ISD school board.

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