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Right Way, Wrong Way, Which Way Kenya?

Updated on May 26, 2016
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Patrick has been a freelance writer for the past 3 years. I plan to continue writing more articles on Hubpages as well as short stories.

Let's Get Right into It

This country Kenya: for long we have felt that we are the big brother of East and Even Central Africa; and for most part, I agree, totally... I mean seriously... Kenyans are some of the hardest working individuals you'll meet anywhere...the adoption of technology is crazy... (But damn it Faiba, You need to spread everywhere fast with that good internet...) Just some thoughts J

Anyways, technology, infrastructure, education... In these areas and more we are advancing great... Hell, for a very long time we were even been hosting and supporting refugees and have been involved in the peace process of some of our neighboring countries... All these and more... awesomeness... And unless some bullsh*t stops we may fu*k up everything...

Remember the year 2007? Yeeaah... I bet you do, who can forget that year... We did a number on the country, didn’t we? I refer to it as the year we fucked up Big Time... But anyways, we learnt, reconciled and I would like to believe, that we even started a new, didn’t we? And what did we learn if I may ask? Well, that's really up to you as an individual...

I have never really been interested in politics....hell, I don't even vote... That shows how much I value our politicians...

So what is it really that I am getting at? I think it’s pretty obvious... The current situation...

I am the biggest supporter of democracy (even though I don’t vote) things,

But seriously, what good are protests when they are messing up our golden city? And yes, Nairobi is Golden, just ask some people from other parts of Africa... I'm sure they'll agree

Everyone has the right to stand up against what they feel is an injustice, and the opposition therefore has the right to protest... But have they really exhausted all the appropriate means of doing this?

Remember the Second World War era? Something was happening in America at the time... See, the United States got involved in order to stop the Axis Powers from further invading and interfering in the sovereignty of other countries... America therefore wanted to help ensure self-determination of these countries... Sounds great yea? Of course it does, America was the Hero... Ok, maybe not... African Americans back home were facing crazy discrimination... What does this teach us mate? America was preaching water, but drinking vodka... or something like that...

Anyways, we can't be helping other countries and others in need while fucking our own country... That's just ridiculous... Do you agree mate?

As I was saying, the opposition has done a great job of pointing out where the government has gone wrong... I give them two thumbs up for that... Hell, I’ll even rise by two big toes for the heck of it

But really, consider what you're decisions about the Monday protests are doing to people's businesses, to the people of the city in general... Protests are ok if they not negatively affecting the ordinary citizen... Your issue is with the government, not the ordinary citizen trying to make ends meet... Ok mate? Ok. Good, at least we agree on that

Remember, there will always be those seeking to take advantage of the situation... And this is why there has been a loss of lives and other crazy injuries during the protests...

So, as leaders, seek out the best way to go about this... You feel you are better than the government? Well the consequences of your decisions contradict this... You've heard from religious leaders, former politicians and even the very Kenyans you are representing... and what are they saying? That you seek a better, more peaceful way of achieving your goals... Hard working Kenyans don't need to suffer for you get what you want...


Awesome Kenya
Awesome Kenya | Source

Some Facts About Kenya

Kenyan People are Awesome,

Kenyan Wildlife- Magical,

Kenyan Athletes - World Class,

Kenya In General? - Well, you tell me mate..

Final Thoughts?

Kenyans, it's 2016 heading to 2017, it's about time we start making some wise decisions as a people..


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      Jamie 16 months ago

      So what way forward???