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Democrat or Republican-Is Your Freedom to Choose Protected

Updated on August 19, 2013

..Can We Even Recognize "The Truth" Anymore?

In the world of Politics division is not only the usual outcome of elections but is, indeed, a state of being not only sought after by unscrupulous special interest groups but one that is desired by many we elevate to elected office. The holy grail, for them, is power and many of the people we elect to public office are very adept at pitting the citizenry against one another as a means to justify an end. The doctrine of division tactics are not unlike a garden. The seeds are planted and carefully watered and fed until they sprout and bring forth life. In the beginning the shoots are small and fragile but cunning people know how to cultivate this particular garden very carefully. Before long they have bought that tiny seed of division to full bloom. Pitting voters against one another is not seen as a negative by our elected officials but as an opportunity to divide us for their own purposes.

When political parties attain power they seek to enact their agendas, which they may or may not have informed us about fully during the election campaign, through legislation and thereby put their stamp on society. The opposition party will, by the nature of our political system, oppose the ruling party and try to affect a change of the policy, at the least, or try to stall and kill the bill at the best.

Sometimes, because neither party can get its full agenda passed into law by itself, the parties negotiate a compromise and pass a bi-partisan bill. Usually these compromised bills are well received by the people because they are more representative of the positions of the electorate and often times these bills actually achieve their desired outcome. Unfortunately this does not occur often and most of the time partisan politics rules . The most changes are determined by the political stripe of the party in power. Republicans tend to rule from the right and the Democrats from the left. While there are millions of registered independents in the county there are very few elected declared independents. You do have subgroups like the Reagan Democrats also known as blue dog democrats and you have,some, republicans with a social liberal sensitivity but who are, generally, fiscally conservative.While not officially independents they do not always follow party line votes and are much more mindful of their constituents wishes when they cast their votes on most bills. These subgroups usually have a bigger impact on legislation than their numbers would suggest they should. They are usually the swing votes on much of the legislation that the major parties are trying to pass or defeat. Much negotiating and arm twisting occurs behind closed doors by both sides trying to influence these "independents".

Most sources agree that the percentage of supporters of the two parties vary but not by wide margins. Most place the percentage of the Democratic base at 35% and the Republican base at 32%. In any election these bases are pretty solid and will strongly support their party. It is the independents who make up about 33% of the electorate that almost always decide most elections. These are the people that are the target of both parties election machines. They equate into millions of votes for either side and most of the efforts, to capture votes in any election, are focused on this group. Win over this group by any means is usually the battle cry and both sides will usually stop at nothing to achieve their goal. The fight tends to get very personal.

Perhaps it's because of the times we live in or maybe its because we are so jaded these days and see politics as a dirty and grimy endeavor that we are seldom surprised or shocked at their abhorrent behavior. During election campaigns or a when promoting a particular piece of favored legislation the tone and demeanor can not only be despicable but before it ends become downright vicious. We have, long ago, abandoned any expectation that these spoiled, shameless, and morally corrupt politicians would display, at least, some decorum in the legislative process. Most of the time they end up rolling around in the gutter and try to drag us down there with them. Everything is permissible and the truth or decency has long ago disappeared from the process. The parties and their special interest allies spend hundreds of millions of dollars trying to affect our opinion in the hope we will support their position. This is were we find our selves today and in truth we deserve to be where we are. We expected these " people" to act properly and with a sense of honor and respect but we don't hold them accountable for their behavior and they all too easily revert to type. Because of our indifference we are saddled with a nearly unworkable system where positions become so hardened that compromise is all but impossible.

It is not about left or right anymore. It seems to make no difference whether the Republicans or the Democrats are in power. Service, to the country, for many of these politicians has been replaced by a pure unadulterated lust for power by both sides who are willing to do anything to achieve their goals. They have, for many years now, fostered division between the electorate to their own purposes. The long repeated pledge "for the good of the country" has long since disappeared from our vocabulary. The attempts at division now are so blatant they are out of all proportion. It is time we stood up and exposed these people for what, and who, they are, identify the worst, of the lot, publicly, and remove them from office at the first opportunity. Perhaps that will get their attention.

The founding fathers strongly disagreed, in many areas, on the design of the republic and it was a long, but, healthy and necessary debate. They did not agree on everything that was proposed and many heated debates ensued for months. But in the end they all agreed to the idea of the republic and the ideals it would stand for. Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness. A bastion of freedom in a world which , at that time, did not know what true freedom was. The United States of America became a shining beacon that spread the light of freedom around the world and almost immediately people, from all over the globe, felt drawn to her shores. They came by any means they could with hope in their hearts and a longing to be free. Many never made it. They died, en route, trying to reach a place that until that moment, for them, had only existed in their dreams.

Thousands of people, over the years, never survived the trip to freedom. To these people we owe so much of our gratitude and respect.They did not die in vain for by their sacrifice they paved the way for our ancestors to follow in their footsteps and reach out for a new way, a new life,and the opportunity to live in freedom and peace. There was nothing like the United States of America anywhere in the world and there never has been. What has happened to us? How did we become so divided and hateful towards one another? How could we let politics and politicians change our very nature, so much so, that we will even, at times, resort to violence against one another in the name of politics. When did we lose our love of country and replace it with love of a particular candidate or political party or a special interest philosophy. Is our country not worth more than any petty political fight started by spoiled adults acting like children, and I sincerely apologize to children. When did we replace love of country with love of right wing or left wing politics. When did we replace love of country with special interest groups agendas. Since when did the Republican or Democratic parties or their policies become more important to us than our Constitution? When did we allow the self interests of corrupt politicians to supplant the Bill or Rights? What have we done to ourselves? Where have we allowed these "servants of the people" to take us?

Government of the People, by the People and for the People are not just fancy words written on yellowing parchment ,from a long ago era, that we stick in a museum display and forget about.Those immortal words mean, or should mean, something very special to ALL the people of the United States. It was the first time in history a system of government, controlled by its citizens, came into being anywhere in the world. After more than 225 years people from all over the world are still coming, still searching, still longing to be apart of this great nation. The Constitutions' preamble "WE THE PEOPLE" are not just empty words. They represent the very foundation of the Republic. These words should always be our battle cry when we fight those who would seek to divide and weaken us.

To allow politicians, of ANY stripe , special interest groups with their purchased influence, the press with its bias ,on both sides, to endanger this country, this truth, is unconscionable on our part. If we are willing to turn a blind eye and, with our inaction, let these unworthy and dishonorable men and women put our Republic in danger then shame on us.

Can we even recognize "the truth" anymore,,,,,,May God protect us from the enemies within and may He always bless the United States of America!!


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    • point2make profile image

      point2make 5 years ago

      Thank-you for the comments samsons1. This is one of my favorite hubs and I do tend to go on a bit but I am passionate about this nation and it's future. Thanks again.

    • samsons1 profile image

      Sam 5 years ago from Tennessee

      Very good read and perspective. Voted up, useful, interesting and shared...

    • point2make profile image

      point2make 7 years ago

      Thank you James for your kind comments. I always appreciate them.

      I am impressed and not the least bit surprised with your keen observations of our educational system. You are absolutely right. It started with the "system" and their control and influence on...our children. The Universities began the long march, BACK to socialism, and the left wing media promoted and protected them. Anyone who spoke out against the movement was immediately labeled a right wing religious zealot and they and their warnings were, effectively, dismissed out of hand. The education system has had two generations of our children to indoctrinate and they have not wasted their opportunity. While I believe it is not too late to recapture the promise and the essence of our ideals we must step with urgency as time is growing short and the point of no return is closer than many would believe.

      I look forward, with great interest, to reading your book. I believe your thesis may be exactly what this country needs.The American people need to be told the truth.....and soon! Thanks again James.

    • James A Watkins profile image

      James A Watkins 7 years ago from Chicago

      I am so glad I found this old Hub of yours. I think it may be your best. You explained the system of American government (as it is today) and the problems we need to overcome. You did ask "when?" I say it was when cultural marxists decided to implement subversive atheistic socialist ideals into our school system, universities, and media. That is largely what my book is about that is maybe half finished.

    • point2make profile image

      point2make 8 years ago

      Thanks lexyduck I appreciate your comments.Sometimes you just have to get it off your chest. We cannot allow the politicians to control the agenda.....anymore!

    • lexyduck profile image

      lexyduck 8 years ago

      WOW What a super hub. Absolutely nothing I can add or disagree with. Thanks

    • point2make profile image

      point2make 8 years ago

      Thanks for your comments Harvey. It is quickly becoming apparent than too many people are not seeing what is going on around them. While it is true that, for most of us,it is tough to standout from the crowd and get involved. There is an old saying that I believe fits this time and place. "If not us...who? If not now...when?

    • Harvey Stelman profile image

      Harvey Stelman 8 years ago from Illinois

      You've got it right. I am fighting NOT to change our Republic, that's why I had to chose to be against Obama.