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Right-wing Mag Blasts Obama Over BP Oil Spill

Updated on May 22, 2011

BP Oil Explosion - Deepwater Horizon

Magazine Goes After President Obama

A notoriously right-wing magazine, noted for its hardcore conservative leanings in the past, blasted President Obama over the BP Oil Spill. The article started from the very outset of the disaster, with White House spokesman Robert Gibbs saying "It is their (BP) responsibility," to allowing the Minerals Management Service to maintain the status quo. It was that status quo that President Obama pledged, during his campaign, to change. As the article clearly defines, it was President Obama who gave the "green light" to drill. Wait...did I say right-wing magazine? Well, not exactly (and this is not a commercial for Hertz Rentals). Actually, this is an article from Rolling Stone magazine. That's right; Rolling Stone magazine.

Sarcasm aside, Rolling Stone Magazine is not noted for being a right-wing magazine. This magazine is much more noted for favoring leftist causes. Now, the Obama zombies have stated time and time again it is the right-wingers who are racists for the criticism they have heaped on President Obama. Of course, this is an attempt to stifle debate and/or criticism of the Anointed One. Now, add the Rolling Stone piece to the article from the New York Times, another right-wing, racist newspaper, you have to wonder if the halo on the Anointed One is becoming tarnished. The New York Times (be sure to hit the link I provided above) did a step by step analysis how the Obama Administration's slow response exacerbated this disaster. It could have been "nipped in the bud " using the vernacular of Deputy Barney Fife.

The Rolling Stone article brought up a point as to how out of touch the Minerals Management Service (again, the agency Obama vowed to overhaul) has been during the Obama Administration. "One of the Bush-era managers whom Salazar left in place was John Goll, the agency's director for Alaska. Shortly after, the Interior secretary announced a reorganization of MMS in the wake of the Gulf disaster, Goll called a staff meeting and served cake decorated with the words "Drill, baby, drill. " Now, you can take that several different ways. It could be a taunting of the people who were using that motto last year (which is what I tend to believe). Or it could show the total disregard for the harmful effects of the disaster, in an effort to promote the Obama agenda with offshore drilling. It could be a promotion to drill Alaska even more (which I doubt). John Goll, in the first place, should not have been retained by this Obama appointee, Salazar. Instead of focusing on the disaster in the making, you have an idiot gloating, "Hey, we were right, baby!!! These are the kind of people that we had during the Bush administration and continue to have in the Obama administration, the man who intended to overhaul MMS.

Even more damning in this article; Robert Gibbs stated that BP has the technical expertise to "plug the hole." Gibbs also stated, in this article, the President of the United States lacked the authority to play anything more than just a supervisory role. Again, the article states this is remarkable coming from an administration that has "nationalized banks, the auto industry " and healthcare. They deemed themselves as having authority to do all the above. But, they feel they do NOT have the authority to do anything about the oil spill, other than taking a supervisory role? This is the same administration that feels it has the authority to assassinate American citizens living abroad. Again, this is all from Rolling Stone magazine.

If I am an Obama supporter, I have to consider this article, along with the New York Times article (I linked above) as reasons to pause. I have to think when James Carville rants and raves, about the Obama administration, the wheels have come off. I honestly felt at the time the Democrats passed the Health Care Reform Bill, they had signed their own political death warrants. That may still be the case in November. But, absolutely nothing has prepared the Democratic Party for the disaster in the Gulf. Absolutely nothing prepared them for the bungled manner in which the Obama administration has handled this BP oil spill disaster from start to...whenever. There is no end in sight for this oil spill. To make matters even worse, the hurricane season is just getting started up. What this will do, to an already precarious situation on the gulf coast, is something that you don't even want to contemplate at the moment. The bottom line, and my point of this entire post, even the most ardent Obama supporters are now questioning the Anointed One due to this bungled attempt at handling the worst oil spill disaster in the history of the United States.


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  • vrajavala profile image


    8 years ago from Port St. Lucie

    yeah, strange position for the Rolling Stone to be in now. I heard that the MMS were a bunch of guys who grew up with each other and worked in the private sector and, other times, the public sector and knew each other, and traveled with each other. so they very rarely wrote up any non-compliance issues.

  • LRCBlogger profile image


    8 years ago

    A reason I like your hubs (although our opinions vary greatly) is your ability to present a rational and thoughtful perspective. Again, I do see a lot of your points and certainly don't consider the president blameless. However, the response to the spill is the largest in our history for an environmental disaster. I'm not sure there is much more he can do? I had not heard about the president refusing foreign aid but I had heard that the admiral in charge (can't recall his name) said that they did not need any additional vessels right now. I think the priority is still to stop the leak which no one seems to know how to do this? In the meantime, many conservatives are complaining that we need to resume off shore drilling. Strangely, I'd bet when you look at opensecrets or other sites that follow campaign donations, you'll see that the lawmakers pushing to resume drilling are getting huge campaign contributions right now.

    Lastly, your point about needing oil and needing now is well taken. Our dependence on foreign oil is not going to end until we pass legislation, this is obvious due to the fact that we haven't ended our dependency to date. Again, it is the conservative lawmakers and voters opposing reductions in our oil use. Climate legislation will greatly reduce our depedence on foreign oil. I also propose that we ban plastic bags today, that will have a signifigant impact. I would further recommend that we end all subsidies and tax loop holes for large oil companies. Use that money instead to fund green technology research and jobs.

  • Writer David profile imageAUTHOR

    Writer David 

    8 years ago from Mobile, AL

    LRC, what is the alternative (today, not 20 years from now) to drilling for oil off our shores and in the Alaskan wilderness? Do we continue to fund terrorism by importing more and more foreign oil? No one seriously thinks you can just turn off the fossil fuel spigot and say, "no more." That simply isn't possible.

    The reason we do deep water drilling is due to being forced off the coastlines. At this point, I can't say drilling within a 3 mile radius of shore is safe. Not with all the errors that occurred with Deepwater Horizon. If you read the link I gave to the article by the New York Times (never a friend to conservatives) you would have read how many errors the Obama Administration made. It is not just BP at fault here, LRC.

    Republicans talking with one voice, talking points? You mean like Democrats did with HCR? Illegal Immigration? Cap and Tax? I appreciate that comment. But, I also have to return that compliment to you.

    Obama is guilty of not utilizing everything in his power to bring this disaster under control. Forget that equipment was not available on the gulf coast (fire booms) that would have stopped this disaster within a 100 mile radius. Why not invite other professionals around the world and not depend simply on BP? Why not accept the offers of help from the 13 foreign countries who wanted to assist? WHY? Where are the oil skimmers that could have helped immensely??? This disaster is on Obama and BP. You can continue to blame "W" all you want. That is easier to do than blame the man who has been in office for 18 months, I suppose.

    The excuses you made for Obama are the same ones that were made for W. You guys blasted us for this. At the end of the day, the buck stops with the man in the Oval Office. I disliked W immensely. But, one thing I admired about him was his ability to ignore criticism. Obama cannot do that. It eats away at him. He responds as we have seen in the "police acted stupidly" aftermath and his "ass kicking" moment on The Today Show. I agree he is not solely responsible for the oil spill. This falls on BP, people in the Obama Administration who did not do their job and a cast of hundreds, perhaps.

    But, like when I served in the U.S. Navy. We had an engineer who caused us to lose an engine while patrolling the Indian Ocean during the Cold War. We got caught in a terrible storm that caused one man overboard. He was lost at sea. For that, our captain, even though the man should not have been in the area where he fell over, was the man to blame. It happened on his "watch." He had to suffer the consequences. Tell me why President Obama should not suffer the oil spill consequences just as that Navy Captain did for that man overboard.

  • Writer David profile imageAUTHOR

    Writer David 

    8 years ago from Mobile, AL

    American, I still don't understand why the President didn't swallow his pride (and mistakes) and accept foreign help. It doesn't make sense to me. It doesn't make sense about the example you presented in Maryland. It is almost as if they want this disaster to continue. Who was it that said, "Never let a good crisis go to waste?" Oh, I remember was George W. Bush, right? ;-)

  • LRCBlogger profile image


    8 years ago

    David, I do get some of your points but it is conservatives chanting "drill baby drill." It is conservative lawmakers saying that we need less federal govt intervention. It is conservatives saying that the states should be left alone to run their affairs.

    I can't recall his name off hand but it is the rep in LA that is calling for the end of the drilling memoratorium. It is Jindal, Gov of LA, that wrote a letter to the president last week calling for more deepwater drilling while his state suffers the most. It was Jindal screaming for aid (big govt intervention) while states like Florida are saying that have the booms they need and are prepared.

    I admire the Republicans ability to be unified with one voice. They stick to the same talking points, etc. The way they have shifted blame to the Obama admin is quite remarkable.

    Obama has visited the gulf region 4 times, deployed 5000 vessels, thousand of national guard troops, etc. I think they only think he is guilty of is not communicating the actions he has taken. I hope his speech today revitalizes the urgency in passing clean energy legislation.

    I too hope to see Obama clean up the MMS but he's only been saving the country from a great depression, dealing with 2 wars, diffusing nuclear tension in the mideast, rebuilding our world alliances, dealing with heavy unemployement, etc. He is one man, not an entire govt. We need to recognize that it is our govt as a whole responsible for most of what happens in this country. Our President is simply the one who takes the praise or blame in most cases. There is no denying the power and influence the president has, I'm simply making the point that he is one piece in a big puzzle. For example, both republicans and democrats agreed we needed HC reform. The president called for HC reform but it is congress that filled the bill w/special deals, stripped out good provisions, etc. The president then has to decide whether to sign a bill that has become bloated and full of garbage, or veto and leave people to the status quo which has been even worse.

  • American Romance profile image

    American Romance 

    8 years ago from America

    Nice job, we now know other countries offered miles of boom within 36 hours of the spill, and no response from govt. A warehouse in somthing like Maryland has several miles of boom, and it never made it, and it was offered, the sand berms could have been quickly put out. Fires on the water way out from shore could have helped, and on and on and on! But not to worry! Obama said he will find some ass to kick!, nothing more than a lazy Chicago politician that needs to be sent home.

  • Writer David profile imageAUTHOR

    Writer David 

    8 years ago from Mobile, AL

    Wayne, you get the sense the Obama administration is definitely in over their collective heads. This BP oil spill caught them completely by surprise. They are worried, not because of the environmental danger, about continuing onward with their socialist agenda. Talk about people with the proverbial "deer in the headlights look," these folks have it.

  • Wayne Brown profile image

    Wayne Brown 

    8 years ago from Texas

    Excellent article, David! Your points are well-taken and supported. I think you are so right on in terms of the democrats cutting their own throats with healthcare never mind the spill. This President reminds me of a bully on the schoolyard shoving around those that are too weak to fight back but when he comes up against something solid, he heads for cover. There is nothing more sickening than to watch an elected official put politics ahead of service. There are so many issues on the table with this administration, I cannot imagine the voters putting it back into office for another term. If so, we deserve what are getting. Thanks for a nice piece of work. WB

  • Writer David profile imageAUTHOR

    Writer David 

    8 years ago from Mobile, AL

    Sheila, I was afraid I might have been a mite too sarcastic! You see, the Obama Cult has said anyone who dares to criticize their fearless leader is a racist. So, my point, does this apply to left-wing magazines and newspapers as well?

  • sheila b. profile image

    sheila b. 

    8 years ago

    I was wondering what was in the Rolling Stone article, so thanks for the info. I liked the way you put this together, too. Had me perplexed for a minute.

  • Writer David profile imageAUTHOR

    Writer David 

    8 years ago from Mobile, AL

    Sheri, you know things are bad for a Democratic president when the New York Times AND Rolling Stone magazine have turned on him. Think just two years ago...would we have heard ANYTHING critical of Obama from these two media outlets? I could not have contemplated it.

  • SheriSapp profile image


    8 years ago from West Virginia

    Great info herein. This group in charge continues to sink to new depths of ineptitude!


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