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Updated on January 14, 2012

Tragedy #1

A tragic situation happened to an elderly couple a while back who were good friends of mind. This past summer around 11:30 one night, two drug addicts were arguing when they started fighting in the street. The guys fought for hours beating each other half the death. They fought in a ditch then out the ditch until they ended up in the elderly couple's front yard and as one of the guys struggled to get away, he ran towards the elderly couple's front porch, that's when the other guy caught him then through him in the window of the elder's home awaking and frightening them to death. The elder homeowners' wife had a massive heart attack from that incident then shortly later, she died.

Tragedy #2

From inside their home, a young teenage girl and her family heard gun shoots from the outside but felt safe that they were inside the home out of harms way. There were often gunfights within the neighborhood as gang members battle over crossing territorial lines. Later, the young girl went to her room and she just happen to be glancing in her closet when a stray bullet pierced the glass window striking her dead in the heart killing her on the spot. Her parents were so distraught over this catastrophe, the only question they asked was, "Why?"

Tragedy #3

In traffic at a stop light, a lady driver waited on the light to change so she could go when suddenly an 18-wheeler did not stop while running the traffic light hitting a car that had the right-away causing the driver to crash into the lady driver sitting at the stop light. The 18-wheeler jackknife while sliding then tilted over landing on its side on top of both cars killing both drivers. Within a plink of an eye it happened so fast!

Tragedy #4

It was a cold winter night, an elderly woman was trying to keep warm as best she could with a small space heater place near her feet. She became sleepy as she snuggled under a blanket on the couch staying near the small heater. During the night as she slept, she changed positions and the end of the blanket fell into the flames of the heater which she was unaware of until it was too late. She was awaken when she felt the scorching heat from underneath the blanket as she struggled to try to put out the blazing flames but the fire was so intensed and out of control she burned to death. Ugh! What a tragedy!

Wrong Place Right Time

A young boy, age 13 was asked by his mother to go tell his brother to come in, that it was almost time for supper. The little boy knew that his brother was at a nearby drug house. The house had been under surveillance for several weeks as they were monitoring the drug activity there. The 13-year old boy had no clue of this when he walked inside to tell his brother what his mother said. Minutes later there was a big drug bust, there were cops everywhere and unfortunately the innocent 13-year old boy was taken to juvey.

A man walked into a local convenient store to get a 2-liter coke and a pack of cigaretts.  There was no one in the store except he and the store clerk.  While he was in the back getting a coke from the cooler, two robbers rushed in and demanded all of the money from the register.  Apparently they thought she was inside alone.  After the store clerk handed over all the money they yelled for her to lie down on the floor then shooting her twice in the back.  The shots scared the man in the back as he ducked trying to be inconspicuous knocking over some items on display in the aisle.  One of the robbers ran back to see what it was as the other covered the door.  The man pleaded not to shoot when the robber shot him in the head killing him also. Wow!

After school one day, a young teenage girl was suppose to get on the school bus but she was offered a ride by one of her brother's friends who alleged he was going over to her house to visit with him and he'd drop her off since he was going that way. Her mother knew exactly what time the school bus was suppose to drop her off. As she monitored the time, an hour passed then two as she began to worry. She got into her car and drove to the school to ask the principal, teachers any of her friends and everyone if they may have seen her, but no one had. As she frequently drove around the school she noticed a young man leaving school late as she decided to ask him. He told her she didn't get on the bus because she got into a car with some guy. When she asked how did he know this he said he was looking out the window while in detention. The boy gave a discription and it was reported to the police. The young girl was found sometime the next day after she had been badly beaten and raped repeatedly by the guy and several of his friends. They were all arrested as the young teenage girl had been quite tomented, scarred, and abused. They kept her in the hospital so she could undergo psychiatric therapy from it all. It was an unfortunate and very sad incident!

All of these incidents are real, they actually happened either to people I know or surrounding the areas of where I lived. It got me to thinking how precious life is and from the very moment we open our eyes each day we just never know what the day may bring for circumstances can happen so fast, often times we never see them coming. Life situations can happen to anyone on any given day whether we feel we're in the Right Place at the Right Time. How would you feel? What would you say or do if it happened to you or to the people we love and care about and I'm sure words can't explain it. I thank God for bringing me this far in my life because some of these things could have happened to me.

We just have to stay prayful!


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    • dl53acy profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from East Texas

      Thanks shygirl for your comment and yes we should cherish every moment we can because life is not promised.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      All sad, and tragic scenarios. I guess it just is too short, not to live it to the fullest. To appreciate the life God has blessed us with. Thanks for the reminder, dl53acy.

    • dl53acy profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from East Texas

      Yes we do have to put on our whole armor and just trust God, he said he will not leave us nor forsake us when situations happen we just don't understand. There is a reason for all things and often times those things that happen in our lives are wakeup calls for others to learn thru our life experiences. Thanks for reading and blessings to you.

    • creativeone59 profile image

      benny Faye Douglass 

      8 years ago from Gold Canyon, Arizona

      Thank you dl53acy, why we have to continously have to keep God in our life and keep prayerful, and expectr God to keep us safe form all of the horrors of this world. A nice hub, but it was just so sad. Godspeed. creativeone59


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