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The Catholic Church is the Rightist Rebel in the Philippines

Updated on January 29, 2015

The Catholic Church used former president Corazon C. Aquino in meddling in political affairs of the Philippines

The rightist rebel in the Philippines today is the National Transformation Council led by the Catholic church

By rebel we mean a group with the intention or goal of organizing a government as an alternative to the Philippine government that is based on the 1987 Constitution. A rebel group has organized itself and operates structures of its government. A rebel group may or may not have an army of its own.

The leftist rebels in the Philippines have come out openly and have declared their goals. The political arm, the Communist Party of the Philippines, has its own army, the New People’s Army.

Rightist rebels

Rightist groups have existed in the Philippines under varying guises. They have operated within the legal framework of the Philippines most of the time. In that sense, they may just be advocates or critics..

However, when a group has shown a structure of government and has proclaimed its goals of organizing and operating a government as an alternative to the present government it has become a rebel. It is a rightist rebel when its vision, guiding principles or ideology cannot be identified with Marxism. An exception is one espousing Theology of National Liberation that is a graft between Catholicism and Marxism (Handelman, H. "Religion and Politics." The Challenge of Third World Development. 2nd Ed. 2000: 23-47).

The present rightist rebel in the Philippines is the National Transformation Council (NTC). It has proclaimed its aims, it has shown structure of government. Its ideology is not the Theology of National Liberation. Its ultimate aim is a union between church and state. Its rule can graduate into a dictatorship like that of Franco over Spain which was supported by the Catholic church. Or that of the dictatorship of Salazar over Portugal with its ideology based on papal encyclicals. NTC is calling on the Philippine army to serve as its protector. In effect, its army.

Lipa declaration

In the first assembly of the National Transformation Council held in Lipa City, Batangas, NTC may not yet be labelled as a rightist rebel. The Lipa City assembly had only called for the resignation of Pres. Benigno Simeon C. Aquino III.

To avoid falsification due to paraphrasing, we quote liberally the Lipa declaration, to wit:

“Therefore, faithful to the objective moral law and to the universally honored constitutional principle that sovereignty resides in the people and all government authority emanates from them, we declare that President Benigno Simeon Aquino 3rd has lost the moral right to lead the nation, and had become a danger to the Philippine Democratic and Republican state and to the peace, freedom, security and moral and spiritual well-being of the Filipino people.

“We further declare that we have lost all trust and confidence in President Benigno Simeon Aquino 3rd, and we call upon him to immediately relinquish his position.

“And we call upon the National Transformation Council, (Hereafter the council), to assume the urgent and necessary task of restoring our damaged political institutions to their original status and form before we begin to consider electing a new government under normal political conditions.

The role of the council will not be to succeed President Aquino, but solely to prevent the total destruction of our political system, and to rebuild and nourish its institutions back to health so that all those interested could join the political competition later, without the dice being loaded in anyone’s favor.... (emphasis supplied).

“As the council prepares to embark upon the necessary reforms, we call upon the Armed Forces of the Philippines, as the constitutional “protector of the people and the state,” to extend its protective shield to the council, and not to allow any armed group to sow violence, disorder or discord into its peaceful ranks” (Adopted in Lipa City, this 27th day of August A.D. 2014 / 2nd day of DHU AL-QA’DA A.H. 1435).

The Lipa declaration is still timid insofar as organizing a government as an alternative to the present government as presided over by Pres. Aquino III, the Supreme Court, and the Congress (House of Representatives and Senate).

Butuan declaration

“In the face of the evident increasingly severe deterioration of the moral, social and political fabric of our society, we call upon the National Transformation Council to speed up its effort to compel President Benigno S. Aquino 3rd to relinquish his position, so that the earnest work of national transformation could begin. More than ever, we believe that Peace and Good Governance in the country must begin in Mindanao. (Done in the City of Butuan, this 11th day of November A.D.2014/18th day of Muharramam A.H. 1436).

Cebu City declaration

However, in the third assembly of the National Transformation Council held in Cebu City on December 2,2014, NTC has come out straight on organizing an alternative government.

“Encouraged by the success of the first open assembly convened in Lipa City, Batangas by the National Transformation Council on August 27, A.D. 2014 / DHU al-Qa’da 2 A.H. 1453, we who broadly represent the citizenry, under the leadership of delegates from the visayas and mindanao, have gathered in Cebu city on October 1, A.D. 2014 / DHU al-Hijjah 7 A.H. 1453 to proclaim our support for the Lipa Declaration and to propose concrete and immediate steps to translate the desired objective of national transformation into a viable program of action” (The Cebu Declaration: Defining the first steps toward national transformation.October 2, 2014. Emphasis supplied).

"The Cebu assembly enlarged upon this call. It called upon the Council “to pursue all necessary and available lawful means to compel President Aquino to step down at the soonest possible time,” and “to immediately organize an alternative government, consisting of men and women of integrity and proven worth, in order to assure the nation and the international community that Aquino’s removal and the prosecution and imprisonment of every culpable member of the government for corruption will not create a political vacuum.” (Tatad, F. Palace plot to ‘neutralize’ Cardinal Vidal fails. The Manila Times.October 5, 2014. Emphasis supplied).

Existence of alternative government

NTC does not have "lawful means" but it can organize an alternative government. Such an alternative government may not be effective nationwide. However, that is not the bone of contention. It is the fact that NTC has organized and is operating an alternative government without a legal basis.

The NTC have held large assemblies in Lipa City, Batangas (August 27,2014); In Butuan (Nov. 12,2014); in Cebu City (Dec. 2,2014); Angeles City (Dec. 3,2014); and Davao City (Dec. 5,2014).

The fact that the NTC have held at least six large assemblies is already an evidence of the existence of a structure of government. That it is operating an alternative government is shown by having held large assemblies.

So the National Transformation Council has proclaimed its aims of organizing and operating a government in place of the present government. It has a structure of government that has been conducting assemblies. At the rate it is going, it will cover all the 16 archdiocese (each with a varied number of diocese) of the Philippines including 7 vicariates like Bontoc-Lagawe, Calapan, Puerto Princesa, San Jose de Mindoro, Tabuk, and Tatay, Palawan. These are already occurring even when Pres. Aquino III has not stepped down as NTC has demanded.

Taxation and alms

The NTC does not need to impose new taxation. It is already collecting alms which, in the hands of an alternative government, is a form of taxation. In fact, the Catholic church that is leading NTC is not paying taxes to the Philippines. So churchgoers who are giving alms to the Catholic church are financing the National Transformation Council without their knowledge or consent.

Catholic church meddling in political affairs

It is common knowledge that the Catholic church is meddling in the political affairs of the Philippines. However, having played the role of an endorser of acceptable acts and critic of adversarial ones, the Catholic church has been tolerated by the ruling class of the Philippines. In fact, the ruling class has conspired with the Catholic church to maintain its dominance in Philippines society. This church has breached the separation of state and church.

For example, in the “Hello Garci” affair. Then incumbent president and a candidate for the presidency in 2004, Pres. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo called by phone Commissioner Guillermo Garcillano of the Commission on Election, a constitutional body. Pres. Gloria wanted to ensure her win over rival Fernando Poe, Jr. She checked with Garcillano if she was leading Poe in terms of votes. Earlier she appointed Garcillano as commissioner. That call was enough basis for an impeachment proceedings against Pres. Gloria. However, impeachment did not prosper because the coalition of political parties dominating Congress was on the side of Pres. Gloria.

However, the Catholic church took steps to oust Pres. Gloria by demanding her resignation. She did not resign; instead she came out with a public apology. After that apology, former President Corazon C. Aquino ask Pres. Gloria to resign.

“When President Arroyo delivered her "I am sorry" speech on June 27, 2005, Aquino said: 'Tonight the President has made a strong beginning and I hope she will continue in the direction of better and more responsive governance.'"

“On July 8, when the "Hyatt 10" left the Cabinet and asked Arroyo to resign, Aquino said there were only two constitutional paths to resolve the problem: Arroyo's resignation and impeachment.

"I ask the President to spare our country and herself from this the second option and make the supreme sacrifice of resigning," Aquino said.

“On July 11, during a mass at La Salle in Greenhills, the former president reiterated her call for Arroyo's resignation.

“In a February 7, 2006, press conference, Aquino renewed her call for the President to step down....” (Ederic, E. Cory, Gloria: The story of an eroded alliance. GMA News Research. February 26, 2008).

“The former President Corazon Aquino herself told then US Ambassador to Manila Kristie Kenney that it was the Archbishop of Manila Gaudencio Rosales who had put her up to the task of telling then President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo to resign.” (Robles, Raissa. Msgr. Rosales leaned on Cory Aquino to make GMA resign, then left Cory. September 6, 2011. In Wikileaks cable, US envoy Kristie Kenney wrote how she met Cory Aquino).

Pres. Aquino III will not mention National Transformation Council officially

The reason is that mentioning NTC will confer a state of belligerency to NTC. That is, mentioning it or giving it a name will give an official status to NTC as a legitimate contender.

This is the reason why in the meeting in Malacañang with Pope Francis and the Catholic bishops on January 16,2014, Pres. Aquino III complained only of the local Catholic church of being overly critical of him while they did not complain about the corruption of past administration.

It was like Pres. Lincoln towards the Confederate States of America. Lincoln did not mention it by name but mentioned a “combination” when he called on Congress to raise 75,000 more troops for the army. Lincoln did not meet with the emissaries of the Confederacy.

In the same manner, Pres. Aquino III will not mention Archbishop Arguelles, Socrates Villegas and Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle and other leaders of NTC as leaders of this council. Pres. Aquino III received them in Malacañang as bishops not as leaders of the National Transformation Council.

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) has already attained the status of belligerency. The Philippine government is already negotiating peace with the CPP. My mentioning NTC in this Hub does not confer legitimacy to it because I am not a government official.

But Pres. Aquino III will not confer belligerency to the National Transformation Council in the same status as that of CPP.

The National Transformation Council is operating as a rightist rebel.

Confidential dispatch mentioned Archbishop Gaudencio Rosales

The confidential dispatch of then Ambassador Kristie Kenny shows how the Catholic Church and the papal nuncio has been meddling in political affairs of the Philippines.

The Catholic church represented by Archbishop Rosales worked behind the scene. The plot was for Pres. Gloria to resign, Vice-Pres. Noli de Castro to resign likewise. then Senate President Franklin Drilon to assume the presidency.

It is amusing why Vice-Pres. de Castro would also resign when only Pres. Gloria had committed some impeachable acts. The constitutional procedure is that the vice-president would assume the presidency once the president had been impeached. So the plot of the Catholic church subverts the constitution.

C O N F I D E N T I A L MANILA 002111
E.O. 12958: DECL: 05/18/2016

B. 05 MANILA 3946
C. 05 MANILA 3154

Classified By: Ambassador Kristie A. Kenney for reasons

1.4 (b) and (d).
1. (C) The Ambassador, accompanied by the DCM, paid her first visit on former president Corazon “Cory” Aquino on May 18. Aquino talked warmly and nostalgically about her days in Malacanang before turning to the current political situation. She said that she still believes that President Arroyo and Vice President De Castro should step down for the good of the country. (Aquino first called on the President to resign in July 2005, at the height of a scandal over alleged cheating in the 2004 presidential elections – see ref C.) Such a move would put Senate President Franklin Drilon temporarily in charge until snap elections could be held to choose a new president and vice president to serve out the remainder of the term until 2010.

2. (C) Initially, Aquino insisted that she had no desire to get involved in politics again, stating she was much more interested in promoting micro-financing and livelihood assistance though a foundation she set up in honor of her late husband, Benigno Aquino, Jr. She asserted that then-Archbishop Gaudencio Rosales and several former Arroyo cabinet officials approached her in mid-2005 and convinced her to go, reluctantly, to the palace to ask Arroyo to step down. She said that Archbishop Rosales was very firm in urging Arroyo to resign, but the President said practically nothing throughout the entire visit, and then abruptly excused herself to attend another meeting. Aquino expressed dismay that Rosales has taken a much softer public stance since then and speculated that his apparent about-face may have been due to pressure from the Papal Nuncio, who wants the bishops to keep a low profile on political issues (see ref B).

3. (C) While admitting that President Arroyo has benefited from the Opposition’s lack of a clear leader, Aquino pointed out that the anti-Marcos opposition was in the same position after the death of her husband in 1983. She said she believed that if Arroyo were to step aside, a new leader would emerge.

4. (C) The Ambassador underscored the need to follow the democratic process in any effort to change the government. Aquino insisted that she has no intention to pursue any extra-constitutional actions or sow rebellion. She claimed that more and more average Filipinos support her opposition to the President.

(Source: Robles, Raissa. Msgr. Rosales leaned on Cory Aquino to make GMA resign, then left Cory. September 6, 2011. In Wikileaks cable, US envoy Kristie Kenney wrote how she met Cory Aquino).


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