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Rio Tinto, Iran, Benefit from U.S. National Defense Act

Updated on December 10, 2014
The Apache Leap  area
The Apache Leap area
The Rossing Mine
The Rossing Mine

The National Defense Authorization Act is a mammoth document that surely no senator or congressman has read from page 1 to 1600. Yes, it is 1600 pages. Filled with so many things from the Republicans and Democrats, there is the usual "pork and barrel" items the benefit some states. But, also buried are short sections taking up not more than a paragraph in length. Two of these "buried" items are sunk deep in the 1600 pages of text, yet, makes any American think "corruption" and "deception" about their government.

The two items are both tied to Rio Tinto Mining, an Australian firm, that China owns 10% of. Rio Tinto also owns a uranium mine in Nambia, of which, Iran owns 15% of since the days of the Shah back in the 1960's-70's. Iran wants uranium for its nuclear weapon development program (nuclear bomb) and has in the past, received the ore from the Nambia mine. Nambia refuses to disclose whether Iran receives this critical ore. But, suspicion is high because Nambia claims that nothing is illegal until the U.N. passes a bill preventing it. Despite the boycott imposed by the U.S. on Iran, business goes on.

The other item is the "Copper Resolution". This is simply ignoring the the Apache Leap area as a sacred burial ground status in the 2400 acres of the protected Tonto National Forest area. The Apache Leap is where the US cavalry had forced the Apache's to a dead end after a pursuit. None surrendered and all jumped off the cliffs. Rio Tinto has spent tons of money lobbying US senators and congressmen to support their quest for mining the copper in this area. It is a massive amount the Indian land is sitting upon. In fact, Rio Tinto has been trying to secure the rights since 2005. Rio Tinto promises 4000 new jobs for those in Arizona. Worse, the resolution would give the land to Rio Tinto for jobs and some revenue that is not even noted. The fear by those in opposition is that, once the land become "private land", there will be little the US government can do and the copper mined could easily go to China, which owns some of the company! The resolution also violates to Native Indian Acts because it does not include them in any consultation. The Apache tribe is furious.

Who is voting for this 1600 page document? Republicans, including the patriot John McCain, and some Democrats. Those opposed are trying to strip the sections out of the bill on these two issues before being voted on. The Republicans may be able to pull this off.


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