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Rise Soldiers of Anarchy - Anarchy Reigns

Updated on December 1, 2012
The symbol of anarchy.
The symbol of anarchy.
The guy in the picture smashing a Starbucks.
The guy in the picture smashing a Starbucks.

The Meaning and Definition of Anarchy

After bearing witness to the disgusting consumerist behaviours this Black Friday weekend, I'm reminded of my political journey that has led me to where I stand today. Although I've only just entered my third decade on this planet, it seems as if it's been a century. Going from what many considered a young conservative in my youth, to a socialist in my young adulthood, to a brief flirting with communism in my mid-twenties, to libertarianism in my late twenties, until I found myself rather happily married with anarchism now in my early thirties.

Perhaps I'm young and indecisive, or maybe it's a case of having gone through a major Federal election here in Canada almost every two years that's causing my political experience to hyper-accelerate, regardless here I stand, I'm an anarchist. I still can't believe that I'm an anarchist. . . You're telling me I'm this guy in the picture that's smashing a Starbucks? What?!

Relax. Contrary to what the media is attempting to portray, anarchy isn't synonymous with chaos. Anarchy simply means existing in a world without rulers. Rules still exist - they're merely not created or enforced by a given ruler. Anarchy represents the organization of people without the use of hierarchical structures. To be an anarchist, is to aspire to be neither a master nor a slave.

Mark Dice - Black Friday

Anarchy and Commerce - Black Friday

Returning back to the Black Friday theme, here is a video done by Mark Dice, an unconscious anarchist in the making. Mark Dice is an entrepreneur and book seller. He takes pride in being a libertarian, hates the very idea of large and corrupt governments, and has often championed capitalism in many of his books and videos. Yet, in this video, he interestingly enough seems angry at the very people exercising capitalism on a Friday morning. Is this hypocrisy or an awakening? Perhaps Mark shouldn't be asking what to do with the consumerist zombie hordes; instead what he should be asking is why I'm I so angry? As discussed before in my articles, anger is an often misunderstood emotion that's key to both logic and justice. Asking why you're angry, on a daily basis whenever you happen to be angry, will indeed make you an educated human being.

As amusing as I found the video, and yes I happen to agree with it, the truth of the matter is if Mark Dice asked why he was so angry, he would soon discover he isn't a libertarian but an anarchist. What's makes the situation even more comical is our supposed libertarian even sounds like a union boss when he advocates for the retail workers.

After all, an honest anarchist opposes both the state and the corporation, which is exactly what Mark Dice is doing. People, out of habit, ask how that's possible. Mainstream society, libertarians included, has often been misled to believe these are two separate and opposing forces. We see it every day in the manufactured battles between socialism vs. capitalism, social programs/taxing the rich vs. tax cuts/job creation, workers vs. entrepreneurs, government vs. business, etc.

The truth is that corporate power and government power are anything but separate forces. There's no balancing act in play, in fact government and corporate power all share the same space. The problem is neither the state nor the corporate are being particularly respectful to the safety and well-being of other people who they too must share what I call the great commercial highway.

The great commercial highway.
The great commercial highway.

Think of commerce as a highway. The speed limit on this highway is 60 M.P.H. Governments are large trucks, or more accurately tanks, traveling at 15 M.P.H. down this highway. Corporations are speedy sports cars, manned with reckless drivers, traveling at 200 M.P.H. Non-profits are traveling at 50 M.P.H and small business is traveling at 60 M.P.H. The truck traveling at 5 M.P.H that has left its back door opened, dropping its package of nails all over the road, causing automobiles to have their tires punctured and then subsequently veered off the road - we'll call this truck the department of education.

Both the government vehicles and corporate vehicles are a hazard to the traffic flow of this great commercial highway. The government tanks that drive slow in no way "balance out" the corporate sports cars that drives too fast. The solution to ensuring that our great commercial highway is flowing nicely and safely is to have both the vehicles licensed government and corporate removed from the road.

So contrary to what the media portrays, anarchy isn’t about chaos; it’s about the restoration of order. The people, who are angry at the people who shop like maniacs during Black Friday, yet claim to be free market capitalists, perhaps don’t understand why they’re so angry. They’re angry because it’s human nature to hate disorder. The commercial highway must flow. That flow can't be achieved by having one force (government) trying to grind the highway to a halt; while having another (corporate) recklessly trying to cause a crash.

We can try putting stickers on the sports cars warning people they drive too fast. We can try charging the sports cars more dollars per gallon of gas. We will call this socialism - and then act surprised how they still drive too fast because they're addicted to speed.

We can try limiting the width/length of the government trucks and tanks. We can suggest that the truck called the department of education carry smaller nails. We can broadcast videos online explaining to people just how dangerous the government trucks and tanks can be on the road. We'll call this libertarianism or minimalism - and then we'll act surprised that while on the surface the tanks do seem smaller; they carry higher amounts of ammunition. While on the surface the trucks do seem smaller; they carry heavier loads. While the truck labelled the department of education is carrying smaller nails; they carry larger packages of nails and the nails are much sharper. We'll continue to act surprised and dumbfounded, scratching our heads in confusion, as the great commercial highway continues to develop more and more potholes that we must evade in spite of our efforts to put limits on the government trucks and tanks.

We may even grab a megaphone, bring a few friends with us on the trip, and protest all the horrible behaviour we're witnessing on the great commercial highway. We'll shout out loud out of our car windows, but nobody is listening. They're too busy concentrating on trying to evade all the speeding sports cars, nails on the road, and nefarious potholes. Before we know it, we too are losing our concentration trying to get people to listen, so we bump into one of those potholes causing our vehicle to tip over. In due time, we have the privilege of watching one of the tanks "clear" the debris that's now our destroyed vehicle.

Enough! As stated earlier, the solution is to remove these psychopaths from the road! Do you hear the call of the warrior? Allow anarchy to be your only reign!

The evolution in farming technology was instrumental in ending human slavery.
The evolution in farming technology was instrumental in ending human slavery.

Anarchy and Human Organizations

Detractors often question the concept of anarchy by believing it's against human nature. They argue that humans are a social species and that inevitably humans will form social groups and political movements for their own personal benefits. Therefore, any anarchy achieved merely "resets the system," because in the next decade new groups will be formed. It's then argued that these new groups will create their own hierarchical structures and that once again hierarchy will be enforced. Many even theorize that once the "reset of the system" occurs that the very same people who were previously on the top; will be the same people on the top once the new hierarchical "order" is re-established. Overall, it's a rather cynical argument that humanity needs leaders/followers in order to survive.

Of course, the rather poor argument overlooks that people once upon a time thought the same about slavery and women. People asked how we would feed ourselves without slaves. People asked how the house would be kept if women went to work. What they couldn't foresee was the technology that would make these "occupations" obsolete. Nobody at the time the slaves were working the fields could see this giant machine called a tractor, having the power of hundreds of slaves with scissor arms flying around, and run off dead animal fossils. Nobody at the time women kept house could see a world with washing machines, dryers, dish washers, electrical irons, or even the idea of a 40 hour work week where each person would have to work significantly less to survive.

The key word here is technology. Technology freed the slaves. Technology brought women to work. Today, we already have the technology in place to make an anarchical society a reality. We merely lack the willpower. I can confidently state this as a matter of scientific fact; you can expect no long winded science fiction stories from hence forth because it's simply unnecessary. . .

In addition to overlooking the very technology from under our noses, the detractors of anarchy overlook that anarchy doesn't mean people stop forming groups and/or function as solo agents. Although, in many ways that could solve many of our problems, it's against human nature. Anarchy is living in a world without rulers, in a world of neither masters nor slaves. In an anarchical society, people will still create organizations for their own benefits, but without a leader.

The system would never revert back to old habits, because much like slavery today, people simply wouldn't allow it. Once people begin to experience the freedoms, benefits, and opportunities brought on by anarchy, the very idea of leadership will lose all of its allure and power. People will come to realize that being a follower is unprofitable. Someone could attempt "old school capitalism," but nobody would take the offer. . . That's because capitalism isn't human nature; anarchy is human nature!

Executive decisions for any given organization can be done via online polling.
Executive decisions for any given organization can be done via online polling.

Yes, people will get together to form organizations for their own personal benefits. However, rather than simply choose a leader and thus choose to be led, they will vote internally within the organization through direct democratic means. By using online Internet polling for example, people can vote on motions members of the organization wish to pursue, with the goal of benefiting the organization as a whole. Thus, all executive decisions would be facilitated online, and therefore the need of an executive figurehead would cease. The website where the members of the organization vote essentially becomes a representation of the company, its regulations, and its project goals. Internal company disputes over the stated policies can easily be facilitated by online conference video streaming.

An added benefit is that this company website would be plainly viewable by their customers. This creates a world of transparency between company and customer – resulting in an informed customer. In this anarchist world facilitated by online technology, it becomes increasing difficult to sell a product to a customer through the means of deception and misinformation. Organizations that choose to keep their websites "secret" will lose out in the end due to sheer reputation alone. Therefore, the increased transparency between customer and business is a given. When one organization chooses to run their executive decisions in the way I have outlined, all other organizations must follow suit in order to remain competitive.

Have I convinced you to be an anarchist yet?

George Carlin - Education and Obedient Workers

Anarchy and Education

The biggest challenge in making the vision of anarchy a reality is to get the populace educated enough so they can:

A) Think for themselves. This is a necessary educational component so people can understand there is no way to profit by following someone else.

B) Put forth intelligent motions within their given organization, so that they don’t waste the time of that organization. It would be a tragic day that this new found freedom would have to be disposed because idiots decided to introduce hundreds of useless motions that have to get sorted through - sacrificing efficiency.

C) Somehow, the current group of state educated people will have to be de-educated and then re-educated. Due to this very fact, a lot of anarchists’ visionaries suggest that the struggle will be generational. They argue that we're better off targeting the very young. Of course, even if by some miracle state education is abolished or seriously revamped, this overlooks the influence the state educated parents would bring to their children. The fact of the matter is the parents need to be targeted first; and thus the painful process of unlearning and relearning is unavoidable. As for those who argue for state run education as it currently stands - please understand that the purpose of today's education isn't to make independent thinkers, but obedient workers. Contrary to what the media portrays, employers love stupid workers who can't think for themselves because this helps keep wages low and maintains the hierarchy. To better understand this point of view; please take the time to watch a little video I dug up done by comedian George Carlin.

Anarchy and You. . .

I hope I have done a lot to alleviate a lot of the misconceptions you may have regarding anarchy. It turns out this is a rather large and complicated topic, and I couldn't possibly cover every conceivable concern you may have in a single article. Hopefully I have handed you a lot of fresh ideas and issues to consider.

Because this is such a vast topic, I have a second article that deals with issues such as natural law, firearms, and questions regarding military/defense. . .

- Donovan D. Westhaver


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