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Rival Cruz ruined Republican party of Donald Trump

Updated on August 9, 2016

The script included a jubilant coronation Mike Pence to the Republican vice presidential candidate, but it was Ted Cruz who seemed to steal the show. Donald Trump fans let that happen and made for yet another loud noise at the party convention. The 'highs' of last night.

Ted Cruz speaks, but Trump does not support

The most uncomfortable moment of the evening was the speech of Trump's former rival Ted Cruz. The senator refused to support Donald Trump. That came to him standing on a heap boos from angry delegates. "Do not stay home in November. Speak out and vote according to your conscience. Vote for the candidates who you trust, who defend our freedom and be loyal to the constitution," said Cruz who called Trump while unaware.

Action by the senator made it clear that the party still is not aligned. Trump campaign knew the speech and agreed. The hall clearly not. Cruz's wife left the room even with counseling because she was harassed by Trump supporters.

Later in the evening there were also disappointed noises from the camp of the presidential candidate. "The best unit I saw tonight was that everyone Cruz uitjoelde tonight," said Donald Trump Jr., the son of the billionaire, on Fox News.Wow, Ted Cruz got booed off the stage, did not honor the pledge! I saw his speech two hours early but watching him speak anyway. No big deal!

- Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) July 21, 2016
Running mate Pence picks Clinton

Although Pence was overshadowed by Cruz, the conservative politician from Indiana gave according to US media, a fine and lovely speech. "It's oddly a relief," said a political reporter for The New York Times was referring to the tumultuous election year for Republicans.
Pence has commissioned trumps image polishing it in the mid-western United States. "He has a great personality, a colorful style and a lot of charisma. I think he hopes to bring me the ticket balance," he joked.

The seasoned politician also picked opponent Hillary Clinton in his speech. He called the Democrat "Minister of the status quo" and someone who "is the symbol of the failed elite in Washington."Accordingly, Pence is a vote for Clinton, a vote for a third-term Obama. This election is a matter of "change versus the status quo," said the governor.
"Pence should take the conservative wing inboard" explains a correspondent. "But if he appeals to independent voters and Democrats in the electoral middle, this could be very questionable. Because for those people, he is very unpopular."
The Great Trump show
It is common that the presidential candidate continues during the convention in the background. That does not apply to Trump. He has so far seen every day and also frequently been heard. Monday, he came unexpectedly to the stage to introduce his wife. Tuesday, he appeared in a video message in which he responded to his nomination.
And last night he was back on pontifical stage, immediately after the speech of Cruz.During his speech, he officially accepted the nomination, this was the time to shine in front of a television audience.

What can the Democrats do?

According to US media Ted Cruz gave her a clear slogan where she had been a while looking for "vote according to your conscience." And that her campaign was also fast enough.
Political opponents have become criminals

Striking during these elections was the harsh tone against political opponents that were labeled as criminals. A report from a correspondent
Vote your conscience. Https://

- Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton) July 21, 2016
In Clinton's tweet was a page to its website where voters can register to vote for Clinton. "It rained yesterday bumper stickers for Clinton," said The New York Times.


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