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Road Rage -It Has To Stop

Updated on March 10, 2011

Pray for her



This young lady is fighting for her life after being shot in the head as a result of a road rage incident.

To all you crazy people who own guns but do not own your emotions I hope to push for a law requiring psychological evaluation to coincide with a minimum sentence of 3 years for violence resulting from a road rage incident.

I want to push for laws requiring all registered gun owners to be required to take a conflict & anger management 1 hr seminar as a gun registration requirement.

I have known too many people who have had incidents with crazy drivers willing to kill someone else, injure themselves, and try to hurt others by running people off the road.  These people who have “misdirected anger” towards others are ticking time bombs waiting to go off and need to be removed from society. If we can address how to manage anger on the forefront instead of waiting until actions like this catch our attention we may be able to save someone else or someone we love from people with rage issues.

*I’m asking everyone to make it their business to spread the word, talk to local government, write you mayor /congress and do what is necessary to prevent any other victims.


God Bless


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