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Road making in Bangalore.

Updated on August 5, 2013
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I am a Textile Technocrat having done my Diploma in Textile in Textile Technology a 3 and 1/2 year course in Govt SKSJTI Bangalore.

10 Years to make 140 KM Road

What are we capable of on Earth.

Air to Air Missile test fired successfully at night from somewhere on earth in INDIA - FINE.

Light Combat Aircraft ready to fly from Bangalore to help the Indian Navy - FINE.

Our Minister for Food ready to resign as he has to see to CRICKET - FINE.

Prime Minister wants to reshuffle his pack of 79 Ministers except the Holy Cows - Fine.

Whole of India we have 402.87 Miles of Express Ways - What an achievement in 63 years.

The entire state has the longest stretch of just 320 KM of State Highway which means there is only some way left of the highway.This longest highway you can cover in 5 hours non stop.No you have to give way for our Eco friendly Bullock Carts and Over Crowded Busses and High speed Lorry's which are driven by our rural folks who get license to drive by some currency way through proper channel of brokers to our Regional Transport Department.Our Lokayukta has raided several officers home and discovered crores of rupees worth property by these officers.This is separate subject though.

IN Bangalore we drive on roads so narrow that people cannot walk on the road when a vehicle has to move they stand inside a house or building till the vehicle passes.This can be seen and you will wonder at the capability of our drivers who can not only drive forward but equally in reverse direction with one eye on the back the other eye half in each side of the vehical not any other static or dynamic body.They love their vehicle only.

We tried to travel to our ground zero which is the apartment building that we wanted to see in all directions of Bangalore where apartments are coming up like nobody's concern.The builders have purchased agricultural land from farmers at any price and farmers have sold it as they cannot see such money by farming by the bullock cart technology of farming known to them.

Bangalore has a 50 year old Agricultural University but most of these students who roll out of the college do not do any farming they get govt jobs and as coffee & tea plantation executives.The University does go to village only on TV but not as a routine excercise as part of the University Programme.If they go they will be beaten blue as there is no water in their village,such villages are not shown on TV channel.

The Public Works Department of Govt of Karnataka known as PWD is one of the top corrupt departments of the state govt,the other depts are other subjects here.These officials are known to make Invisible Roads.Making of the road is on contract and there are places where there are no roads but on record it would have been laid to global standards.We do have in our state the corrupt catcher mr.Santosh Hegde a Retired Justice of our lethargic judiciary as they are called,I do not say it.However this Corrupt Catcher says he has no powers to catch the real corrupt in the govt depts.We are not bothered with that hi tech in corruption.

We need roads not Surface to Air or Air to Air Missiles nor any Aircraft that can do it from Air.We have all of a sudden realized we do not have any Infrastructure.The taste of the Pudding lies in Eating.The corrupt money that comes from building roads,bridges,elevated express ways,4 or 6 or both type of super express ways and tunnels are the need of the hour and cry of our politicians.

The Longest Elevated Express High Way of India is just in Hyderabad by courtesy of the Late Chief Minister who died in a Helicopter crash.Perhaps he found it very difficult to move when he was not a Chief Minister so he made a Elevated Express Way for his friends to go besides himself.The next is in Bangalore by courtesy of various Chief Ministers of the state who wanted to build it after checking the drawings of these buildings which is why it took more than 5 years to build a 9.5 KM of this express way.

We had a Prime Minister who planned to connect the four corners of the country by what he called as a Golden Quadrilateral Highway but that is unheard of now and perhaps its going on and we have a communication gap by courtesy of our MEDIA.They do tell us about us on this project if there is a Scam of minimum 1000 crores as anything less is not that attractive.We are frequently told of the scams by any minister who says he has followed the rules and even advertised on the projects on his ministry's website.This indeed was our Telecommunication Minister who made Rs.50,000,00,000 crore disappear before the eyes of the nation and is now standing at his office door to exit in case the Invisible Prime Minister of our country can promise the 87 year old Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu some gift like the cabinet minister post to his daughter at a future convenient date.This was not to be said here though.

We have NICE not so NICE who are known as Nandi Infrastructure Corridor Enterprises who was to build a 140 KM of express high way.The Chief Minister who signed the project started shouting even before the ink dried on his signature that the project was the biggest fraud of the Nation and made herculean efforts to stop it which is why it took the project to run for over 10 years and still under construction.

There are only 2 ways in driving RIGHT & LEFT many country's drive Right we drive on what is LEFT of the Road.

Should we IMPORT Roads.

Read all about our Roads here:-

New Jersey to New York..

A Busy Road Underpass Under Construction for 3 years

Experts in Driving Can Go,Test Drive here.

Unlawfull One Way by the Way.

Fit For 3 Wheelers Only.

3 Wheelers + 2 Wheelers Can go One Way

Maruti Can Go Anywhere.

Maruti Goes with Flying Colors.

This is the Road in Bangalore under Repair.

This Board since 3 years by a Contractor who might be Invisible.

If all pictures are on road see over the road.

One More Metro Mess in Bangalore.

Surface to Air Rail Roads All Over Bangalore

We now see our Ground Zero in a 5 Star Hotel.

The End of Ground Zero.

They Show Plans of Apartments of Few Lacs to Few Crore.

They Even Promise Bonus For Early Booking.

I Got my Apartment You Know.

You See Your Model Home Here.


Another at Another Place.

This Is Your Palace & Our Sweet Home Plan.


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