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Roe v Wade, a Book and the doubling down Assault which took place in 1973

Updated on November 28, 2017
abwilliams profile image

We are not promised tomorrow, so say what needs to be!

The Authors
The Authors

I was a young teenager when I came to know of abortion, what it was and what it meant!

It became the Law of the Land...when an Agenda pushed by the Progressive Left and decided by mere mortal men in Long Black Robes, that The Right to Life...

is meant for some, not for All!

When Roe v Wade passed in 1973, it gave teenagers and young women, what they saw as, (because that's the way it was sold) a quick, efficient and safe way out!

The aggressive Progressive Pro-Abortion movement went all out with the hard sell and oh boy could they sell...even the U.S. Supreme Court bought into it!

I remember those days very well. We were led to believe that it was perfectly okay, no harm was being done, after all there was nothing there, nothing more than clumps of cells.

It was just a little 'inconvenience', nothing substantive!

As for Us Girls...we were, supposedly, Valued, but I don't know how much consideration went into the long term effects this procedure could have on us. I don't know how many Doctors were consulted or how much Research was involved.

Perhaps... any exhaustive work which may have been done, was exclusively on pushing the Agenda!

The Book Titled, 'Our Bodies, Ourselves'., was released that very same year!

It may have been required reading or my Mom may have been 'sold' on the idea that it was the Must Read of the changing Times! All girls and women were targeted to get with the Program so, of course, that included Moms too.

The book was basically, what we just saw in the streets a couple of weeks ago at the Women's March, brought to life.

While looking through pictures from the various marches, I came across a picture of the Authors of the book, alongside their Our Bodies, Ourselves banner and thought....well isn't this just perfect, all still traveling in the same circles!

I remember signs from the March, 'My body, My choice', and I thought about that book.

Other signs read, Hands off my ---- (no need to go there, we all saw them), among many other very crude signs and many hateful signs. Some of the things the Women were wearing on their heads, I have no words.....

Yes, I've found a few....What were ya'll thinking?

Have you ever heard of dunce caps?

Noted: A lot of Me, Mine, Myself, My, self, self, self signage.....

All, sadly, had me recalling that book!

Memories came flooding back.....

Abortion became birth control for many girls. I remember girls with Journals, (keep in mind, this was Middle School) Journals which assisted them in keeping tabs of multiple partners and while abortion was a private matter for most, it wasn't for all.

It was as if girls were given permission to be promiscuous, withour fear of consequence, (because now there was a consequence Enforcer...the big A) but, along with permission, came the Blessing of Adults!

Adults that always know best.

That's how I saw it, at the time and that is how I see it, all these years later!

  • How does participating in Adult Behaviors, which sometimes lead to Adult-sized Situations, forcing Adult-sized Decisions be made..... not affect young girls immediately or in time?

There are a lot of Women today, you know and love them and I know and love them. When very young and confused and in many cases, scared...were led down a destructive path. They were steered wrong and many to this day...have not been able to forgive themselves or lead a normal life.

While others were never bothered by it until recently; in light of new information, with new technology, in light of all that came out about Kermit Gosnell and his dingy back alley house of horrors, in light of Planned Parenthood and their chop shops!

Isn't it ironic...the biggest arguments for legalized abortion back in 1973...don't you think?

Fortunately, for these Women and for All of us, while People continually screw things up and send us down destructive paths, God continually Forgives and Consistently Loves and that's all we need to know!

Some of the signs at the March, (many held by very young children), many of the words that were going out from the various Stages, weren't just offensive, they were heartbreaking to me!

I, personally, wondered about some of the loudest in the crowds, some that looked to be around my age...I wondered how they are really doing.

Did the Permission and the Blessing granted back then, bring them scars?

Are they always this angry? Is it anger or is something else going on?


When I thought I may be pregnant with Our First Child, mine and my husband's, we were struggling financially. A co-worker suggested that I go to Planned Parenthood, because it was cheap and close by!

I did go and found out that I was, in fact, pregnant!

I was ecstatically happy!

The employee at Planned Parenthood seemed stunned as she asked the question, "Oh you are going to keep it?"...or something cold along those lines and then she said to a co-worker, "she wants to keep it!"... or something equally cold.

Incidentally, there wasn't any prenatal care available for me at that facility. They suggested I go find an Obstetrician.

Thinking back, I would not have accepted it. I just wanted to get far away from that place!

My husband was at work, my Mom was 500 miles away, I was very young and I was keeping my baby, but my happiness quickly turned to tears that day in that cold place, because there was no one there... that wished to Celebrate Life with me!

Three children and two grandchildren later.....still Celebrating Life! ♥️


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    • abwilliams profile image

      A B Williams 9 months ago from Central Florida

      The assault is Never-Ending......

      Today, the filmmakers that exposed Planned Parenthood, for the heartless,evil profiteering monsters they are, have been charged if they are the monsters.

      Incidentally, the real monsters are not facing any charges at this time!

    • abwilliams profile image

      A B Williams 11 months ago from Central Florida

      Thanks Taze for sharing this.

      Amazing Grace!

      I didn't even get into all of the boys and men that have been affected by this over the years.

      I've heard so many sad stories of young men that never knew, until it was too late, or knew, but weren't allowed a say. All part of the Assault!

    • Dont Taze Me Bro profile image

      Banned cause of pissants promisem and deantraylor 11 months ago from TWO OF THE MANY LYING LIB CRYBABIES OF HUB PAGES

      AB thanks for sharing your experience about this. I'm going to share with you something I have never told ANYONE.

      When that law was passed I was, a senior in college, in a relationship with a girl who was a sophomore in another college...and pregnant. I was not a christian at the time.

      Neither she nor I had any idea that to terminate this pregnancy would be the equivalent of taking a human life. We thought an embryo was nothing but a blob of cells which is what we were told. Whether we were brainwashed to believe that or willfully chose not to disbelieve it out of convenience, I am not sure, but looking back I tend to believe it was the latter.

      The abortion was quite affordable even for this college student with little money who wouldn't have been able to go to college without a scholarship. The relief it gave from the stigma of having a child out of wedlock in those days was a blessing at the time which eventually became a curse when I, later in life, faced and accepted the truth of what we had done, we murdered an innocent human baby, our baby.

      Had abortion not been legal at the time, had I and she not been so secular at the time, had we learned to question things instead of, because life is hard, just going along with whatever notion we thought made life easier at the time, had we a support group who stood up for life, had we been taught to reason and not rely on the government I believe I could have manned up to that occasion, instead I was the willing coward.

      I would still be haunted by the guilt of what I was a party to were it not for the fact that I now know all my sins have been paid for by the blood of Christ who being without sin chose to sacrifice himself to pay the penalty for all my sins and that there is no love greater than that. All I had to do was repent from my sins, accept him as my savior and make HIM the Lord of my life and since the day I did that I have hope like I never had before.