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Roethlisberger the dope

Updated on March 30, 2010

Missing in action

Why isn't the media blitzing Big Ben about his sexual assault allegations.
Why isn't the media blitzing Big Ben about his sexual assault allegations.

Do African American and White athletes get the same treatment by the media

I consider what Michael Vick did to those poor dogs to be absolutely reprehensible. If it were up to me he would still be in jail. However, I am confused about the contrast between the treatment of Vick for dog fighting and the treatment of Ben Roethlisberger who is now accused of sexual assault of a female human a second time. Even more confusing is the difference between Roethlisberger and the firestorm that followed Tiger Woods’ admittance of infidelity and ‘sexual’ addiction. 

I understand that Ben is ‘accused’. However, when Tiger Woods was simply being accused of infidelity, his picture was in every newspaper in the country as well as that of some of his alleged mistresses.  When everyone was not sure if Michael Vick was involved in the dog fighting ring on his property, PETA and the SPCA were on his door step almost immediately.  Are NOW and other women organizations planning to protest Big Ben like they did Kobe Bryant when he returned to the basketball court after he was accused of sexual assault.

You want more contrast Vick was called a thug, a criminal, and an animal by some before he ever admitted his culpability in the dog fights.  Big Ben is being called a “dope”, a “lout”, dummy, and many other cozy names that denote the probability of rehabilitation. Criminal and thug are much more unbecoming and difficult to overcome dope and dummy. When Vick was accused, there was no way that he would ever play football in the same year.  Writers in Pennsylvania are talking about when Ben settles the case how he will win the Super Bowl.

One writer even suggests that Ben settle with the young lady from between $100,000 and $1 million dollars and put in a no prosecution clause.  Does the young lady have anything to say about this? Or do we still live in a society where women are considered the sirens and temptresses of poor unwitting men who have no control over their libidos.

The obvious difference between these men is the color of their skin.  Black men who make mistakes or fall or often vilified and castigated in the media, while white men are passed off as dopes who should have know better. Give him a pat on the back and make him pay a fine and he’ll learn his lesson next time.

I would like to see more equality in the response that Americans offer for abuse. Ben Roethlisberger may have a problem and I would be the last person to throw the young man under a bus, but lets level the playing field and give all young men a fighting chance.  If Ben raped that girl he should get the same punishment as any other rapist.  Just like Michael Vick got the punishment he deserved.


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    • StevieDow profile image

      StevieDow 7 years ago from Western Washington

      The racial aspect of this case is very real. How many athletes are watching to see if Ben gets preferential treatment because he is white. I support Tiger and I don't even like golf. Tiger might be flawed like every man but what he did was consensual.