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Romney Chooses Ryan as Veep Nominee

Updated on August 11, 2012

Good for retardicans, good for demwits, bad for the outcome

Romney has chosen Paul Ryan as his veep nominee. I like Ryan. He has the best understanding in congress of economics and the train wreck toward which the federal budget is headed, and he has the spine to speak out about it. Ryan is a TEA partier, which reassures the retardicans' principled base, and he is a member of the party's congressional leadership cadre, which reassures the establishmentarians. He doesn't make any of the critical Romney constituencies too uncomfortable, and he is appealing to those who still believe federal reform is possible and economic collapse avoidable. Romney himself believes those things, so this is a choice compatible with his objectives.

The demwits are gleeful about this development because they spent a lot of time demonizing Ryan during the budget debates of the last three years. His sharply featured appearance lends itself well to caricature, and we may expect the depictions of him in a Nazi uniform to start hitting the streets and the lower grade talk shows immediately. The party has already laid the groundwork for a full destructive assault on him personally, which to the demwits is what this election campaign is all about, and the attack dogs are eager to get to it. From that perspective, the selection of Ryan provides the prospect of lowering the tone of this race another couple of notches, if that's possible.

In shoring up his party, Romney has blundered, in my view of it. In terms of principle, if he wins, then pulling Ryan out of the house will cut the quality and the level of intelligence in congressional debate on budgetary issues. From the standpoint of politics, reassuring his party is not his problem at the moment, reversing the progress being made by Obama's negative campaign is. If we take the poll numbers seriously, Romney is not ahead, so playing defense is not what he needs to do. He has to get new voters, not merely cement those he already has. Ryan does not contribute to that requirement.


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    • Johnkadu123 profile image

      Johnkadu123 5 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      I love your witty style. There is going to be tons of negative adds. By the time the Obama team is through with him Ryan Paul is going to be a marginal improvement on Lucrezia Borgia, Lady MacBeth, Genghis Khan and Atilla the Hun. It is really going to be murder on the dance floor. At least the race got that bit more interesting. LOL.