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Romney vs. Obama: Who can really "fix" the economy of the United States?

Updated on September 2, 2012

Can one of them really help the economy to improve?

Like in all election years, campaigns in favor of one candidate for the presidency are turning their eyes on the same topics- economy, education, health, and so forth.

Today, we are living in a hard time with the economy which, while not as bad as several years ago, continues to be so and because it has been a while since the economy decayed, Americans are worried that the situation may continue to look this way for years to come.

Unemployment has been, in average, steady in an approximate 10%, which in reality is much more due to the fact that unemployment data is computed based on the people who are looking actively for jobs. Not all people who stop looking for jobs are because they find one- there are those who simply give up after years of rejection or lack of response from employers, and others, like me, who are back in college (although I still continue to look). If we add these two groups, the percent may be scary.

Because of the insecurity in most jobs- including Federal and State- people are spending less and trying to save more. We hear these candidates talk about the need to create jobs but the question is, do they have what it really takes to solve the situation or are they limited?

Employers' priority is the financial health of the company, not its employees

Why do many companies are moving overseas for the assembly and manufacture of their products? Easy- they pay less to the employees there. In China, Mexico and other countries the need for money is high, but in the case of China for example because they are under a form of socialist government in which they provide "what they think" people need, employers can really pay a misery to the employees; in the other hand if they keep the workforce here they will have to pay a minimum wage which varies from state to state and they will end up saving less for the company. This is why some prefer to hire illegals, because they know they can't defend a better salary and they can't really do much for their rights and so they pay them a misery while asking them for hard work which includes working on weekends and holidays. On the other hand, even if the workforce behind the production and manufacture of their stuff is cheap, they sell it expensive. So they take from the employees as well from the clients. This is a greedy principle that has made some people multimillionaires in a short amount of time- many call it intelligent investment and smart business, but morally, in reality, it's called DISHONESTY and STEALING. Of course this is not to all employers, but it's a large percent and because these companies tend to stay legal in terms of paying the government the required taxes, there is not really that much "enthusiasm" from the government to deal with the malpractice of these companies.

USA becoming a third-world country, if not already one

A third world country in today's world means a country in which there is no middle class. Today in the USA, the middle class is facing a crisis like possible never before, or perhaps as bad as in the Great Depression. More are losing jobs and racing against others for jobs are are low-wage. I had a position interview for the University I am attending and was declined in favor of other people. As the unemployed are more and more, a position is having dozens of applicants and that means those who are mid-class are in the path to being low-class in terms of income because the money they have depletes while unemployed. As mentioned in another hub, employers are becoming less and less tolerant to human mistakes and errors and at they slightest sign of "imperfection" from a potential applicant, they are done- laid off, fired, unemployed in a blink of an eye- zero income. And when they apply for new jobs, the following message "We regret we cannot longer offer you this position, as we feel another candidate suits more for the requirements described" abound. Debts continue, and so an era or extreme worry and anxiety begins, which becomes stronger as the time of unemployment increases.

A rat race to nowhere

So, as people become poor, the benefits they enjoy are gone, and so are the medical advantages- a person without a job cannot pay for a plan and if the person has a situation that may inquire an urgent medical treatment, maybe they will have to die, as medical plans are becoming more and more difficult to pay. As people try to go back to work they have to enter, forcedly, into a rat race, and it does not matter their degree of education, years of experience, abilities, etc. Today there are still people believing that you need to study and need to prepare to ensure a future. What a lie- how many people with Master's degrees, bilingual, and with decades of experience are in their homes facing debt defaults and have even considered suicide to escape the mess they are right now, when they did nothing wrong to deserve it? The situation is extremely bleak but none of the political campaigns face the crude reality and prefer to keep people, and especially new generations, deceived, so they don't really prepare for a grim scenario which is becoming more and more common and anyone of us can face at any moment; only those who are wealthy and know how to save money don't have to worry about this issue (although we all know not all problems in life are limited to finance).

Overpopulation and the national debt

Overpopulation means less space, less resources, less money, less jobs; more competition, and together with the greed of big businesses, it simply means the eventual destruction of the society. Period. There is no way of escaping the facing of an apocalypse with the present economical mindset and the irresponsible increase in population. Many people blame the government for the increasing national debt. Now they blame it on Obama. This shows just how ignorant a large percent of people are in this issue. Neither Obama nor anyone from the government, nor the Congress are the sole responsible for this. Face it people- even if we raise taxes to both large corporations and all people- poor, middle and high class- the debt is not going to decrease any time soon. With the current measures of perennial loans to repay we are not only postponing, but making a greater chaotic and destructive scenario which our children will have to deal with. Does this really show our interest and love for our children? Letting them dream and play and be happy now to later face a world in which they will end up not wanting to live? Really? There is a solution but it will require the total obliteration of greed and selfishness... and we know it is not realistic. So the ugly truth is that, unfortunately, we are letting this get out of control.

Those who are in good shape don't care...

...Until they enter the horrible world of unemployment. Those who are in their houses worry only about them, their families and their financial status, caring nothing about the others. That's why we have to hear them say "find a job" or "don't be lazy", as if it would be as easy. Those of us who know the nightmare unemployment is are very aware that finding a job itself is a form of lottery in which sometimes we have to wait years. Those who have loans, families to feed, etc. live in such anxiety that we have even heard of incidents of households killing their entire family and committing suicide because they can't take it anymore. Those who are in good shape quickly judge. I am not saying they are doing it right but we cannot really judge if we don't know what they are living with. The desperation to exit poverty and a perennial state of anxiety of becoming homeless, having to owe six figures in debts and facing defaults and the loss of independence and stability boosts not only depression and suicidal thoughts, but also delinquency, crime and all forms of social problems because people stop caring about life so they don't care what will happen to them, eventually.

Now, with all this explained, will you really give all the responsibility to deal with all this huge problem to a single man, or even the entire Congress and all federal and state agencies? Before you elect someone, realize what is their responsibility and what is YOURS. Neither Obama nor Romney, with the present Constitution, can really do much to stop some of the malpractice of some companies. There is no law prohibiting families to have a minimum amount of children. We are in a capitalist system in which you earn what you work on and because of the extreme and growing competition, this is becoming more and more difficult. If you think raising taxes to the middle class while waiving those who are rich is the answer, then you definitely are not aware of the problem and are living in Wonderland. Large corporations do not tend to care about the country or the society. This is why now parents have to work so much they can't spend the right time with their children. They care about THEMSELVES, as a company- not even the independent employees. No President is going to fix the economy as it is right now in four years or eight years. Don't make the mistake to vote for someone to "give him a chance to show they will lower the national debt". To lower the debt it takes a lot, which could be: massive layoffs, raising taxes on everyone, prohibiting corporations to move overseas to do business (which would be not even democratic), feeding dangerous inmates no more, and so forth, ALTOGETHER. The picture is extremely grim. That's why I am not having any children. No children deserve to inherit a world of chaos. Think about all this, don't panic, but face the truth and seek a way to lower the problem. We all have to do something.


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    • ESP1983 profile image

      ESP1983 5 years ago from Tampa, Florida

      I agree with you here. But as you say, here people hear word "socialism" and the first thing that comes to their mind is North Korea, Cuba and Venezuela. Ignorance is glooming in a way that is not allowing the nation to go forward. Uncontrolled capitalism is turning the nation into an oligarchy and it os obvious it is not working. Lots of corporations are multi billionaire. For example, why a corporation like Apple has to do all the assembly and manufacture of their products in China instead of doing it here and creating hundreds of jobs? To save money. The same goes with corporations like those that make different kinds of tools.

    • CHRIS57 profile image

      CHRIS57 5 years ago from Northern Germany

      Some of the problems that you addressed can be traced back to the current economic system that focuses on shareholder value.

      There are more economic ideas functioning on this planet. Some may be badmouthed to be socialist systems. Some are more successful. I recommend to look more deeply into something that is called stakeholder value. While shareholders represent the capital giving side of an economy, stakeholders are all who participate in and benefit from an economic entity. In terms of a company stakeholders are shareholders, the employees and to some extent the customers, the market, even government.

      While entering the word "stakeholder" into our favourite search engine, it was surprising for me to find the first 20 returns to be in German, only then i got this:

      May be that is why Germany and Northern Europe are navigating quite successfully through the tides of global economy. So why not look this direction, whoever will be president for the next term.

    • JON EWALL profile image

      JON EWALL 5 years ago from usa


      The question being asked of the Obama administration

      representatives, '' are you better off today than you were 4 years ago?'' On Oct 3,2012, the first of 3 Presidential debates will take place. Mark your calendar.

    • Pollyannalana profile image

      Pollyannalana 5 years ago from US

      Not as bad as a few years ago? Where do you live? America? I can't get past that.

    • JON EWALL profile image

      JON EWALL 5 years ago from usa


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