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Ron Paul Tattoos

Updated on May 2, 2012

Ron Paul Tattoos - Portraits

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Ron Paul Tattoos - Join The R3volution 2012

Ron Paul tattoos are some of the most extreme forms of expression that a supporter of liberty and the Ron Paul R3volution can make. Ron Paul tattoos go much farther than indicating which candidate a particular voter decided to support in 2008 or now in the 2012 Republican party primary and eventual presidential election process. No, such a Ron Paul tattoo acknowledges that the wearer has decided to live a life of cause and focus on the pursuit of liberty and individual freedom that so often gets clouded and ignored by modern politicians, their corporate lobbyists, and the weak minded mainstream media minions who sold their objectivity to the highest bidder and now follow scripted inculcations of disinformation under the pretense of patriotism. We, as a nation, must reject such partiality and instead find true purpose in the truth that Ron Paul and his supporters understand and embody at every debate, rally, caucus or primary. It is a truth that those in power would have you believe is just an assemblage of heterodox ideas from a congressman who probably voted no more than any other in history. Yes, Ron Paul tattoos are much more than a face or a slogan - they are an artistic expression of the singular truth in this universe and a veritable roadmap of the way towards deliverance and through that peace and prosperity for all.

Ron Paul Tattoos - Campaign Logo

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Ron Paul Tattoos - Types

Say what you might about his political beliefs you have to admit that Ron Paul has a passionate following and excites a young generation of voters that will take his message on from now into the future, no matter what the ultimate outcome of the 2012 presidential election. There was a cogent moment, just the other night, when Ron Paul gave his speech after making a very impressive 2nd place in the New Hampshire primary - a showing that will give him much momentum into the other 99% of this political process. That moment was when Paul stated "I didn't know you were out there," when addressing and talking about his swelling number of supporters. Likewise, Honorable Paul, many of us at one time or another did not realize you were out there either. After all, who among us would expect to find a truly honest politician in the disorder that has become Washington. A politician that not only talks the message of liberty but one that has consistently proven through his voting record that he is a man of morals and one who will always vote consistently and in accordance with those beliefs. Others may vote yes as a favor to their acquaintance politician or to appease a lobbyist request. Ron Paul is the only one who has shown that he cannot be bought and that is the true reason why the media is against him. The profits to the top 1% just are not as great in peace and liberty - and that makes some people very angry. So one Ron Paul tattoo idea to honor such a man of integrity is the portrait and it is one of the main types of Ron Paul tattoos. You just will not see too many people getting a portrait of anyone unless it is family or otherwise someone that they strongly believe in and want to carry their message and memory to the end of their life in this form.

The second main type of Ron Paul tattoos, and as seen above this can often be included in with a portrait, is the de facto campaign slogan of the Ron Paul R3volution. The "E" in Revolution is flipped backwards spelling love backwards within the Revolution text. It is symbolic of the purpose behind all of Ron Paul's ideas which stem from a true love for America, its people, and the world in general. While other candidates expound the benefits of war and stopping Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon as if you can actually stop someone from the country from obtaining such a thing when various other countries have shown their willingness to help Iran and for all we mere citizens know may have already provided them with one. As if you can stop a country from exploring and determining the true nature of the universe and putting that to use in both peaceful and military applications. No, instead as Ron Paul knows, the United States of America must stop giving other countries reason to hate us and that reason is not our prosperity or freedom (both of which have been dwindling ever increasingly). That reason is the USA policy which occupies almost every country, territory and island on the planet. If you saw how mad our own government got when Occupy protesters decide to occupy tents in simple city parks you can only imagine how furious other countries must feel about USA presence and interference in their lands - a presence that has existed for a great many years and shows no sign of ending without a removal from the status quo that all of the Republican (and Democrat) candidates besides Ron Paul represent. This is a true R3volution that must occur in the hearts of every man and woman in our great country. It is a R3volution with major scale worldwide consequences that has other countries watching this most important election knowing that this is the most critical one in our lifetime and one that has the potential to change everything. That is why R3volution tattoos are a great embodiment of that message and a perfect choice for Ron Paul Tattoos. Whether you get one on your arm, back, leg or even sport a Ron Paul neck tattoo (like soldier supporter Jesse Thorsen did at the Iowa post-caucus rally) - Ron Paul tattoos get the message out.

Some people make campaign signs or pass out flyers, others adorn themselves in the ultimate tribute to liberty - Ron Paul Tattoos! Please share this on Facebook and Twitter using the buttons to spread the message of liberty.

Ron Paul Tattoos Can Be Crazy Like Cutting Spending

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Ron Paul Tattoos

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A Ron Paul Tattoo Symbolizes So Much More Than A Man


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    • profile image

      Hyaa! 5 years ago

      I got one on my wrist. I get a lot of compliments on it.

    • Rain Defence profile image

      Rain Defence 5 years ago from UK

      Wow the ballot box tattoo picture was definitely mesmerising. I stared at it for quite some time. Then I noticed the tattoo.

    • profile image

      BrooklynChick 5 years ago

      The ballot box tattoo won?? Boys are dumb.

      RON PAUL 2012!!

    • againsttheodds profile image

      againsttheodds 6 years ago

      The pain of Ron Paul tattoos is minor and fleeting compared to the consequences of not electing liberty this 2012 election. But if you wince at pain I guess you could skip the Ron Paul tattoos and just donate to the current South Carolina moneybomb, phone from home, or volunteer in some other way.

    • profile image

      Ed 6 years ago

      i would but it looks really painful