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Ron Paul - Why He Can Win in 2012

Updated on March 13, 2012

Ron Paul - The Little Old Engine That Could

Ron Paul is like the little engine that could, though he has the added bonus of plenty of experience behind him. Just when the mugwumps thought he was going to finally go away an die in a hole, the public got wind of his speeches and love for freedom, and it appeared that Ron Paul was not done yet.

Ron has continued to push for justice, constitutionality and freedom in our country, for more than 10 years. He has earned the name "dr. no" in congress because he rarely every votes for an increase in spending, never votes for war and he doesn't take government pay for his public service.

Mr. Paul goes on and on and on like the energizer bunny, and now it appears that it will pay off for him and more importantly, it will pay off for America.

Ron Paul and Millennials

The study of generations shows us that Ron Paul's generation, just so happens to be a "hero generation" just like the current Generation Y (also known as millennial's). If you haven't noticed yet, Millenial's have just recently come of age to be the largest group of voters in 2012. And they will continue to grow as the later parts of the generation get older as well.

Baby boomers and generation x are aging, and even those two age groups are quickly waking up and realizing that Ron Paul and the millennial's have a point - things aren't working. We need change and we want our freedom back.

The power of this connection gives Ron Paul a boost like no other candidate. Obama, Romney, Johnson, Palin - all of them register with the older groups of the baby boomers that still want a hand out. The generation that feels they are so special they need to be taken care of by Big Government. 

Millennial's fit best with Ron Paul's messages - We aren't the police of the world, we don't need Big Government, we don't want Big Brother, we need to cut spending, we don't need hand outs and welfare, and most importantly - we are American's and we demand our Freedom.

He's Honest

Ron Paul is one of the only candidates who has never flip flopped on his philosophies. He rarely has to remember his point of view, or record of actions. Basically put, Ron Paul is an honest man. He doesn't have to make anything up, because he started out with honesty. He never gets taken by surprise by the crazy and insulting questions that reporters ask him, because he believes in what he's talking about and never lets them get the upper hand over his opinions.

Not to mention, ever person has a sense of intuition about other people. Some have stronger senses then others, but everyone can sense it. Ron Paul is an honest guy, and right now, that is one of his best weapons in the presidential race ahead.

Media Can't Ignore Him

In past races, the media did a great job of completely ignoring Ron Paul, his campaign and his supporters. This effectively stomped out any chance Ron Paul had of getting any substantial attention, and kept the world focused on the right puppets.

Now though, the internet has exploded with tube sites, blogs and radio shows that are under no political rule and they publish what they like. Even with that in mind, the government and beaurocrats did try to illegally stomp out Ron Paul supporters, but they couldn't do it. They still try, but the amount of people who resonate with Mr. Paul's messages, are growing in numbers every day and there are to many to be held back without being very obvious.

Because of the innovation of the internet, people everywhere are aware of Ron Paul's campaign, and even those who don't like him are helping to get the word out about him. This makes it's so that the media can't ignore him. It was already to obvious that they did so the last time, and if they were to continue, they would pretty much lose most of their viewers. So instead of continuing with what the mugwumps want them to do (ignore him), they are joining the crowds in both praising and degrading Ron Paul.

He's Consistent

Ron Paul is the only candidate ever to run, who has consistently practiced what he preaches. His voting record upholds the ideals he talks about. He doesn't change his views back and forth. He even has half a dozen wikipedia pages devoted to information about him. This wouldn't be possible if he hid himself away like all the other candidates, or if he wasn't so consistent about everything he did.

You can also find his consistently within his followers. There are several times when I have heard a person ask "What does Ron Paul think about (place subject here)". What do all of his supporters say?

"Ron Paul supports small government and the constitution, so he would probably say that the federal government has no business regulating or making laws about (place subject here). It should be left the 10th amendment."

Can you say that about any of Obama's positions? He has flip flopped on his verbal communication and his voting records. He says one thing and does another. No one knows his past, no one knows his present, and it's anyone's guess what he'll do in the future.

Everybody is talking about him...

There is a saying that fits in this situation:

"Any press is good press"

So for all the people out there who are down talking, insulting or making fun of Ron Paul - I want you to know that you are only helping his campaign. The truth is that Ron Paul was never really a competitor in the presidential races the last few times he ran, because hardly anyone knew who he was. But now things are different. Nearly everyone knows who he is, and there are very few people who aren't talking about him in one form another.

This usually only happens as a person gains popularity. So for all the people talking about the good, bad and ugly of Ron Paul, you are a sign that Ron Paul is going to win in 2012.

The Old Way Isn't Working

This is the biggest reason why Ron Paul will win in 2012. The old way of doing things isn't working. People recognize this and they want real change. Not just the campaign rhetoric of "change". 

The government is spending more than it ever has, when it could be liquidating and saving. They are taxing more people with less representation. They are getting ready to force people to buy products and services, an unprecedented move. The dollar is devaluing day by day. The president is giving away our resources to all other countries, but ignoring problems here at home. The government is trying to sabatoge the savings of it's constituents. Public servants are paid three times as much as the average American. Schools are in the shitter. Modern medicine is poisoning people and we are moving ever closer to a one world government.

Ron Paul is everything our current government is not. He's not perfect and he's certainly no mesiah, but he can get us started on the right track again. He represents the founding fathers, he shows he's got guts and that he's not afraid to do whats right over what's popular. He about America, not about money. 

His views seem "different", even though they are very traditional, and people like this. The way we are doing things now isn't working, and every candidate that promises to change things for the better in new and different ways, has effectively continued to drag us down.

Ron Paul could still do what everyone else has done - say one thing to win and be completely different once he gets in office - yet the consistency and honesty he has offered for the last two decades, shows more promise than any other candidate currently running.

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  • profile image


    8 years ago

    You had me up until your comment about Gen X. It's my generation and we are only now coming into power and we strongly abhore the 2 Parties. We will restore the. Constitution and drastically shrink the government. And hate groups such as the SPLC and evangelical groups, trying ram their ideals on the world...will be labeled hate groups and banned. Common sense and reason will be restored and entitlements strictly limited.

  • profile image


    8 years ago

    Mitt Romney, in my opinion Obama II seems to be winning. I dont know how much of a chance Ron really has left, witch really annoys me. Ron Paul could save this country, and instead everyone is simply rooting for someone that is pushing the country down further. Even if he doesnt get elected though, hes been running for the past 3 or so years. Hes bound to run again in 2016, and right now in 2012, he has alot of exposure. Imagine how much more popular he will be in 2016. If he doesnt win in '12, I definitly see the USA calling Ron Paul Mr. President in 2016 should he run again.

  • profile image

    Ray Tek 

    8 years ago

    Even if Ron Paul doesn't get elected, his revolution must continue. Ron Paul for US. Ron Paul Revolution for the World. 2012 The End for the Age of Stupidity, Tyranny and Oppression. And I'm from Malaysia. If you Americans doesn't want Ron Paul, the world will want to have him.

  • Chris Kross profile image

    Chris Kross 

    9 years ago from Dallas, TX

    Great article! I sure hope you are right, and Ron Paul is elected. I realize that he might be the last chance I have of seeing a truly free America in my lifetime.

    The fact that the media tries to black out or downplay Paul's results and support should tell us something.

    The status quo is s#@$ting their pants. Ron Paul 2012!

  • profile image


    9 years ago

    This country desperately needs Ron Paul!!!!!!!

  • profile image


    9 years ago

    One flaw, Ron Paul already has the millennial vote and has grabbed our attention.Don't think so check out. youtube and see for yourself. We eagerly are switching parties as you speak, because party titles do not define us, politics and values do.

    Mark this Millennial's words.

    No, we will not tolerate this media black out, our Ron Paul is going to go "viral."

  • profile image

    SeAn Onymous 

    9 years ago

    HAHA, hilarious "Tupac Changes"/Ron Paul vid...nice article too.

  • profile image


    9 years ago

    Hey great article supporting Ron Paul 2012! I just wrote one specifically on how he IS in fact winning/leading the GOP race with more straw poll wins than anyone else...feel free to check it out : D

  • profile image

    Write For Liberty 

    9 years ago

    Keep fighting the good fight. Thank you for the article! I hope he wins, he's got my vote... But we must also consider the electoral college. I don't want to think they'll switch votes just because they don't want him in office, but there's nothing legal that's stopping them from doing so.

  • meteetse profile image


    9 years ago from Foxboro ma.

    Ron Paul is a man with integrity. America needs to take a real look at this man and his beliefs, and in doing so they'll find they have a lot in common with Ron Paul.

  • pressingtheissue profile image


    9 years ago from Pa

    Excellent Hub! Please everyone, we need Ron Paul!

  • profile image


    9 years ago

    Ron Paul talks ten times faster than any other candidate.

  • carpesomediem profile image


    9 years ago

    I don't personally support Ron Paul, but you have to give him credit for sticking up for what he believes in and continuing to run against the odds.

  • Mr. Happy profile image

    Mr. Happy 

    9 years ago from Toronto, Canada

    This is a great blog! I am a socialist but I would vote for Ron Paul faster than I would vote for any Democrat. It is because as you said: he is honest. He has been consistent for ... for longer than I have been alive.

    He is a great man and I do wish the media stopped ignoring him. The problem is, (in my opinion) that he is not on the side of the Military Industrial Complex - they want wars and he does not. The Pentagon and all the war-hawks must really think of him as a big pain in the rear.

    Thank you for writing this. Cheers!

    (If you have time check-out a blog I wrote a while back - I did mention Ron Paul as well:


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