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Ron Paul "Willing" to Run Third Party, Considering Support, Says Delegate.

Updated on September 4, 2012

Ron Paul will appear on the Jay Leno Show tonight, Tuesday, September 4th.

In a conference call last Sunday organized by Alaska Ron Paul delegate Evan Cutler, attended by over 1,000 participants, Cutler reported a direct conversation with Congressman Ron Paul, in which Dr. Paul told Cutler that he was "willing" to participate on a third party presidential ticket, but uncertain of the level of his support for it. Cutler, whose Facebook name is Evan Alaska, wrote in an announcement posted at the unofficial Ron Paul website

Evan Alaska, I spoke with Dr. Paul this afternoon about continuing the fight by running on a third party ticket. I want to share what he said to me and let you know what needs to be done to make this happen. It can happen, but it's going to take some work. If you are willing to support this effort, please share this event and call in: 7pm Alaska Time.

The conference call was announced that morning, Sunday, September 2nd. By the middle of the day the 300 person capacity of the call had been reached, in Facebook invitation acceptances, and it was necessary to increase the conference call capacity to 1,000. The call took place at 11pm ET. An Internet live-stream was set up over which another 1,000 people participated.

Mr. Cutler moderated the call, which at first was beset by sound difficulties, which were soon overcome by quickly switching the call to a different number. The overwhelming sentiment of the call was that Dr. Paul should attempt a third party run.

Evidence has emerged that, throughout the primary season, Paul's campaign had been attacked through the falsification of poll numbers, and Republican Party rules changed at the last minute in order to raise obstacles to the accumulation of delegates. In Travis County, Texas, election judge Anne Beckett made allegations which were never investigated or reported in the media. Beckett wrote in her blog in March of 2012:

"As MY number was a conservative ESTIMATE of sixty-six percent going with RON PAUL, I have a feeling the real percentage for Paul was seventy-two percent...It is just NOT possible that Mitt took Texas and, particularly, Austin or Brazoria County (HIS OWN DISTRICT!) or San Antonio (Behar County). where Dr Paul worked for so LITTLE in their poorest hospital, Santa Rosa. And there is zero chance that anyone in Texas or outside of Texas can convince me this vote-flipping was NOT DONE. "

Beckett also alleges that she was threatened with a specious criminal investigation for her whistleblowing, in her on July 12 on the blog of Doug Wead, a Ron Paul campaign official,

Paul's delegates were hounded, beaten, and arrested in efforts to negate Paul's supporter's victories at state and local GOP conventions, which determined the number of delegates which would be sent to the national convention who were committed to Paul. In Maine the Republican governor, Paul LePage, boycotted the Republican National Convention in protest of his state party's controversial replacement of Paul delegates with Romney delegates. In Massachusetts Paul delegates who had won at their local conventions were ousted by state party officials. GOP tactic at the convention included a bus driver alleged by Paul delegates on the bus being ordered to drive around in big circles and not let them off at their destination in order to prevent the filing of an important minority report against proposed changes of rules which hurt Paul.

Highlights of the primary season and the GOP's alleged infractions against Paul can be found in an article posted at the conservative website Lew Rockwell, "How the GOP Establishment Stole the Nomination From Ron Paul."

Ron Paul will appear on the Jay Leno Show on Tuesday, September 4th.

Fox News: GOP Breaks Own Rules to Cheat Paul

Finally, even after the convention, it seemed that the Romney faction was still not done with Paul. Before boarding a private plane out of Tampa, Paul's party was descended upon by eight TSA agents, demanding to search the plane and passengers for bombs since they were so close to Romney. The TSA agents' miscalculation was the steel backbone of Mrs. Paul, Dr. Paul's wife of 55 years, before whom the TSA agents backed down.

Lew Rockwell reports:

After a long examination of the pilots and their credentials, the agents said they had to check the plane for explosives. One of the pilots noted that the plane, full of gas, was already a bomb. Then Carol Paul, who has a heart pacemaker, refused to be screened, and an aide started taking video of the whole rotten proceeding. At that point, the TSA backed down and let them through.

In the conference call Mr. Cutler raised three main points:

  • That in a direct conversation with Dr. Paul, Paul declared himself willing to continue his campaign via a third party ticket.
  • Cutler voiced the concern that Dr. Paul was not deeply into online social networking websites and tools, and therefore would not have a sense from this medium of how deep his support for a third party run might be.
  • Dr. Paul had urged that, if such a run were attempted, his supporters should get deeply involved in becoming polling officials and workers, in order to guard against fraud.

Cutler says the response to the proposal had so far been "overwhelming," suddenly leaving Cutler with little time for his ordinary activities (like sleep) and barely able to cope with barrages of emails.

Third parties, as opposed to independent candidates, secure their spots on presidential ballots by meeting organizational criteria year after year. Independent candidates must gather nomination signatures on their own. Parties select their nominees according to internal by-laws and nomination processes, and together with their nominees, have wide latitude on whom they ultimately put forth as a nominee.

The GOP shenanigans against Paul revealed themselves on the national airwaves when CNN's Wolf Blitzer, during the convention mused aloud that "Republican officials have clearly snubbed Ron Paul," and called the treatment "petty." Supporters of a Ron Paul third party run have reflected on the fact that after delegate beatings and arrests, last minute rules changes, polling irregularities during the primary season which were never reported by the media, and media falsehoods that Paul had quit the race when he had not, Paul has earned every right to call foul on the GOP and could hardly be called a "sore loser."

Paul supporter webpages are asking supporters of a third party run to express their support, through numbers published at these pages.

Fan Video: Run Ron Run.


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