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Ron Paul is Just the Beginning By Merwin

Updated on January 15, 2012

Above is a link, here it is again...

That was just in case HubPages is being weird again, when I pasted it here it did not "turn blue", so you will probably have to copy and paste it. The video is from FOX (I know, please overlook that). It is Judge Andrew Napolitano (Freedom Watch), is 4:53 long and it inspired this Hub.

The title of this short Hub "Ron Paul is Just the Beginning" does not really say it all, and so I am forced to impose my concerns on all y'all a little longer. For those that did not already know "all y'all" is the plural use for y'all.

Ron Paul is a firebrand... and by that I mean he is a fire starter of hope. Hope that we might, once again, have a genuine say in this country that belongs to WE THE PEOPLE.

I don't agree with everything that defines Ron Paul, but time is nearly gone out of our Freedom Reservoir, and our "representatives" have embezzled from us, nearly every penny from our Liberty Bank, so that there becomes a need to recognize a vehicle that can save us from the flood. We can no longer afford to, like the old joke, ignore the rescue boat, then the row boat, then the canoe... because God will save us.

For he may tell us when asked, 'why we weren't saved by him'...

"What do you mean..? The flood of lost Liberties slowly crept up on you and in your guts I warned you about its danger. Through various sources I made mention of things that could be done and you seen this coming for quite a while due to these warnings. When the flood finally blocked your escape I provided many vehicles of rescue including the most prominent vessel of all Ron Paul, but you refused him three times."

Well, I thought this Hub would be short, now... not so much.

We need to support Ron Paul, not because he is perfect... uhh, because, after all he ain't! But, because he is TERRIBLY honest, consistent, and a HARDCORE Constitutionalist. And here is the kicker... if he is the only one. If no one else, has the GUTS to come forward and be just like him by those descriptions... then WE THE PEOPLE have lost everything.

We are out of time... we are standing on the highest peak of our home (our country) waiting for what..? Who among you out there, thinks we have more time to shop around for a better POTUS?

If you do then you are gravely mistaken... POTUS Obama signed into law NDAA, 12/31/11.


We do not need a bunch of Ron Paul parrots, running for the offices that are now being occupied by murderous thieves, but we do need CONSTITUTIONALISTS with courage, conviction, and a vision for our country's freedoms and liberty to be restored.

I can guarantee that if we have time (and I don't think we do), they will be elected. And I can further guarantee that as long as they remain true to their mandate... THE CONSTITUTION, they will be regarded as heroes by their constituency.

I, today went on FB and left an encouragement to my "friends" there, that I believe is self evident in its meaning and its 'time element' urgency and I will copy and paste it here...

"To everyone that has been going to target practice... you may want to start saving your ammo... jus sayin"

Then I thought that might not be descriptive enough and added in the comments... "NDAA was signed into existence by POTUS Obama 12/31/11. "

WE THE PEOPLE might not have enough time to get our country back. Vote all the creeps out, STAND UP AND BE COUNTED! RUN FOR OFFICE..!

Here is one more video from Superior Court Judge Andrew Napolitano... 5 minutes enjoy.

(again you may need to copy and paste)


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    • CoauthorU profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Inland Northwest, USA

      Thank you for stopping by L.L.

    • L.L. Woodard profile image

      L.L. Woodard 

      6 years ago from Oklahoma City

      There's no doubt that many things have to change about the way we are represented in our nation. Your hub provides thought-provoking information.

    • CoauthorU profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Inland Northwest, USA

      Thanks Brett.

    • Brett Winn profile image

      Brett Winn 

      6 years ago from US

      Bravo! Well said. In total agreement. Voted up.


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