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Root Cause of crime...

Updated on November 7, 2010

"Necessity is the mother of invention..." As we know...behind everything there is a cause.. I do believe that every person in this world is good, at least to someone... There wont be a single person in this whole world as someone who is hated by every person..

Crime is a word which can only be explained relatively.. Crime is described as sin as per the religious point of view.. If we have taken into account of government policies it is best described as an offense. to some it can be homicide to others it can be robbery... It depends on how we look into it...

I can explain crime as an act of frustration...caused by a variety of reasons.. I may rather say Frustration is the origin of every crime.... Every man is frustrated at times.. Only reason some are not doing a crime is either due to lack of courage or may be because they have the power to overcome their emotions. They know how to overrule the act of foolishness ...

A man can be frustrated in many ways

  • May be due to lack of money
  • can be because of inferiority complex
  • may be due to presence of loneliness
  • may happen due to loss of somebody
  • due to hunger
  • and even work overload can be a reason... there are many reasons as we can see...

This all can make a man a criminal. Criminal is just a state of mind of a good person due to the situations faced by him.. Situations are always the reason why a man become a criminal.

Crime is done either by self motivation or by motivational factors. Motivational factors can be usually someone , a friend or someone whom we know (who are usually self motivated). Situational factor is the prime factor in most of the cases.

Every crime can be proved as something which is done due to innocence. Every man is born criminal. the thing is some have the power to overcome their emotions. and some are so powerless that the cant even control their emotions..

Emotions are the culprit in most of the cases,... Murder, theft ,rape, fighting, everything is done due to over excitation or over emotions.... Man has to learn to control their emotions. .. Consider a situation where something ,which you want the most in your life is at your hand distance... and suppose all situations are helpful for you to take that thing, for split second even our mind will be confused.. I dunno about others, but according to me its like that.. and i guess its the basic reason for every crime. Situation and emotion both play its role in making a criminal.

Religion is born to minimize the effect of these emotions and situations.. When man fears about the life after death , he will control his emotions. For those who can control this with religion , Government has imposed several laws against crime... FEAR is the only remedy to prevent crime..


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