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Running From The Base?

Updated on September 9, 2014

It Shouldn't Be This Close

There is nothing worse in sports than realizing a game is closer than it should be. Except for maybe realizing that poor decisions are keeping the opposition in the game.

The 2014 Midterm Elections, where the possibilities of the GOP taking control of the Senate and being able to completely obstruct Obama's agenda may be an example of the latter scenario.

A No Lose Proposition

Since the GOP, especially it's Koch Brothers' backed "Tea Party" wing took control of the U.S House in 2010, the party seems to have the goal of opposing Obama at any cost, even shutting down the U.S. Government.

This may serve to make sure that the pot can stay boiling, as folks like Beck and Limbaugh and their cable news channel FOX portray Obama as either weak when he does not act, or as a dictator when he does.

Another thing this obstruction and opposition may show is a lack of ideas. How often has the GOP proposed a plan that was not stilted towards the "%1".

Fighting Back

Another component of the GOP agenda has been waging a multiple front war on various outgroups.

While many people associate the GOP with its "War On Women", specifically on women's reproductive rights , the first attacks may have been on organized labor. Wisconsin was the opening shots in efforts to defeat the one group that may be able to build the kind of diverse coalition that could counter the political money coming from the proponents of the Corporate State that is at the heart of many right-wing movements.

African-Americans have also felt the sting, with so much of the GOP base being in the geographical home of the former Confederacy and many more sharing the sentiments of the Southerner, this makes sense. Voting rights have been under attack under the guise of Voter ID laws and "Stand Your Ground" laws almost make it open season on people of color.

What may not have been expected is that folks would fight back! From the Moral Monday Movement of North Carolina, to the Million Hoodies. The activist base of the Democratic Party has been energized and mobilized.

A Limit To Their Reach

Common sense would say that Democrats should be reaching out to this base. Linking GOP challengers to the Koch's and ALEC, the religious right and the NRA at every opportunity.

As many in the GOP seem to want to make this election a referendum on the Affordable Care Act, asking them what their plan is would be another way to show the lack on new ideas coming from the right.

What the issue may be is that Democrats rely, just to a lesser extent on many of the same corporate interests as the GOP. Running towards the Elizabeth Warren wing of the party could be a threat to donations.

The only other thing I can see is that the Democrats have their sights set on 2016, to basically let the GOP agenda of obstruction drive moderates into the Democratic camp.

But that could lead to the same scorched earth policies we've seen from the GOP as well, making it even harder to undo the damage.


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