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"Rush Asks for Mercy"

Updated on March 15, 2012

Rush you're in trouble now

Rush you're in trouble now. Trying to analogize a story you went too far. The liberals have been waiting to get their teeth into you and now you've given them the chance. The blood is in the water and you're too far from the boat; if you are to survive you'll have to fight!

Liberals are vicious, their out for blood when going after a Conservative. It's hard to watch; one human being trying to destroy another over a matter of speech. Its not that liberals never make a mistake, a slip of the tongue, saying the wrong thing, they have and the fact is that they demean others on a regular basis. Liberals think it's their god given right, the only difference between liberals and conservatives is that the liberal has the protection of the far left media; more liberals.

Liberals go out of their way to punish conservatives, their indignation is over the top when the righteous liberal is on the attack. Liberals take no prisoners and that's a fact. Conservatives don't deserve a second chance or the right to free speech guaranteed by the constitution.

It's not fair, no one should be chased down and destroyed for a misguided point, or a slip of the tongue. Most conservatives would have reported the story and let the impropriety die a normal death. Time in and time out that's what happens if a conservative is pointing out an impropriety or a miss spoken word by a liberal. If the liberal writer has the upper hand there will be no forgiveness afforded. there is a double standard to be met, it will be met no matter what!

Sandra Fluke, A plant?

The sad fact is that if the truth were known, Sandra Fluke is most likely a plant. If you ask me she is mighty savvy for a girl her age. The Obama White House has been on full alert since the president came up with his last mandate, Contraception.

When Mr. Obama realized his first amendment infringement attracted more attention than he had anticipated the Obama Administration went into full time damage control. first they announced that the contraception benefit would be included as part of the package provided by the insurance company, in this way the church could wash it's hands of the benefit. Some one in the administration was really on their toes though, as they turned this political nightmare into a real nightmare for the Republicans claiming the Republicans by not embracing free (paid by the tax payer) contraception including the (morning after pill) meant that the Republicans were against women's rights to free access to contraception; there by taking their right to tax payer paid woman's health rights. The new Democratic talking points are (women's health and freedom of choice).

The fact is that the Obama Administration has nothing to run on. The proof for my statement is the degree of rhetoric and class warfare that is causing a divided America. The Democratic Party is dividing this country at every chance they get. The people in this country need to wake up and stand up for America not the Democrats or the Republicans. We must come together and stand for America.


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    • profile image

      Writer Chuck 5 years ago

      American Romance and Wba108,

      Thanks for your comments as they are appreciated. The left is willing and able to sell any lie they want as long as they have the mainstream media, MORE LIBERALS. The people in this country though, are really starting to pay attention so hopefully things will turn around. One thing is for sure this country can't take another four years of liberalism.

    • profile image 5 years ago from upstate, NY

      Maybe we conservatives need to have some plants of our own. Maybe we could catch these liberals saying what they really believe like, poeple are too stupid to think for themselves, christians need to be intimidated and silenced, we need to destroy this economy so we can have an excuse to control it, any slimy tactic is ok if it yields the desired result, anybody who actually believes that this country should be under the Constitution is a moron etc.

    • American Romance profile image

      American Romance 5 years ago from America

      yea them liberals want ole Rush,.........but Bill Maher can call Palin a cunt, or Bachman a bitch, and no big deal! Hes a comedian remember! Funny part is Rush said he was doing it to be funny so why can't he be a comedian? .............and last but not least how much money does a person need in the form of birth control before we can call them sluts? All Palin and Bachman did was serve their country and states and perform well for the people in the things they did!...........political correctness has gone too far when a girl calls herself a slut and we can't repeat it?????

    • profile image

      Writer Chuck 5 years ago

      White Wolf thanks for your comment. You're right what you put out generally comes back. If you reflect anger, anger comes back. I think Rush just had a demonstration of that.

    • profile image

      White Wolf 5 years ago

      We are a mirror for each other. When one reflects darkness that is what comes back. I welcome your comment. : )

    • profile image

      Writer Chuck 5 years ago

      Mr. Happy,

      I expect nothing from you. You're right though you don't have compassion, respect and your tongue shows just how ugly your outlook on life is. People like you never can look at things in the light and that's why your in the dark.

    • Mr. Happy profile image

      Mr. Happy 5 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      "The liberals have been waiting to get their teeth into you and now you've given them the chance." - Forget the liberals ... haha ... if this wolf ever came across Rush Limbaugh, I am not sure what would be left of either of us.

      He likes the dark side and I have a dark, nasty wolf which I keep hungry, especially for guys like him. He has no respect for anyone who does not believe the world should run like he would like it to run.

      With no compassion, no respect and just an ugly tongue, what do You really expect? He will get what he deserves: karma is karma. : )