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Rush Limbaugh Quotes on Obamacare

Updated on March 22, 2010

Rush Limbaugh: Quotes on Obamacare

I write about politics about as often as I write about quilting. And I probably know as much about one as I do the other. I have been only mildly interested in the entire healtcare reform debate. But since yesterday marked the passage of what has been called an "historic" vote in favor of Obamacare, I thought I would listen in to Rush Limbaugh today and hear what he had to say. I am a conservative, but I can typically only take Mr. Limbaugh in small doses. But I do often admire his pointed and sometimes pungent expressions. The following quotes were written down by myself while listening to his 3 hour live radio broadcast today on March 22, 2010.

03/22/2010: Rush Limbaugh on the recently passed Healthcare Reform Bill:

  • America is hanging by a thread!”

  • “Our freedom has been assaulted!”

  • “the will of the people was spat upon yesterday”

  • “they must be hounded out of office”

  • “insurance premiums will skyrocket over the next couple years until the private insurance industry collapses and the government takes over the entire healthcare system

  • “Starting today the best healthcare system in the world is history…”

  • “this is not about healthcare this is about wrecking and destroying the United States of America as we know it”

  • “this whole thing has to be broomed and swept away and blown up”

  • “Medicaid has just been expanded, and it is a 45 year failure

  • “We HAVE to defeat them!”

  • “They know they are governing against the will of the people, and that has to have them on edge…”

  • “His desire is to have as many people on Federal dependency as possible.”

  • “The objective is to inflict harm on the private sector of our nation”

  • “They have to be hassled and hounded and run out of office”


  • “They don’t deserve to win another election EVER!”


On Motion to Concur in Senate Amendments: H R 3590 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

House Vote #165 (Mar 21, 2010)
House Vote #165 (Mar 21, 2010)


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    • profile image 5 years ago from upstate, NY

      Limbaugh's quotes are all true! A government takeover of an estimated 17% of the US economy is a very bad thing. What it's really called is socialized medicine and it doesn't work for the same reasons socialism doesn't work. There's got to be incentives and competition to produce quality medical care and this only happens in the free market.

    • profile image

      Madame X 8 years ago

      I lean more conservative also and I've never listened to Limbaugh, though I like some of the things he says that I've heard second hand. I think the quotes you listed are dead-on. In this case he's right on every count. Good hub - thanks for posting these quotes :)

    • Michael Shane profile image

      Michael Shane 8 years ago from Gadsden, Alabama

      I agree! Just something else to worsen the economy! Great Hub!

    • Pamela99 profile image

      Pamela Oglesby 8 years ago from United States

      I agree that this health care bill will probably ruin the

      USA by bankrupting the country and the way it was handled was so shady. We were repeatedly promised we would know what was in the bill and really we still don't know it all. We do know it was behind closed doors with shady, immoral deals to get votes.