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Rush reloaded

Updated on August 17, 2011

Rising population has been a big issue for India in the 21'st century. There are way too many people in India especially in the metros. Its not a problem that any odd person can deal with, there needs to be rational population control rules/law for it. I wrote a small poem highlighting the core issue of India being so developed yet inhabiting a vast number of poor people. Hope you like it:

Rush's everywhere, rush's everywhere.But it is nobody's care.

Buses overloaded with people, streets overloaded with cars.No space to live on earth, begin the quest to mars.

Population of Delhi has expanded exponentially,Hits the most those who haven’t grown commercially.

At traffic signals is observed an inhuman scene,Every day, by me, it’s not easily seen.

Just a car's window is separating successful and poor,Humanity I think is still immature.

Take it as my word; it is going to be worse.Population, pollution, and bad politics are a curse.

India has enough but poorly managed.Let’s take action before whole earth is damaged.


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