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Russia Dominates the Middle East

Updated on October 19, 2016

The days of when America was a staunch Israeli supporter are waning fast. The past eight years of the Obama doctrine saw to that. His idea of supporting Israel is for them to negotiate a peace deal with Hamas that wants to kill them. He wants Israel to bend over and take it. Now, with the election all but Hillary’s, she will continue the same path disavowing the Jewish people. She says one thing, does another and then has ready dialogs to certain groups. In other words, she will be far worse than Obama at deception and truth as Wiki-leaks reveals.

Obama already is positioning himself to be the Chairman of the United Nations and will no doubt continue pressing Israel into a peace agreement which will be meaningless. Meanwhile, the USA has all but washed its hands of Syria, afraid to use any military might that might upset Putin. Even the Turks were willing to shoot a Russian plane down when it crossed its border briefly. Russia’s leader is growing bolder in face of such American weakness. He has told his people recently to prepare for nuclear war with America. Putin is determined to dominate the Syrian area for greater nationalist gains and to reassert World Power greatness.

Russian airpower and its deployment of anti-aircraft missiles in Syria will prevent American and Israeli air operations. Already, Israeli jets were fired upon in what seems to be a warning when they flew into Syria. On the ground, Iranian soldiers continue to help Syria’s army seize Aleppo, which is reduced to rubble. Russia is not even bombing the ISIS capital at Raqqa. It is not part of their agenda yet.

Soon to arrive, is the Russian aircraft carrier flotilla carrying SU-33 and MiG-29 jets, while other ships are armed with cruise missiles. Also coming are two anti-submarine ships and 12 anti-submarine helicopters to deal with any NATO submarine threat. No question that this is Putin’s show of force and will make Syria his. Russia will control everything and influencing how NATO and Israel deal with it. The carrier will be escorted by six warships and three or four support vessels. The Russian vessels are expected to include the battlecruiser Peter the Great and an Udaloy class destroyer. Upon arrival off the Syrian coast, it will conduct operations against Aleppo for 4-5 months. Protecting the Russian naval base at Tartus is a battery of S-300 missiles. It will also defend the Chinese base under construction. Putin is also courting Turkey, much to the dislike of NATO. There are discussions about Russia supplying missile defense systems and creating military areas each occupying in Northern Syria. Obama’s reluctance to do anything in Syria has even NATO members looking to Russia.

Russia’s partner Iran, supplies the Houthi in Yemen with anti-ship missiles that have tried three times to destroy a US destroyer off the coast. These are Chinese missiles that are not in very capable hands, yet. But, should one impact, escalation will occur quickly. Iran is sending the Houthi large amounts of these missiles to use against shipping moving through the Red Sea. This waterway is narrow, just 20km wide! Iran has also sent a supply of Scud D missiles with a range of 800 km. There is no doubt, Iran is trying to provoke American and Saudi interests, or anyone they consider an enemy. Just a year ago, the Houthis were just armed with small arms! These were delivered to the Houthis’ Ansar Allah faction, which is under direct Iranian Rev Guards command. Iran’s small flotilla also has moved into the area.

Whether you believe in Bible prophecy regarding the Middle East in the End Times, things are coming to a crescendo of sorts. It just seems to going out of control. The Russian fleet is due to arrive around the time of the US election, Nov. 8. What is Putin trying to convey? No doubt, a challenge for Obama and Clinton, both he despises. Will Putin create an incident around that time? Will Obama remain unwilling in face of it? Obama has allowed Russia to dominate the area now and encouraged Iran. American passivity is all part of the End Times role the USA has in prophecy.


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