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Russia Fires Cruise Missiles From Sub in Eastern Med On Islamic State Targets In Syria.

Updated on December 9, 2015

Cartoon Of Vladimir Putin.


Sub From Baku, Azerbaijan.

A Russian sub sailing from its naval base entered the eastern Med and positioned itself off the cost of Syria and unleashed cruise missiles on Islamic State targets recently. Before that more recently Russian ships fired cruise missiles at Islamic State targets in their strongholds all based in Syria like Idlib, Aleppo and Raqqa.

Of course Russia has been attacking other rebel groups who the West has trained and supports like the FSA (Free Syrian Army) because this group for example is opposed to President Bashar al - Assad a friend of the Russians who they want to protect.

Russia after the attack on its civilian airliner over Sinai which killed everyone onboard stepped up its attacks destroying oil facilities and transporters to take the oil to whoever buys IS's oil to finance its war effort.

It has been calculated that because of the Russian bombing and missile attacks Islamic State is losing £1 million a day in lost revenue and this must be having a detrimental affect on both IS's ability to pay for its war machine and be affecting the morale of its leaders and fighters.

Differences do remain between the Coalition and Russia on Assad's fate but that said it seems Russia and the US led Coalition are on the same page when regarding Islamic State as a common enemy.

Russia has been using dumb bombs mostly when bombing IS or whoever it chooses to bomb in Syria but it does use precision guided missiles fired from its planes and in the recent aftermath of the Paris attacks the Russian pilots painted on their missiles before they were fired presumably at IS 'This is for Paris'.

Islamic State Flag.


Islamic State Runs As A State.

The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria is reckoned to control an area the size of the UK and have 8 - 10 million people living under its rule. The wannabe state operates harsh Sharia law for the citizens of the Islamic State not unlike Saudi Arabia which has punishments like beheadings, crucifixions and lashings.

Its army of fighters is reckoned to earn $400 a month and the group finances itself by many means some such as extortion and kidnapping and of course more conventional means like taxing the people in the area of territory it has captured. The government creates budgets and that is over seen by a chief financial officer to make sure the money goes where it has been allotted. Then are there are schools, hospitals to run and also IS sells oil to whoever wants to buy it presumably by truck over the border into Turkey and to Assad's government even though officially of course Turkey and Assad are supposed to be enemies of the Islamic State.

IS apparently has its own banking system and has plans for its own currency but the Iraqi Dinar and Turkish Lira are accepted as currency in the IS controlled areas.

IS have to make sure they have the money to finance their state as well as plan military adventures and make propaganda videos. IS reportedly in 2008 had $1 million and then in 2014 this grew to $3 million because of the various methods it uses to bring money in.

Whether Islamic State can sustain itself financially now its valuable oilfields are being hit and it is on the back foot militarily in many places will remain to be seen.


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