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Russia & Iran Warn the West

Updated on April 2, 2012

As time moves forward toward the end of June deadline for the worse sanctions to take effect on Iran, the coming conflict over Iran's nuclear weapon development is forming. The players in this next conflict or war will have former friends, fighting once again. On April 2, Russia's foreign minister issued a strong warning to NATO about any strike on Iran. One could also interpret it as a threat that if Iran was attacked, Russia would act in its behalf. They have made this statement regarding Syria in the past. This seems to indicate that there could be a Russian-Iranian front. Russia has been providing with all sorts of aid and trade agreements in the past. They have built many infrastructures for Iran, so Russia does have a vested interest in Iran. The same applies to Syria. Syria as always been part of Russian allies in the Middle East. Russia was greatly embarrassed during the Golan Heights battle in 1973, when over 500 T-55, T-62 tanks tried to ram through Israel defended by less than 100 tanks and were stopped, decimated and then Israelis then advanced to within 25 miles of Damascus!

The US, Israel and Greece launched a "hush" air-naval exercise in the Mediterranean on March 29. Codenamed “Noble Dina,” it appears to range across a broad sweep of sea up to Crete and including the waters off Turkey, Cyprus, and Israel Navy bases in Haifa and Ashdod ports. The operation scenarios include: repelling enemy attacks against offshore natural gas and oil rigs, anti-submarine warfare, anti-surface warfare and prohibition of military aircraft operations. Both Greece and Israel are using one submarine, several corvettes and frigates. The USN includes a small Task Force of the carrier Enterprise and two missile cruisers. Meanwhile, a new Russian destroyer is nearing the Syrian port of Tartus, which the Russians are rebuilding for them and Syria. Russia's only aircraft carrier recently left the same port.

It is all either a "rumor of war" or true preparations as the clock clicks. It will be critical around April 15, when the nuclear talks begin with Iran. Already, those in the US delegation are suspect of the Iranian tricks to buy time and do not think Iran is sincere.

The next stop is war.


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    • Curiad profile image

      Mark G Weller 5 years ago from Lake Charles, LA.

      Listening intently....

    • perrya profile image

      perrya 5 years ago

      Exactly my thoughts, stay tuned...

    • profile image

      Jayfort 5 years ago

      After Iran and the U.S. had their little tiff back in the early 1980s, Iran fell under the influence of the USSR. Soon to be Russian President (again!) Vladimir Putin was a high level KGB member and dyed in the wool Communist. There is no doubt in my mind (or in others' minds) that Medeved was Putin's placeholder until he could return to power. Favoring Iran over U.S. and Israel is just part of Putin's plan to expand Russian influence again in the Middle East.