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Energy Resources: Russia Joins China - the Call for Help

Updated on January 1, 2018


This particular piece is a short brief about international relations. Frankly, China is on people's minds, because, of the strength of that kind of national. Ideally, the Chinese government is quite small, however, the national economy is about to Bloom. Now, the big question is the same... Will the United States and EU survive without getting its mittens dirty, by messing with China?

Who actually believed that US Allies are addicted to action and greed? Are those particular factors genes (hereditary) or traits of behaviors (under the influence)? F

Finally, consider the Chinese market and what be that type of country may offer the attractiveness of the Western Civilization.

A port authority lined with conex-cargo trailers.
A port authority lined with conex-cargo trailers. | Source

Help is on the way, after China and Russia bring their cards to the table. Oil, food, and superpower utilities arise as these two stronghold countries unite in agreements. From a valid perspective, view the Asian continent as a legitimate sources for science and technology. Furthermore, Europe has already ridden in parts of western Asia as an attempt to spread the love of alcohol and cultural norms. However, acquiring and developing a healthy industry is always the excuse to snap the whip, if you are going to live here (socialism versus capitalism)!

What Agreements Between China and Russia?

Over the past centuries, both China and Russia have fought their own people to understand how to conserve goods. In the long run, the people are now under communist rule. This is a horrible scene for freedom liberators. On one hand, people must be free to pursue happiness, while under the protection of the lord. On the other hand, certain climates and situations declare the sacrifice of freedom, in order to stay clean and clear of too much social loss.

To add: Frankly, the British are looking for a place to stay, but, do the British enjoy communism? Throughout the past centuries, the British flag continued to drift into certain areas of Asia, India, and Afghanistan, during the 1800s of the “Great Game” era of military action.

Fortunately, Russia has a large economy, in regards to fuels and needing safe food stores. All the while, China is spreading rumors of their own success within the factory environment (e.g., building solar panel technology). Nevertheless, China can build solar power at a large rate. In fact, China is attempting to export supplies and services to other nations.

For the most part, this is a strange endeavor, from the worldview of laissez-faire; this is a terrific opportunity to run the communist borders. Do these nation's need each other's help? The answer is yes, those communes need each other- on the double. May the world’s industry help them all!

Nepal | Source

Bonus: What about India and the United States?

Moreover, does the UN and United States need much “power” from those types of ‘superpowers’? Frankly, the U.S. is sticking to its guns to support their coal rummaging and fuel ventures with uncompromising nations. So, wouldn’t bothering the communist nations be right up the alley of the U.S. government?

Then, what about India and their strong military? Does the U.S. have enough influence to join the British residual, culture that is left in India’s region to survive under India’s rules of trade, as the Russians and Chinese trickle in those oceans, too?

Railroads and rail-cars in an industrial zone - "the US plans to build locomotives in India"
Railroads and rail-cars in an industrial zone - "the US plans to build locomotives in India" | Source

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