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Russia and China in the Middle East and the Book of Revelations

Updated on September 27, 2015

As a student of the Revelations, I have often wondered how and why Russia and China would be involved in the Middle East in the End Times. These times are here. You may not believe it but all the signs talked about in the Revelations indicate we are in, perhaps, the start of them. To wit, climate changes, the rise of radical Islamists against non-believers, shift in world powers (America's decline, China ascendancy, Russia's power grabs), and in 10-15 years, Iran will have a nuclear bomb, if not sooner. This may put a date of Armageddon to be around 2025-30. Non-believers laugh stating it is just a coincidence and temporary nature, that climate change is nonsense (it's just changing patterns of historical proportions), that, America's decline is because of a pathetic President Obama in foreign policy, But America has turned away from God in subtle ways and because of that, the nation is allowed to suffer.

Russia's Putin is eager to challenge Obama, to ascend to its former glory. China is eager to be the world power, to be equal and surpass America, to achieve its goals. Russia and China have had a long history of cooperation and this was reinstated with many recent natural gas and oil deals to supply China with fuel. Much of China's military is based on former Russian military technology. Russia was so hard pressed for income, it even sold its second aircraft carries to them! Russia was like a whore, it sells most anything for money. America is weak. We have the power but not the will to use it. Russia and China has the will for prestige purposes.

Russia's ally is Syria and because America has no will to do much about it via Obama, despite what his military leaders suggest, we gave Putin the reason to send over 500 Russian Marines, 28 fighter aircraft, numerous anti-aircraft batteries, squadrons of attack helicopters to Syria to support President Assad. Putin has claimed it is just defensive purposes and to secure Assad and support the Syrian Army being attacked by al-Qaeda and ISIS. Of course, the UN complained about it but Putin as the will to act, unlike America, which remains paralyzed because of Obama. This now creates power with Russia and will no doubt remain there for years and Putin will take advantage of it. Putin lies and already his Marines are attacking with Hesbollah and Syrian troops at Kweiris airbase, east of Aleppo. The Russian 810 Brigade with air support are battling an old nemisis from Chechnya, Abu Omar al-Shishani, who is considered one of the ISIS terrorist organization’s leading commanders in the last two years. He joined them 2012. Russian plans are to relieve the rebel siege at Aleppo. Putin is not waiting for Obama to build up his nerve to use military force. So, the last time Russian and Syrian troops fought together was in 1974 during the War of Attrition with Israel. At some point, Putin will draw in Israel to confront them because even now, there is no joint effort with Israel, only a hotline!

China also wants to world to know it is a superpower, so on Sept. 25th, the Chinese aircraft carrier Liaoning-CV-16 docked at the Syrian port of Tartus, accompanied by a guided missile cruiser. It was the same day that Obama welcomed the Chinese leader at the White House! China plays both sides of the coin. China is showing muscle not just in the South China Sea, near the Philippines, by creating large military atolls with airfields, but now have aligned themselves with Syria's Assad. Why? After four years of war, has China decided to become involve?

Like Russia, it is about prestige. China has sided with Russia and Iran. The aircraft carrier is empty, its aircraft and helicopters will arrive via Iran (on Russian transports) from China by mid-November. What purpose will they serve? Chinese and Russian aircraft flying over Syria, propping up Syria who is also support by Iran. One just knows there will be "accidents" between the many factions of NATO and Russia, Iran or China. Major wars have started over such things. But China is not a token partner, their forces will increase: a squadron of J-15 Flying Shark fighters, Z-18F anti-submarine helicopters, and Z-18J airborne early warning helicopters. In addition, Beijing will send 1,000 marines. All to Syria, there is much more going on and America is being sidelined and minimized in the Middle East because of Obama. Even in Baghdad, Iraq, where the government is pro-Iran, Russian officers have been seen meeting with key members. Obviously, there are plans to fight ISIS in Iraq, yet, what about America? Russia wants to kill the Chechens within ISIS and more, while China wants to kill the Uighur fighters from the northern predominantly Muslim Chinese province of Xinjiang returning from Syria.

As the revelations noted. both Russia and China will be involved in a very messy Middle East and this minimizes NATO and America. A new American President in late -2016, may not be able to reverse the weakness of President Obama because Russia and China are quick to take advantage of it. Russia and China are in effect, propping up Iran even more with its Syrian involvement.

This is how Russia and China are part of the End Days in the Revelations. What is happening now are sowing the seeds in a very dangerous and chaotic region. It will become worse as the forces of good and evil clash. The alignments are becoming clear that are setting the stage. Russia, China, Iran on one side, NATO and America on the other. Once Iran does have a nuclear bomb, the threat of Armageddon will be near. But, much will pass as the Revelations state before that time. Think around 2025-30.


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    • perrya profile image

      perrya 2 years ago

      True, I do not trust either China or Russia, the past history indicates that one should not trust them. They may seem fine for short range goals, but long range not so much. Iran is the great benefactor. With the billions they will get when their assets are unfrozen, they will buy Russian and Chinese weapon systems to kill others and Israel.

    • emge profile image

      Madan 2 years ago from Abu Dhabi

      Perrya, the tone of the article is anti china and Russia. However matters are not sinple and you are right that Obama abdicated a lot of responsibility

      But remember great powers want to be known so its natural to exert pressure. Only if India now getting into strategic alliance with US could be more assertive

    • perrya profile image

      perrya 2 years ago

      really, but only fools think that way....

    • Zeph1 profile image

      Ron Noble 2 years ago

      Just imagine how much of a mindf* it would be if Russia and China weren't the evil ones in the 'End Times'?