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Russians Are Staging Drills in the Caucasus

Updated on September 6, 2017

More than 2,500 militants are taking part in drills in the North Caucasus with use of drones, said Col. Vadim Astafyev, the Head of the Press Service of the Sothern Military District (SMD).

"The units of missile forces and artillery of the 58th Army (of the SMD) which is deployed in the North Caucasus and Transcaucasia began to conduct an encampment. More than 2,500 militants and about 500 missile and artillery weapons, military and specialized equipment are involved in the drills" he said.

Astafiev said that during the encampment, militants will practice their skills of shooting from self-propelled 152-mm howitzers, multi-launch rocket systems “Tornado-G” and “Hurricane”, anti-tank missile systems “Sturm-S” and 120 mm mortar targets at various distances. Drones will be actively used in fire adjustment.

According to Astafiev, use of drones during shootings will allow the artillerymen to determine the coordinates and nature of targets, as well as amend the fire depending on the weather conditions.

The Head of the Press Service added that battery, divisional and brigade tactical exercises with live shooting will be held at the final stage of the encampment.


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