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Russia's War in Syria

Updated on August 15, 2016

Putin entered this war to support his ally, President Assad. Despite all of the air and ground assets, excluding Russian soldiers, Putin continues to claim there are no Russian regular army soldiers fighting there, which would violate previous agreements.

However, the recruiter company called, Wagner, and two former recruits, the reality is that Russia has sent thousands of mercenaries from Russia. The men are recruited via various means but most frequently via chatrooms on the Internet. These unemployed men are promised $3900 USD per month to fight the anti-Assad rebels, which are supported by the USA.

Once the men arrive in the town of Molkino, Russia, they are trained in special forces techniques for up to two months before deployment to Syria. Only the well trained recruits are sent into battle. One of the recruited men ironically was arrested upon arrival in Moscow from Syria. He had been wounded. When police questioned him, he said he was returning to his base in Molkino and the recruiting company, Wagner. The Russian police denied its existence. He was arrested because he was a mercenary in a foreign war and against Putin’s policy.

However, more than one recruit has returned with the same story. Some escaped being arrested and have stated that despite the Kremlin claims that less than 20 Russian ground troops have been killed there, the reality is more likely 500.

Men that have died incognito.


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