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Updated on January 13, 2011

TV Programs.

Current events have their roots in politics. Politicians are responsible for most upheavals that happen. Tone down the rhetoric for peace.

Politicians and TV program organizers, as well as news editors, must think twice before they speak or print any artcle. Every piece of information carries a message; therefore, every bit of it must be carefully scrutinized before it is put out for public consumption. 

Just because a person is eloquent in History or in any other subject, he or she is given a forum on TV or on radio or in a publication; and he or she spews out whatever is regarded as information, and that goes a long way to influence others in a negative or positive way.

The ratings are what these people mostly worry about; or the popularity, if they happen to be politically inclined; but sometimes the damage they do is beyond repair, like the murders in Tucson, Az., last Saturday.

Do they ever sit back to think about the outcome of what they say; really? Not many people think so. Free speech in the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is part of the Bill of rights, and it allows for only sanity, just as not to be misconstrued in any way that yelling "fire" in a crowded theater is not sane; that fact must never be overlooked.

The peevish and waspish vitriol that comes out of many of these people sometimes leaves much to be desired.

Now, in the wake of the Tucson atrocity, decent people everywhere are saying, "That's enough".


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