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Updated on April 3, 2012

Are family connections in play here?

The police in Sanford, Florida, must not hesitate to arrest George Zimmerman, the night watchman, who shot and killed Trayvon Martin on Feb. 26, only a month or so ago.

The evidence is gathering that his self defense claim is as flimsy as his broken nose, because doctors have proved him otherwise. The bump on the back of his head may also be doubtful, and everything goes to show that Zimmerman cannot be walking freely as he is now.

So, what are the authorities waiting for? There is ample indication that he (Zimmerman) is lying to protect himself for a dastardly act on an innocent person, or he is being given preferential treatment, due to the fact that his family connections have got something to do with the case.

Martin's lawyer, Benjamin Crump, maintains that Zimmerman's family members have had a meeting with Sanford Police Chief Bill Lee and Florida State Attorney Norm Wolfinger soon after the shooting on the night in question. So he, Crump, is asking the Justice Department to investigate that allegation.

The police have arrested Zimmerman that night, but “After those meetings, they mysteriously dropped the charges,” Crump said.

Wolfinger denies that allegation in a statement saying that he is outraged by Crump's letter to Justice officials.

He Wolfinger outraged? How about the outrage of the parents of Martin?

They have had their son shot in cold blood, and they were grieving his untimely death, and the police chief was outraged, because a letter has pointed out that he, the chief, has had meetings over the case with Zimmerman's family?

Two voice pattern specialists involved in Martin's death have concluded that the call for "help" in one of the 911 audio tapes has not come from the killer, as he claimed. They were waiting to get a sample of Martin's voice to verify the source of the help exclamation.

Knowing now that most of these facts were correct, why should Zimmerman be out there and not in jail?

Some of the media are claiming that the whole saga of Martin's death is being turned into some kind of a political campaign, with the involvement of Rev. Jesse Jackson and Rev. Al Sharpton; but that is stupid and it is not true.

They are there to console Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton, who are feeling the pain and anguish that any set of parents will feel, when their son is killed without reason.

Yet, the main point is that the Sanford police are failing to perform their duties, as expected by many people, who think that Zimmerman must be in custody, while the case is being investigated.

That is the procedure by the police in any homicidal case; and so, why is that not being followed? Can family connections be involved?


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