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Updated on October 8, 2010


I may not be a science enthusiast, or a friend of scientists, but I have to pay a little bit of attention to what they tell us little, uneducated "ignorami", when it comes to new discoveries in outer space.

We have had them tell the whole world that they do not believe that we are alone in the vastness of the Cosmos, and that their researches will one day prove that to be a fact.

They have "discovered" new worlds that are similar in almost every respect to the one we live in; and yet, in the final analysis, they have usually turned around to say that they (new worlds) are uninhabitable.

They infuse in our minds that a miniscule of a germ or bacteria on another planet will be enough evidence to prove that life is a possibility elsewhere. It does not have to be intelligent life or living, as we have come to know it on this earth, or anything close to it. Even, a cold shock protein will do.

To them, the quadrillion of stars, similar to our Sun, existing in space are liable to have earth-like planets orbiting them; or at least, there must be one or two or three or four systems such as our Milky way, concealed somewhere; and that only time will prove them right.

The latest is a planet; the one "located in the Gliese 581 star system, in the so-called "Goldilocks zone" or an area where planets can support liquid water on their surface." For a few minor factors, it has everything comparable to the Earth's; and it has w.......(No, that has not been mentioned).

What? Is that all we are expecting to find; water? If all we want is to find ordinary water, frozen or liquefied, in outer space, then there must be an easy way. Bring it with you.

Is all the hoopla of space exploration and interplanetary spaceflight about discovering regular water on the planets? I really don't believe so; and yet, the drama of not being able of sighting or finding any, except for the small ice caps on the Moon and Mars, still continues.

NASA's enormous research on the red planet, as Mars is called, has recently concluded that, "lack of a magnetosphere and its extremely thin atmosphere pose great challenge to life's sustainability in Mars."

Huge amounts of funding, just for the discovery of water? If we on earth can only have a fraction of the cost of space exploration, which has still produced very little to almost nothing, to redress our social and economic problems, we will all be in good stead.

If water, a substance that everybody needs to exist, is the clue to evaluate a planet's capability of sustaining any type of life; then its discovery, anywhere, cannot be underestimated; particularly if it is found on other planets.

It will assure us that there are other "living beings" living in the utter vastness of space; because we do not appreciate the idea that we are alone.

On the other hand, if that is not the case, then the proper approach scientists must embed themselves, at all cost, is to realize another way; and that is to transport it. They can take it there, due to the fact that there are volumes of it here.

However, that must be out of the question. Why? Because, that is unimaginable; and so, it is highly unlikely.

Yet, in this stressful world we live, the common man in the street is saying that, if the scientists want to find water on any planet, all they have to look for are the clouds, to see whether there are any; and if there aren't any, then there is no water; and therefore, there is no life.


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